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  1. Hey Mick, Im sad to report what seems to be the slow and sad demise of my sqaud "The wild geese" ( I play most Sunday evenings in the uk, the only real time I have for gaming and sadly the last few months have left me the only sqaud member active which saddens me greatly. I had some of the funniest and gaming wise the most exciting times with these guys ,we have all met up on several occasions to get hammered. I'm looking for a committed but light hearted sqaud that are active on Sunday evenings 2000 onwards. I am no newb and have been playing this game along time , boy how I miss the flying tanks and purple sky bugs;) If you're sqaud or any other are looking for good humoured sqaud members drop me a line S! Bingo
  2. wahey im fixed thanks kreiger. ok heres what i did removed nvidia drivers with a free program that completly removes them (oops forgot name ) removed game again , then reinstalled i then used desktop settings but have left enhanced trees off and set my render to system not video card memory, im now working so whatever of those fixed it i dunno. But im not gonna alter anything else again.Thanks to all the helpfull people
  3. this is not a post render problem,kreiger is trying to help me .I can tell the difference between 8by6 and 1024 etc.Were not all just clueless users. i know its a flair post post but cmon.
  4. thanks ulv kreiger is doing a sterling job ,i will post if we find the problem:)
  5. Thats interesting dosent really solve us nvidia boys problems , unless there is a way of forcing my graphics card to run at the desired resolution. Which is not a fix but a get over anyway.
  6. didnt work for me im afraid re installed nvidia still no joy going to stay out of game for a while untill someone has some idea have deleted config and re set up ,still no joy
  7. btexturesdisabled false bmipmapenable true shademode gouraud texturemagfilter linear textureminfilter linear texturemipfilter linear bdithering true bspecular true antialiasing none texturereduction false bclearviewport true sound SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [A000] bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable false video NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra resolution 1152x864x32 bnoframerunahead true bnolocktorefresh true gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 0 multitextureenable true volumemultiplier 44.000000 musicmultiplier 0.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 1 maxnumbersounds 64 suppressmuzzlesmoke true suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke true suppresssmallclutter false suppressplaneclutter false lodfieldofview true lodlimitperframe true bcursorenabled false mapalpha 55 friendlycolor 16711680 enemycolor 255 squadcolor 65535 missioncolor 8388608 missionleadercolor 7925840 language 0 numbulletlimit 16 ambientlevel 2 treenearlod 9 treefarlod 23 usetreeshader true usevideoram true radialclutter false radialdensity 0.500000 radialradius 0.500000 visplayerlimit 2 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders false postrenderfilter true
  8. 1280 by 1024 desktop, off to try your suggestions will let you know cfg says resolution 1152x864x32 altering it has no affect to my game
  9. 5950 ultra btw will try tonight gnasche,hope it works
  10. i have gone to exactly the right settings folder, i had the same bug with the beta so im deleting that now no matter which setting i pick it loads 800by600 have tried every setting now
  11. since the beta and the new game patch the game wil only run in 800by 600 no matter what settings i choose? i think ill dig out my voodoo card and 386:(