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  1. 2001, 91st Wrecking Crew I believe
  2. Bump Let's go all, keep it alive and going!
  3. I have been paying monthly builder account subscription since Nov. but the builder icon or any of the perks have not been showing up or available to me.
  4. Awhile back it was posted to have your system run in NT compatibility for the WWIIOL to run better, which it does. Now when I try to play other games I get the message that says this game not designed to run on NT and I am unable to play them. Somehow did I set it up for my whole system to run as NT instead of just WWIIOL and if so how do I change it back I forgot how I even did it. Win XP home AMD 3200 1500 gig ram ATI 9800 SB Sound Audigy Platnium