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  1. Checking in please direct me to the off topic area.
  2. not to mention drink and also swear or as those americian types put it "cuss"
  3. What are you gawking at? Join BTZ Today
  4. Airflow is very important. Sepa. If your PC is running that hot look at how much airflow is going on around the pc. having the side off doesn't always help. the HP PCs i work on need the case on to get the correct workflow. And from earlier about weird problems we had a batch of power supplies that conflicted with the floppy disk. you plugged them in together nothing. got a new batch of floppies worked fine. used the other floppies with a different power supply and it worked like a charm.
  5. it take 15 minutes to put the parts together IF your slow The most time consuming part of building a PC is installing the os. so what your saying is you don't have 1hour to spare to build a PC?
  6. All other sounds appear to work. I get ingame music+ sounds when I switch/enter brigades. just when I play as PM arrives no. pm sound. squadies that I have talked to also experience this. even tried to turn sounds to 128.
  7. I was PLaying with my video card 3d settings and kept getting this as well. A Uninstall of my video card drivers and a reinstall. fixed. BTW I have a Nvidia 7900GT using V93.71
  8. Not too sure what is going on but I seem to have lost my sounds that occur when pm arrives or when mission leadership changes etc. I have tried the slider thing but to no avail. any help would be appriciated. Whlbarra