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  1. I did log in Allied that morning, so yes, you're still making s**t up Mo. A frequent habit of yours. One could say it is your "go to move" as actual facts and you are not regularly acquainted with each other. VR
  2. No, need. I understood you perfectly. VR
  3. And there's Mo, making s**t up again, as always. VR
  4. Lame. Always has been always will be. I was going to play Allied this campaign and actually spawned in for a sortie this morning. Had two caps in Baarle Hertog. But after seeing you post this crap. Not gonna happen. When you are representative of the Allied side, I will never help you guys, ever. I also actively encourage any Axis players who are currently playing Allied, to check out this thread and decide if you need to head straight back to the Axis side. VR
  5. Whatever you guys do TMAN, do NOT listen to the neat idea fairies who want to cut supply. I'm sick and tired of those neat idea fairies who will be the death of this game. They won't be happy until there's nothing but five or six infantry tied to trees. Ignore them and save this game. VR
  6. Sorry, but you're going to have to prove that statement. Saying it is so, doesn't make it so. VR
  7. My understanding is that "proximity AO's" are not ready for 1.36. Is that correct? If so, you haven't "solved" the HC problem. VR
  8. Your attempt at, ahem, "sanitization" of why the Allied HEAT grenades were removed is noted. It does not change the fact that you didn't mention it. VR
  9. My personal experience in these forums over the past 18 years says something other than what you said, will be what actually happens. VR
  10. You are, of course, forgetting why the Allied HEAT RG's were removed. The "Rambo LMG" manner they were being used. German Panzer drivers would death spiral out and see the Allied RG grenadier laying right next to the panzer, completely unharmed. VR
  11. We'll save this and all the other statements made by Allied "realists" the next time an Allied advantage gets, ahem, "fixed." Undoubtedly they'll say exactly the same thing. Won't they? Hmmmm? For sure they will say the exact same thing, Right? VR
  12. He is most assuredly another happy Allied player. VR
  13. So you want to have both. I figured as much. You want both Rambo BAR (with no Axis equivalent) and the M1919A6. Got it. VR
  14. So, the BAR goes away when the M1919A6 gets in game, right? VR
  15. And just how many FG42s are in game compared to the ubiquitous BAR? How many FG42s are on the frontline in combat at any one time compared to the BAR? You're really reaching here Jwilly. That's okay, we Axis players understand you have to justify this change. Aismov has it absolutely right though, "it is similarly disingenuous and smacks of condescension if Allied players now all of a sudden rush to the "its historical" argument and deny they have gotten the adjustment they have been asking for purely for gameplay reasons. The opposite side will see right through it." VR