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  1. Nothing but nonsense. VR
  2. Um, no. Please stop issuing this nonsense. NIFs have already done enough to this game. VR
  3. Still here. Always people on for Squad Night on Wednesdays at 2130 Eastern US Time. VR
  4. 3: HC officers will not engage in rudeness or other insulting exchanges in the forums or in game. Rants, flames or whines are not allowed while you represent the HC. Public complaints about the game or CRS are incompatible with membership. HC officers shall utilize the Chain of Command in reporting complaints about the game players/customers, HC members or CRS employees to their immediate superiors. HC officers shall be positive in public and not post in a way that would lower the morale of their community even when faced with aggressive or abusive behavior. VR
  5. My abject apologies Malvoc. I will endeavor to "unhijack" your thread. VR
  6. You are correct sir. My mistake. VR
  7. Tater started that thread I think. PM him and ask him to "unhide" it. VR
  8. More deflection on your part. We certainly can't have anything that will upset the current Allied apple cart now can we? VR
  9. No, Dfire isn't a liar, he's only, ahem, "inaccurate." Makes all the difference that. But, hey, at least you still respect him. Makes all the difference that. VR
  10. Must be nice to have insta pop equipment overmatch without having to move a single unit. That is why it was done wasn't it? Do any of the Rats see anything wrong with this? No? Anyone? VR
  11. Well okay then. At least you aren't a liar. You were just, ahem, "inaccurate." Makes all the difference in the world that. There weren't 20 UK and 5 French frontline towns. You were, ahem, "innacurate." You might want to post that screenshot you said you took. You certainly don't want to go around being, ahem, "innaccurate." And at least we now know just how much the "town conversion" capability can be deliberately abused. Apparently 60/40 UK/French is just fine with the Allied leadership in their fantasy world. How very gracious of the Allied leadership to not too severely exploit their brand new capability. Do any of the Rats see anything wrong with this? No? Anyone? VR
  12. VR
  13. How much money do you want to bet those AHC officers who engaged in this deliberate abuse, get away scott free. No disciplinary action, not even a pat on the wrist. VR
  14. More deflection still. We certainly can't have any accountability for the deliberate abuse by your AHC officers. VR