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  1. Its one of his favorite things. I've had my panzer lifted and dropped by him on occasion. All in good fun though. He did it at my CINC change of command and a few other times at ceremonies and such. Never in game during regular play though. He'd never mess with somebody's playtime. VR
  2. Did you fly any? Doubt it. I sure didn't see any. Did see JG-2 doing their best to clear out the DB7s and Havocs, just too many of them. VR
  3. Too many Allied NIFs in this thread. VR
  4. Thanx, I appreciated the azz whipping I got last night at Lier FB from all those extra DB7s and Havocs, meanwhile, those extra Heinkels REALLY came in handy............not. VR
  5. Game must not be broken any more. VR
  6. Roger that. VR
  7. Playing for enjoyment only is fine, but if you wish to win, without the help of others coming over to play, sometimes you have to do for yourself. If you are unwilling to do for yourself, well................. VR
  8. I don't see where you've actually countered anything that I said............................................................. VR
  9. It is not futile. "Back in the day," there was a period where the Allies had lost 4 or 5 campaigns in a row, primarily because of TZ3 issues. B2k became the Allied CINC and 22 SAS decided to go back to playing Allied. I decided to go with them. Now, mind you, 22 SAS is not a TZ3 squad and I am not a TZ3 player. 22 SAS is a TZ1 squad (EURO) and I'm a TZ2 (US Primetime) player, but enough of us got together in late TZ3, 3AM-6AM, US Eastern, to make about ten to fifteen or so Allied players. The goal wasn't to "win" in TZ3, but to simply "stop" the Axis in TZ3. 10-15 Allied players can "stop" 25-30 Axis players. Once you "stop" the Axis in TZ3, Axis morale begins to suffer because they don't have the strength to "win" in TZ1 (the days of KGW/ASA are long gone) and they don't have the strength to "stop" the Allies in TZ2. The rest is history. The Allies ended up winning three campaigns in a row and I went back to the Axis side after that. Mission accomplished. 22 SAS remained on the Allied side. In the end, that is all you need, 10-15 dedicated players in late TZ3. That may change with the Steam launch and numbers increase, but for right now, 10-15 players will do it. If you can't find them, then there is something "else" wrong with your side that "balancing" TZ3 won't fix. VR
  10. Maybe we could restart Channel 33? Just a thought. VR
  11. You misunderstand my response completely. I was referring to attacking one country over the other because we "knew" the other country wouldn't help the other. I was in GHC the whole period you are talking about with the exception of the first year June 2001 to September 2002. That never drove our strategy and was never discussed as such in our forums, ever. As for "sequencing of AO's," great googly moogly, whatever you "perceived" on your side is simply giving us too much credit. With the exception of one or two that inhabit both officer corps (and always will, heck they exist in real life officer corps, so why not a game one), the VAST majority (like 99.99%) of officers simply aren't that scheming, ill-willed and bad intentioned. What ever floats your boat brah. VR
  12. This is my worry as well. With a depleted HC and most active squads no larger than 10-30 players in game at any one time (most times below ten), it may take awhile for the new/old game to catch on. CRS is going to have to keep new stuff coming in order to keep the interest going while squads and the HC rebuild. VR
  13. I'm nonplussed. This simply didn't happen in the GHC or it happened so rarely it wasn't worth mentioning or remembering. There were some non-GHC squads who operated that way, but we didn't expect them to cooperate. There was a serious 12.Armee vs 6.armee thing going on but not to the point that we wouldn't help out when needed. As for being taken advantage of by the Axis, that's just jaded thinking and quite frankly giving us too much credit. VR
  14. Town responsibility was an HC-driven program. Squads, which had joined the HC and had agreed to follow their instructions, were assigned towns or a section of the front. If you didn't agree to follow those instructions you were not permitted to join the HC. You, or your squad, were "independent" and could come and go as you please. I imagine if you are a current HC officer, you have already agreed to follow the instructions of higher ranking HC. If the AHC or OKW go with town-based areas of responsibility, you will follow those instructions or you won't be in the HC anymore. That is a big "if" though. So much is still up in the air that judgements can't be made one way or the other. As far as "driving tanks behind the lines" goes, doing so ensures sufficient supply for your town or section of the front. If you come in and start using the overstock that you had nothing to do with overstocking, you'll get an earful from those who did do the overstocking. There is a "cost" for being "independent." As for refusing to help another town, sorry, but that simply wasn't done. You might have responsibility for your town or section of the front, but you were never too busy to help another town or squad. Those of us who played prior to TO&E's know that what you are describing simply didn't happen the way you say. VR
  15. Neat idea fairies are hard at work in this thread. VR