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  1. If you click the link it shows it with 6 rounds strapped to the sides.
  2. The first motorbikes with "reverse"
  3. No way, they're just really reallyReally lucky.
  4. That happens so much it isn't even funny. But yeah chippewa i'm not much of a tanker myself but when I get in the stug it's a different story My highest kill count has always been in the stug. It's a beauty of a tank. We were defending a town today and I found a place to sit halfway up a hill where I knew a friendly was close enough to cover me and he was calling me because there was an M10 on top of him and he was a rifle I think. So I made it towards him and blasted it until it despawned (don't know where to shoot). Heard some tanks coming down the road to my north so I pointed down the hill towards the road and sure enough an M10 and a Sherman came in. I flamed the M10 but the sherman just despawned after I degunned him. Then a sherman drove right by me to my left so I shot him until he despawned but as I was driving towards him my driver got killed and someone shot my tank to bits. It was fun though, got 4 kills and that's more than usual for me Chip.