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  1. I can't remember why they need to be uniques btu it was a big deal to someone back then. If you use gmail (and you should): Or try for a temporary address or fpr a throw away email address. You only need it long enough to activate the account.
  2. Odd. Which virus scanner are you using AO?
  3. Not yet. That's why we didn't release though AHWULF said there was a simple fix like setting something in the keymapper and restarting. Dunno bout that. I'll ask.
  4. The game understands nothing about your hardware. We use DirectSound to send sounds to your system. Some configurations (hardware) have developed issues with DirectX since we did our last build. Best advice is to try and grab a version of DriewctX that is more compatible with your system. Lots of people report 9c does the trick.
  5. Good catch. VOLCOL just sent me an updated pic.
  6. Yeah this is an issue with the mac long time. I have a ticket for it.
  7. I think it'll turn out to be a memory stomp.
  8. Oh yeah that'd do it! Thank Pitt.
  9. Roger that C0. Until I can replicate I won't have any code support for a fix unfortunately.
  10. Historical accuracy. Range finders are added where they were available in the weapon. These questions should be directed to US Army Office of Procurement circa 1940 or the allied equivalents.
  11. Thanks Blip good testing. We can dial the HE back some if needed but wanted to get more reports before pulling the trigger.
  12. If you had the beta there might have been some weird dlls we were trying. I suspect that a full uninstall (and clean out the install directory to boot) and install of 1.34.10 will fix it. Please keep us posted.