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  1. When did he set up the account? There seems to have been an issue for a few days. I'm asking XOOM about it now.
  2. Recheck your in-game settings and make sure that performance is selected then manually check the other tabs. You shouldn't be tanking that much though I do recommend a 3.0 ghz processor. At the end of the day that video card is probably the problem. Discrete: 8800 GT 512 MB, 9800 GT, GT 545 (DDR3) Go (mobile): 9800M GTX, GTX 260M (112), GTS 360M (GDDR5), 555M (DDR3)
  3. So has anyone tried the beta to see if this is fixed? Waiting on confirmation to ship it live.
  4. That seems like weak sauce to me. Shouldn't we be asking that the player commanding the bomber should have an experience like he is playing all the crew and not just one position at a time? IRL the bomber and pilot are in communication. Bombers looking through the scope telling the pilot heading changes etc. I think duplicating that operation is a better idea than just trimming from the bombsight. Why shouldn't you be able to fly the plane and drop the bombs and use the bombsight and be the tail gunner? Wouldn't you rather play the whole crew at once than play them one at a time?
  5. I'm sure there's a ton of great advice in here and if you're wanting to buy not build I can understand that too. Honestly it's not much cheaper these days if you shop well but the big reason to build is better components. Since I recommend ASUS as my number one choice and you're thinking of prebuilt ASAU then hey, sounds good. Now I didn't get your budget so I'll see what would fit into my build guidelines. Generally about $650 is the sweet spot. More to include the OS. CNET says this is a great desktop for everything but playing games and they're right. What you picked out above has too much CPU and not enough GPU. GPU Here is the chart to use to see where you want to buy. You want to be in the GTX460 to GTX560 range and the similar offerings from AMD. I use AMD mostly these days (they give me stuff). ASUS CG8350 ASUS CG8250 These have the 460 or 560 graphics cards, The 460 is plenty and what I would recommend in a cheaper build. The 560 would be very nice. ASUS CG5290 This one has an aged GTX260 but that card is still good. I use it at the office. This is as low as I would go. CPU As far as CPU goes any of the core i3/i5 will do. i7 is overkill for games but if you run virtual machines or render stuff... If you needed an i7 you'd know it. For gaming it is a waste of money in this price range. I don't consider them until I'm wasting money in the ~$2500 range. Here's what you need to know about CPU's. Those 2 CPUs are in my mind the only one's you need to consider. You don't overclock so the bump up to the i5-2500K is money better spent on steak. Sorry, I didn't see this sooner. If I can offer any more help let me know. You can email me direct if you like. I can point you to some good deals if you want to build or buy.
  6. If your having this issue I'd like you to try this. There has to be a commonality that people with this issue have. Unless we pinpoint that we won't find a fix without stumbling on it. We need more information from those with the bug. My betas or in house macs are not reporting this problem.
  7. Did you install this: Latest Mac full installer. What is "MCA update"? It's pretty tough for me to diagnose connection issues like this from afar. When their one-offs they are usually something out of my control but I'll do what I can. Start by installing that patch. Or wait a day until the 1.34.6 patch is ready for the Mac as it will also be a full install only.
  8. Did waiting a day fix this issue (error 40108).
  9. Does it keep you from playing everytime? Where exactly do you get this?
  10. I also generally see either 37 or 42 frames on that test. That change is not dependent on the test. Run the same test 10 times and you'll see both of these numbers. I'm not sure if it works for you but ".vspawn -r" will clear the vehicles.
  11. Core 2 Duo @ 3.0Ghz 4GB Ram GTX 260 786MB 1680 x 1050 WinXP SP3 c32bit WWIIOL v Offline Performance Settings All tests run on a fresh reboot of the machine. All fps records using FRAPS The GPU settings are in the control panel and use the slider Round 1 Testing a straight upgrade of the driver which is always recommended. Test 1 nVidia driver 266.58 GPU settings = default (let application decide) 61 bench remagen 35 bench inf 20 bench veh Test 2 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = default (let application decide) 70 bench remagen 44 bench inf 22 bench veh I'd say the upgrade is a good idea. Round 2 Now we'll use the nVidia control panel to adjust settings using the slider. The application settings remain on "performance". Test 3 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = quality 73 bench remagen 43 bench inf 22 bench veh Test 4 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = balanced 73 bench remagen 37 bench inf 21 bench veh Test 5 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = performance 68 bench remagen 38 bench inf 21 bench veh I noticed I get basically the same results without restarting but best to test both ways with something like this. Bottom line something may be wrong. Running these tests many times though shows about the same frame rates as they change from test to test. This is why restarting while tedious is best for testing. Round 3 For these tests I'm going to be changing stuff in the manual settings to see if I can narrow in on a particular setting. I'm not going to document these at present because they are tedious. I'll just run through the options and note a change. It appears that changes in the control panel donot take aeffect without restarting the game but restarting the computer has no effect so I'll do the first but no the second for initial testing here. Test 6 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = manual (set to default) Baseline fps: 70 bench remagen 43 bench infantry 23 bench vehicles Note in the above that there are variations from spawn to spawn but you usually get the same range. I'm taking that into effect in the tests below. Each setting below was tested then returned to defaults. Anisotropic Filtering Turning this on does not appear to affect framerate. I find this slightly odd but our textures aren't particularly demanding. We're still largely CPU bound. That may be why the OP running a much better CPU than me can discern differences in the GPU. Unknown. Anti-Alising Turned this all the way up Gamm on Override application 16xQ CSAA Supersampling I found zero impact on frame rates. None. Either these settings are not working for me OR my GPU can just handle this game at 1680 x 1050 with no issues. My other machine is an ATi but I'll test it at 3840 x 1024. BRB... On my ATi AA takes it from 30 to 10 fps. Working as expected. CUDA No effect. Extension Limit Causes CTD. I don't really care as I don;t know what this is. Maximum Pre Rendered Frames Possible ~1 fps change negative. Not telling. Single display perfromance mode No change. Anisotropic sample optimization Off by default. Turning on might increase performance if running anisotropic filtering. Tried with that on and off. No change. Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias No change. Tested with anisotropic filtering. Texture Filtering - Quality Set to high performance from quality. This has a slight positive impact. Texture Filrting - Tri Linear Filtering No use. DX only. Threaded Optimization Set to on from auto. Slightly negative effect. Triple Buffering and VSync Did not test. Test 7 nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = default (let application decide) 70 bench remagen 44 bench inf 22 bench veh nVidia driver 285.58 GPU settings = manual (set to match original poster) 68 bench remagen 43 bench infantry 23 bench vehicles Conclusion Upgrade your drivers. Other than that I can't find anything really compelling. If you can improve your testing and pinpoint something specific on your set up I can try and replicate. At present there's nothing for me to go on. Repeating tests 3,4&5 does not yield consistent enough results on my test machine to warrant an issue.
  12. Which settings are causing the improvement though. Can you pinpoint it more ness? The AA thing seems pretty sketchy. I'd like to run some tests myself oin my nVidia box. I'm going to update the drivers now (GTX 260).
  13. Branko's got a lot right there. It's very hard to read into this given that the tests aren't meant to be run that way and in the end none of that core stuff is particularly relevant. We're a mostly non threaded app. That's it. Don't read anything into running .benchinf twice and looking at the results. Not designed for that and god only knows what it is doing. It's only a benchmark anyway and really only meant as a comparison point not a diagnostic. It doesn't represent online play very well. The one thing I find odd is that even though you say low, medium, high, graphics which I assume to mean Performance, balanced, and quality presets (it should if not) you seem to have vsync on in all three. In addition I would turn off the SLI card for the tests. Tough to know the variables that introduces. What;'s really hitting me though is how awful those frames are. I'm running at 3840 x 1024 and easily beating those on a comparable ATi 5850. I wonder if we're having a nVidia specific issue. I've shared this thread with the team. Thanks for bringing this to my attention ness.
  14. I'm working to get the Mac good to go for release. Details here:
  15. I was afraid of that. Can;t get 1/33 to auto update either. Hmm... Well there's a patch linked in the test forum. Let's make sure that all works.
  16. I need open beta auto updated tested!
  17. We don't sften cruise the "commumity" support forums. All CTD logs are automatically sent to us on your next login.
  18. Pfft Nevermind. BLOO sent me your latest email.
  19. I have this exact same system. It isn't hardware. I bet it isn't software conflict either. I'm not clear on your description of the issue but I'll make a couple of assumptions and a recommendation. 1) You launch PlayGATE, log in, select the live server and press play, then PlayGATE goes away and nothing else happens. 2) You cannot play offline 1.31 either. Try this: Go to the start menu and select CRS > Battleground Europe > Settings. Is your videocard and sound device correctly selected?
  20. I have this marked as fixed in the 1.31 beta. Can anyone else confirm?
  21. Aw man, I wish I lived closer.
  22. I need a signal boost. Is the issue here that ATi cards are still not performing up to snuff?