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  1. Boullion.
  2. was looking at the map and this caught my eye.
  3. just happened to me as well i logged in as normal, now one thing i did notice is at the persona screen i was still sgtrose. i became an axis player after i had chosen a persona. and reselecting a persona did not fix it i had to reboot.
  4. wait your running the 8585 driver? that is right and current wonder why my version number is different that yours i am running 8800 gt's.
  5. you may want to update to the version 7.15.8585 (current) there was a bunch of very bad patches from nvidia
  6. you aren't by any chance runninng nvidia 7x series drivers for your vid card are you? example driver version 7.15.(whatever)?
  7. rgr gophur is there another ticketed thread for this?
  8. same issues with nvidia 7x series drivers black screen then down as soon as you spawn in. working on finding a good workaround will post on it as soon as i solve the problem on my end. *note tested 7x series drivers from nvidia on 5 different pc's and 2 laptop's problem is definately driver related, as the only pc i have that is using the 8x series driver works fine.