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  1. Was a great match, the BTZ outnumbered us 2 to 1+, we managed to take the BTZ vehichles out on the road so only the BTZ commander and 2 251's got past us. we killed 7 BTZ players on the road, and the rest were left trying to run to town on foot. for the second part where we were the convoy i just ran the convoy just like i would if i were still in the sandbox. S! to BTZ you guys really gave us a run.
  2. no unable to download jammyman *edit- was unable to download via internet explorer. Google chrome worked.
  3. So since 7th AST is winning the overall challenge after round 1 do we get a bye on round 2 and advance to round 3? who gets the bye.
  4. that would be me you and topd in the first wave
  5. Sgtrose checking in. uss neolsho blaze are you comfortable piloting the tt? if not let me know i have hours upon hours in it. i'm also particularly deadly with the 37's but 20's will do just fine.
  6. maybe a gentlemans agreement among the ships? not to display it. maybe only allow the harbormaster to turn his on to simulate the radar station that mistook the japs for a flight of b17g's
  7. np didn't see the fine print. i do have one more question, what are you guys gonna do about the ai? that af and naval base ai is gonna shoot down most of the planes i fear.
  8. yes i'll crew with blaze no problem. just outta curiosity why are the sanfrancisco and new orleans listed as BB's? they were hvy cruisers?
  9. damn ice you and killer had to snag the arizona didn't ya. serve her well, my mom's *edit (first)cousin was a fire conrtolman 2nd class on the arizona. in main fore-gun #2. david leedy look it up sometime.
  10. will take the uss tangiers thankx
  11. nope old issue read the thread i posted, the solution is in there.
  12. 9400m gt and 9600m gt are the same forceware version, so it should work. did you place the modded inf file into the right place and make sure to delete the other one? here is a forum thread
  13. ok here is the fix i didn't post but it is fixed. keep in mind this is for the 64 bit OS if you have this issue and are running a non 64 bit os then this wont work. step 1 disable the limit fov option in the game options. this will not completely fix the problem it will stop the sky stuttering but your fps will tank without step 2. step 2 the latest forceware for nvidia mobile gpu's got borked by the the laptop makers. toshiba, dell, sony, etc. have all admitted a new"fix" is in the works. what you need is the forceware drivers with a modded inf file. follow install instructions carefully.