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  1. bombers only stay high for factories. There is no reason AA AI should exist in any non-factory town.
  2. Roadmap looks great. Great to see Air getting some love. After 109 audit, please have a look at He111s - they are made of paper compared to DB7s. A small hit and He111 looses gunners/engines, while same hit DB7s just fly off as if nothing hit them most of the time. Also 2017 its time the Lazer-guided AA AIs are taken out of the game in all non-factory towns. It's stopping people from getting into bombers and having fun with them. Players should be getting bofors out rather then relying on AA AI to keep bombers away.
  3. S! pompeius - I believe you need to have a paid subscription to join HC
  4. Are you close to patching and fixing this? I cannot change and save my CFML files.
  5. I agree. This is the most urgent bug to fix. I haven't driven an opel/tank in about a month.
  6. Did another complete reinstall... This time all I had to do was click on the Keymapper tab -- and an instant crash. I've had maybe 5 sorties in 2 weeks. Cannot drive, and flying is a problem. I've seen and heard no significant solution to this. I'm deflated. Please..... a patch or something.
  7. the key mapper bug means I can't fly, can't drive tanks... Each time I try to change key mapper it crashes. My preference settings revert each time I log in. I'm getting the newbie-help screens and the size 11 font...
  8. Since the latest patch, when I had to do a full reinstall, I can no longer drive an opel or any tanks. The default is set to joystick. If I try to change them back to keyboard, then the game instally CTDs. I relogin, and joystick remains default. I am currently destined to only play infantry and flying. S!
  9. Latest patch won't install. It gets to 90% complete and stops at 'playerarc01'. Solution? I really don't want to download the full version again.
  10. Lots of CTDs with today's patch... flying he111
  11. help?
  12. OK its happened 4th time now. *rage quit*
  13. A couple times tonight, i spawned in... tookoff in he111.... and screen went completely black - like a concusision bug... couldn't see chat window, couldn't hear anything..... it felt as if my computer had blown up... just a black screen... Task Manager said game was still running..... Ideas? cause extremely frustrating... A few CTHLs as well
  14. Big thanks to all those who posted. It looks like I have resolved this issue. It was my old graphics card. Cheers Conesq