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  1. That was years ago. Its not possible any more. The 2pdr is a far more powerfull gun than the pan 25mm.
  2. After I switched to the Radeon 7970 I have this weird anomaly, where there are are large boxes around all foilage and trees. Makes it de facto imposible to play. I have fully updated drivers on win 7 32bit, no problems with my old radeon 4890. Anyone else?
  3. bump, cant play, with no info from CRS on this, well, Im gonna unsub. Makes no sence to stay with no info.
  4. Thx, so no solution yet. Just have to assume CRS are working on it, as more and more will shift to the Radeon 79xx cards.
  5. I think you are right. The value of the quad core over the dual core will probably show in a year or so, when new 3d-shoothers and other games arrive. Right now, the difference between the dual core and quad cores are rather marginal, and hardly worth the extra money for the quad core, but who knows what the near future brings. I doubt you will be able to see any noticeable difference between a dual core and a quad core. Cmpared to a single core- yes,, but you cant even get those any more I think.
  6. Tests has showed that you wont get much extra for your money wioth the I7 in regard to gaming. MB, ram and CPU are expensive and you dont get extra FPS in gaming generally. The I7 is suoperior in many other areas, but not really gaming. If you want a gaming rig, you will get by far the best performance for your money (and FPS pr./dollar) by going for a quad core 9500, 9600 series or core 2 duo E8600, and OC the shat out of it. The E8600 will go to 4ghz on a top aircooler, the 9500 will go to 3,6-3,8 ghz. Its also quite easy to see from tests that you dont get much extra fps for your money going for the expensive dd3 ram. Instead, go for ddr2 ram with low latency (CL-rating)- they will perform pretty much as good as the expensive ddr3 ram clocked higher- also tested (the issue with the expensive ram is that ram doesent scale very well). So, basically, if you want a gaming rig, and dont have unlimited ressources, I would go for a decent gigabyte mainboard, a Q 9550 or Q9600, a monster air cooler, 4 gigs of DDR2 ram running 800mhz with low latency.
  7. Hey, I dont want to hijack this thread, but Vagnluv, what are your experinces with the SSD drive? I have been thinking using one as my primary boot, and then keep a typical HD as secondary for storage. Szy, a good way to ressearch OC is to go to the various sites that deals with OC. I always check out these sites, when I upgrade. Extreme is one, where you can read all about the various steppings etc.
  8. Thx, checking it out.
  9. I see the "server online", but when I try to launch, I get the error "Registry lookup failed" Then the launcher closes and I have to log in again. Anyone else that cant get in now with this error?
  10. Basically, Szy, you are in a range where it doesent matter what GF 295 you chose, what cpu etc. you are in the high end market, and 5% differences in performance wont change anything for you in games, as you will be able to run them all with no noticeable difference. If you want to make a difference, make sure you buy a very good cooler. If you go for aircooling, and go for one of the best aircoolers like the Thermalright 120 series, you will be able to OC the 920 substantially. Most techsites like Anandtrech, Xbitlabs and Toms hardware have OCed the various chips, so its not hard to find guidance. Thats what would make a difference to your decisions- OC or no OC. The difference in performance could be as much as 15-20% averagely. The other decisions you are going to make, whether chosing this or that GF 295, will maybe mean 1-2 % if you are lucky. So, since you allready are going for high end, the only place you can really make a difference is getting an OC mainboard, kick arse cooler and OC the I 920 skyhigh. Ohh, and for the love of God, dont underestimate the value of a good monitor. This is definately a place, where you dont want to save money.
  11. For some reason my core 2 duo start wwii.exe. with affinity defalt set to core 0 only. Is there a way to set the application so it starts default with both cores? I have checked many of my other games, and thet all start pr. default with both cores.
  12. 671mb. Not doing this from work .
  13. This is good stuff- fight for the suburps, as they did in RL.
  14. Currently, there are only two alternatives in the graphic card market. Either buy somesthing ****ty that will bring you thorugh life the next 6-12 month, or buy a GF 8800. Dont buy anything in between, especially the high end dx 9 cards- they are allready obsolete. In a year from now, we all need dx 10 cards anyway, and then you will be sry, if you bought a GF 7950 or bthe current high end Radeon. Buy cheap shat now and live with it for 6 month, or go for a GF 8800. Anything else is madness imho.
  15. Hmm, during the bad patch a few month back (when everyone CTHL) I got the 10057 error constantly. KF1 mentioned on the forum that it was an error that caused the client to halt and thus refusing to receive packages from the server. KFS1 has submitted a few netcode tools to meassure connection weakness, ping etc. Look for those and diagnose your problem. Since everyone else has little problems now with CTHL´s I would look for trouble at your ISP. Also, be sure you have no spyware installed, but I assume you have checked for this allready. Spyware can turn any connection or computer into a 1986 16mhz 386.
  16. None of those are competible now. The only way to go currently, sadly, as Im an old AMD fan, is the Intel Core 2 duo. Cgeck out tests at, and etc.
  17. 1) CTHL 2)as described under A)- 45 sec freeze. Im getting the idea its connected to sound issues 3) Yes before 1.23, but sporadic- now radically worse- almost every spawn 4+5)DSL 2/1 mb 6) AMD 64 running win xp, 3200 OCed to 3500 7) No 8) No, but it seems to me the CTHL could be connected to sound issues. 9) Dident try 10) no 11) No 12 Basically, it seems to me the issiue is identical to the first patch it appeared- perhaps even worse. I have tried to connect to the interneet with 3 different cards, Onboard gigabit LAN, onboard Nvidia LAN and a D-link wireless card- no difference.
  18. If you have regular CTDs, as every 4 minuttes or so, its somethng in your end- not the game. You have to methodically go through your hardware to find the error. Could be a bad driver load, incompatible hardware, your ISP dropping packages etc. Best way is to go ahead by eliminating possible sources. I has a similar problem a few month ago, and it took me a month to diagnose the problem with the Ide controller on the motherboard. 1) If you play other online games, like WoW, see if that drops you too. If not 2) Disable sound, see if that changes anything. 3) try various video card driver, see if that cghanges anything. Try another videocard, if you have one or can borrow one. 4) try various bios settings 5) If you OC, reset to defaults- the game might stress the system more than other games. Its not the game, its something your end, you just have to find it.
  19. Never have lockups. To me, it seems like you could have heat problems. Random lock ups are often caused by excessive heat to the CPU or ram. Could also be a driver problem, but Im sure you have the latests drivers for video and sound cards and the MB. If I were you, In would strap on that other noicy fan, and see, if the game locks up (use earprotection if neccesary)- test it rigidly. If you dont get lockups, go by another fan. Genreally go for as large a fan that can be in your cabinet or on the MB. The larger fan, the more cooling power at less RPM. More RPMs makes more noise, and its not like you will sit and look at that big ugly fan in your cabinet.
  20. Anyone else have problems with track it? Half the time I load ww2-onlin eit works, half it doesent and I hav eto reload. Sometimes it works a few spawns, then it stops working. The tracking device etc. is working perfectly, its ww2-online that srews it up. Btw, came with last patch or the patch before.
  21. No, it snot the bug that ww2-online sometimes does not recognize TIR at all. Thats an old bug, which probably still is here. Also, I have been using TOR for years, and now about the hotkeys etc.- thats not the problem. I spawn in and it works, then spwn out or get killed, and when I spawn in next times it doesent. Loging out and relog usually solves the problem for a few missions, then it doesent work again. The weird thing is that the software detects my "mouse view" button, i.e. TIR enabling, since I cant use the view keys on the numbpad, when enabled, but the bug prevents me from using TIR at the same time. Then if I press "mouse view" again and disable TIR I can use the viewkeys on the keyboard and so on. So, the software detects "mouse view", but it doesent start up TIR- bad bug, would really like some response from CRS. This is new btw- came with 1.2. I have tried to reinstall TIR drivers etc. doesent help. Next thing, I probably have to reinstall WW2-online