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  1. new comms,time to install new one
  2. Nope,Restrictions are not good specially locks for each side,what if a HC wants to get online,and can not because of "Lock"then he can't play his side,why pay if you can not play what you want to play. Is this for Allies having low pop on this time zone? ---->pulverapa: Re: Low/No pop Capture restriction It's an interesting idea, shutting down the server on TZ3. Maybe we could do that on weekdays and keep the server up on weekends. TZ3 during weekdays is extremely low pop, US players are sleeping and EURO players are working. LOL nah,this is another Very bad idea to shut down game servers to cater to the few,Crazy talk.
  3. I agree with adding some little pixels for Canada,they are in WWII just as much as British or USA even.Canada players are playing this game,to Simulate ww2 and play your home country would be a nice boost.(Axis player but i have friends and family members that play allied,and i did try to convince them play Axis,but like i was just saying,they want to play allied as if there really in a war playing for there Country.)
  4. Hey..yup just got back last month or so..My old game name was dwayne,had trouble getting account back finally did but i had to change my game name,palpatine now. S!
  5. What year did you start playing?: 2001 When was the last time you played?:2013 summer What squad were you in?: 11th SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland back in the day 2001-02 What side did you primarily play on?:Axis Gamename-dwayne now changed to-Palpatine Played with welcome back during September/october and subbed for 3months,my Girlfriend joined also and enjoys playing.I do like the new auto rifle,and looking foward to the new Paratroop 42MG is this right?I had a fun time with my old squad,fun times every night we played,win or lose,just to name a few members i played with in squad-- dv33rg,keres,moggel,fixxer77,u1122,koeppen,heavymet. Also found a Youtube Memory Vault vid,was surprised was on youtube,my name is in this video also )
  6. Bump..Still used?