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  1. Good Post. The HQ's I fought with are gone... the Squad's I played with are gone... But many of the players are still here. Perhaps we can rebuild, eh? Picked up a Builder sub and will keep it going until the game quits. Salute
  2. Pre-Order was around. I remember I reserved two copies and picked up day of launch. lost my second account around 2005 and have never been able to recover it. ah well. S!
  3. Hah... FLYING 38t's.... those were the days... the early days, when straying off the road would drop you into the abyss even though it looked flat, when you never new when a fairmille would steam by... in the grass... sigh. Oh... and I remember my time in Lafayette as well...
  4. Evening... Kilo33 here. I started playing in September, 2001, with a one year pause and I believe my current sub start date is in 2004. I played fairly religiously through 2009, then sporadically through 2012. This is my first time back since then. In the day, I have been a member of both HQ's, and have belonged to Windhund (my first squad), and when I was playing allied, Escadrille Le'Chat Noir until Lafayette formed, then Easy Company, then back to Lafayette. I am seriously considering returning, just depends on how much it has changed, how involved the HQ's are, and whether there are any old faces I can reconnect with, or a new solid squad that I can join as I suspect there is no-one left from the old days. Well, except Xoom...oh, and Bragg... hrmmm... who else is floating around here? Regards, Kilo33