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  1. cc Bloo I did it and works ty sir dj
  2. ok I download the update it procedes to up date then bam" ERROR C:/PROGRA~1/CRS/BATTLE~/11PLAYARC.W2A IS NOT A VALID PREVIOUS VERSION COULD NOT UPGRADE" Then closes out
  3. heh same here...maybe we should get a free month for this crappolla!!!! dj
  4. yesterday while running a bomb run I was dropping when a 110 jumped on my 6. from my vantage point all I saw was a instant black screen simular to a black out then bam at mission screen with mission pending results I figured I was blowed up . Today I was informed that the player on my 6 saw me vanish and his results obviously show my disappearence. For the past week my netcode has been jumping showing losses in packets pretty regularly sometimes losing netcode. Would this cause a loss of game conection or something like this??? http://you pulled the plug???? dj ;/
  5. geeze just need a RAT reponce on this issue plz!!!! dj
  6. yeah just thought it odd ...if its an issue Id like it fixed b4 reset dj
  7. Been using this netcode setting since the big cthl hooorah a few months ago and I have to say last map I had really no cthls anymore I log in to this "GRAND" Intermission I get an message saying netcode cant operate reverting to standard conection then "POOF" CTHL It says in the messege to check firewall settings, I havent adjusted my firewall so hmmmmmmmm...... below is a screenie of messege dj
  8. ran 4 runs today 1 sucessful other three plagued by CTHL... Somedays they bad someday u get none... Whats the deal ??? dj
  9. ty spoon... my issue is with my rudder trim I can never find a nuteral area where I stay trimmed its always a bit left or right is why I was asking ... good luck with all yer r/l issues spoon hurry back dj
  10. seems a few squaddies of mine are having issues with the in game map not functioning properly. Generally when u roll your pointer over someone on the map it gives you their name,also when you roll your pointer over a occupied town it will show you the brigade and such. These guys have lost that function for some odd reason. They have tried clicking the options on the map but that doesnt help.... any suggestions? ty donjuan
  11. hmmm I have a wide screen no problems here.... dj
  12. ole!!!!! dj
  13. hola Mfers!!!! dj