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  1. if i had a nickel for everytime i heard that on these forums, i'd be bill gates rich. Don't flash your bios, its the game and your bios has absolutely nothing to do with the missing textures your seeing.
  2. I can tell you right now I've seen my 3DS maya consume over 6GB of system memory while compiling a level
  3. It's on your end because i can go to sleep and come back and my dudes still behind the door of the red building. Can you post your full and complete DXDIAG so we can review your drivers and installed components? (Type dxdiag in the start bar, click save all information, copy paste everything which will take a few posts but we need it all) more then likely its a driver confliction or a Microsoft provided driver. or something simple is set wrong =)
  4. maximum allocation size is 2048MB for the engine. Just like the recognition of a single core, there is nothing that can be done about this with out totally abandoning the engine.
  5. Processing is more important then anything else in this game. and when most modern processors pack 8~16MB onboard cache, your 4400+ only has 1MB (thats 512kb per core) it'll really put a damper in your bid'ness =p You could in theory slap a X2 6000+ in it for as little as 30$ used and net a "okay" performance increase, but it won't be a night and day difference like your seeking. I've run this game on a Geforce 6200LE 64MB Turbo cache video card in tandem with my X4 955 @ 3.8Ghz and it ran decently well, Video isn't the problem. It's the engines restriction to a single core's worth of processing power at any given time that creates everyones lag. and there is absolutely no way to fix it besides abandoning the engine and starting all over (sorta worked themselves into a hole with this one) Best o' luck
  6. setting your default allocation unit size to 10,000k instead of the standard 4196K that i'm guessing you did when you first formatted your hard drive will decrease loading times tremendously, even on conventional HDD's.
  7. this is the headset i have. microphone is so sensitive i get complaints to turn the volume down from others. sure it doesn't have fancy a@# features, but it works its 25$ and its got a good microphone and a nice set of headphones.
  8. live closer to the servers would be the easiest fix.
  9. it's packing 400 cores so on paper it ought to be enough and its at 600mhz. ram amount varies though which tells me its shared with the system ram, which isn't to bad of a deal these days considering the DDR3 standard. It'd run it, but don't expect blistering frame rates with all teh candy on and sprinkles falling from the sky though.
  10. ww2ol created lag isn't going anywhere with in the next 4~7 years if CRS's previous track record continues. hah you know ww2ol is being split into two seperate worlds? a FPS style call of duty server, then the main server (which im sure will be desolate soon after the world splits) I think they've decided creating a whole 'nother game inside a game is a better idea then attempting to fix the major engine issues they've created over the years by themselves *shrugs*
  11. Do you have a AMD CPU? i think i remember the dual core optimizer or something like that being the fix.
  12. can you post your dxdiag? goto start type dxdiag then copy paste the contents from the main tab the audio tab and the video tabs.
  13. HERE is how to contact him.