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  1. When the whole squad is actually online together.
  2. - 'We are working hard' ® - 'This is priority' ®
  3. Fresh link below because old one expired.
  4. World War 2 Battles.
  5. As I said before 'overwolf' function does not working in this game in TS3 latest version under Windows 8.1 Then I tryed about 4 from 5 other overlays from official TS sites. Nothing working from there. At last I found working method: [ 1 ]. Download latest version of overlay from here: Overlay ver. 3.7.23 suporting via API ver. 19 that latest TS provide. Indeed this soft presented on official TS site, but not latest and actual version, and this vestion do not working. But ver. 3.7.23 working. [ 2 ]. Download 'DirectX End-User Runtimes' from Microsoft page: this overlay requered it.
  6. Anyone using this stuff (Overwolf) with TeamSpeak in the game ? Does it work as well on your system ? I installed new TeamSpeak ver. version on Windows 8.1 Game going well, TS working good too, but this overlay show nothing when I'm playing. It working and showing room visitors only on desktop mode, but in the game showing nothing. This is game's or just Windows 8.1 issue ? Thank you.
  7. The guy from a main page is least similar to the soldier of World War II. And there are 'Axis' and 'Allies': I am simply assured guys at all don't assume that play in World War II.
  8. One thing that I can't understand. How is this guy can seep and log to the American server from Bejing, if Rats mentioned that whole China closed from this server by Great Firewall of China.
  9. I beg your pardon. My fault, I'm be unhappy in choice of words. Really I'm well understand what difference between CPU and GPU. KFS1 just suppose that fps reduce because CPU makes the trajectory calculations. But when you see to the battle loaded GPU, not CPU. So phrase 'Who make trajectory calculation CPU or GPU' should be read like 'when you draw trajectory on your picture you mean that CPU should be loaded, but de-facto loaded GPU and we have fps reduce'. Also I'm understand that if KFS1 correct in saying overall performance down cos before me many bullets and objects with complicated trajectory and pathway so CPU loading grow up But: 1. I did not saw overloaded CPU in the Task Manager. 2. Yes, if CPU strong loaded, overall system performance also going down (CPU and GPU are using shared system bus), and as result fps down too, but not several times. 3. Why BGE client do not count skirmish behind me. Why he stop calculate when I drop my eyes to the floor. So I think eigenman correct - this is only cos client make rendering hidden objects.
  10. Next issue. On the supposition that I'm looking on the big battle and structure or hill stay between me and this battle. It is obvious that fps reduced. I looking to the battle and suddenly put my eyes to the ground, fps again drastically grow. Why ? 1. If CPU loaded because he is count every enemy's bullet that can kill me or falling near me and raise the dust, why fps such grow when I staying on the same place and just look down ? I do not think that nobody hit me when I faced opposite battle. 2. If, when I faced to the battle, CPU loading cos he counting possibility of my hits, why such load if I'm ever not shot ? I just suppose than BGE client keeping count and send to the videocard for display all body and vehicles movies, tracers and bulet hits wherever observer stay - behind the wall or not. May be this is way how really possible slightly boost performance.
  11. This is not question. The question that still opened is: 'Why GPU (videocard) loaded and reduce fps, when player faced to the inivisible huge battle. CPU loading grow up too, but as I remember not so much. Who make trajectory calculation CPU or GPU.'
  12. KFS1 >> Before-After. Thanks. Good explanation. Never thought before. Tons of other trash-shooters that I saw before disaccustom me thinking. P.S. But also when I made long meditation on this picture, I begin understand why BGE graphic was sticking point within almost 6 years
  13. >> The reason 3 cores are the sweet spot, BE uses 2, the OS and everything else uses the third. OS for own purposes used not so many CPU resourses to given to her whole core, unless you planing simultaneously download and zip tons of pixs from internet when play. But I have one question about current BGE client. 1. When I direct my sight outside (right-about) of big (about 70-100 number or so) battle, fps on my system is 20-40 (depend on other factors). 2. And when I point my look in the middle of the battle being about 300-1000 meters from me, fps decrease down to 12-18 fps (also depend on other factors). CPU loading in this case - mostly the same. So I had conclusion that bottleneck is not CPU. In second case, even if between me and battle located big hill, wall, or just buildings and battleground invisible to me - fps still low. Why BGE client still keeping count falling bodies, shots, tracers and etc, if scene anyway is not visible to me ? CPU loading is not grow up, or grow but not so strong, but videocard's reaction the same like that all battle before me in open and flat place.
  14. I got the same trouble yesterday, and I find only one way to paid - using PayPal. Prepayed virual VISA also was not accepted by new payment vendor. But using PayPal service little embarrassing, because I should remember make new payment every month or quarter. I have a question. If I'm will order and trying to use MasterCard instead VISA (issued by the same bank) - payment also pass throught Bilbit and trasaction will be refused ?
  15. Hello guys. I think it would be good if you are represent your squad here: Seems like this is well visited page too, as this forum. You are can add info about you using this page: Regarding me. Like you are I'm living at the same time zone, so I'm intersting, how many Aussie players in game 18:00-22:00 at Sydney time in this campaing ? Seems like real fighting on BGE server begin only after 22:00 at Sydney, when players in Europe wakeing up ... For me will be interesting join to some squad to play as team in TZ+10, but I'm see few problems: 1. My spoken english is really poor, so I think I can't using teamspeak. But I can type and read in chat. So I'm afraid that I can't duly interact with you. And all I can in mission, is only sometime support you if I'll see any enemies near you, and trying to join to the definite mission where you are fighting rigth now. 2. Second sticking point. Next campaign I'm wanna try play as Allies. But meanwhile I never planing to change side in the middle of campaign, when choosing one at the begining of campaign. Sincerely, bagir.