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  1. Spelar ingen roll, jag skrattar varenda gång jag ser den iaf, :-D
  2. Det där är fan i mig den roligaste giffen jag sett, Någonsin, :-D
  3. Same thing happend to me, After 1.31 i had FPS in the 20´s but after the small patch after that it was down to 4, Im still trying to figure out if i can fix it,
  4. Thanks for all your advice guys, And ive tried all of it but it still wont work. Ill keep on trying but as it looks im probably done playing for a while. I wont have the money for a upgrade anytime soon. Im going to buy some more memory of a squaddie and see if that helps a little, So anyhow, Thanks !
  5. I did a re-install, and no joy, Ill try and get some more memory, and see what happens,
  6. Well, Since the 1.30 patch i have had performance in the low 20´s, now since the last one im down to 4, I have never had it this bad during the ten years ive been here, I will do a re-install and see where that takes me,
  7. I know, I do, But, It run pretty ok, until ther last patch and now it just wont work, And a personal PS, Stop killing me,
  8. I have a AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 2.21 MGHz with 1 MB of Memory and i have a Nvidia 8600GT, Here is my problem, Everything worked just fine til the last patch, Low FPS, In the 20´s but still playable, After the last patch, Its in single digits, 4-9 and its not playable at all, So, WTF did you do ??