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  1. jizz I got the same problem and 13 years invested as well they will come up with a fix contact support they need to see we are having a issue
  2. Fix my game please
  3. My brother just got a 2000. dollar machine to play again and he gets this error 10057 which prevents him from entering his password he has emailed support 2 times and no response any work arounds please help
  4. thank for the advice I'll look into the 460 hope see you in the game MUZZY/AXIS since 2001
  5. I heard what you guys said so I canned the oem deal. I once purchased a alienware in 2006 and had big problems with it and sent it back. So I decided to take a chance with Cyberpower Xion predator 970 series INTEL CORE I-870 2.93 GHz 8m smart cache lga1156 HDD 1TB SATA-III6.0 GB/s 64 cache 7200 rpm HDD[1TB x2[2TB CAPACITY]RAID 0 EXTREME PERORMANCE 8GB DDR RAM/1600MHz dual channel memory module[+104] corsair CROSS FIRE X GIGABYTE GA- INTEL P55A CHIPSET DDR3 ATX MAINBOARD W/ 7.1 AUDIO Gblan nvidia GeFORCE GTS 450 1GB 16X PCLE video card [+31]EVGA POWERED BY NVIDIA 700WTS POWER SUPPLY LIQUID COOLED 5 FANS ETC. I HOPE THIS IS ENOUGH let me know what you think THANKS AGAIN
  6. Thanks for getting back to me i'm not sure if i can change the video card as this box is a HP oem, and the card does serve my editing needs the question is what kind of frame rates will I get and will I be able to enjoy the game? I know there will always be a better machine, how do you think this one will preform? thanks again Muzzy
  7. im ordering a new pc any thoughts on this configeration WINDOWS HM 7 64 BIT intel i7- 870 quad core 2.93ghz,1mb L2+8mb sharedL3 CACHE 8gb 1333mhz sdram nvidia 2GB gt420 1.5TB RAID 0[2 x750tbsata HDDs]