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  1. I tried to update my credit card Saturday p.m. and I haven't been able to play the game sense. I have 2 tickets in or is it 3 not sure any way I understand no one works the weekend and ok I can't go 2 days without this game. But now its Monday the 30th of September and this a.m. I still couldn't log on back to my account - forums - or game. Now later in the P.m. the 30th I can get to my account the forums - but still not this game. I am so close to unsubbing more so than ever before. With my heath issues it doesn't take much to get me upset and I am not thinking right. I just wanted to add a new expiration date to my credit card so my account wouldn't go flat on me but it has anyways. I honestly do not know if its something I did or? But I want reimbursed the so far 3 days I have been out of the game do to no choice of mine. Just fix my account or I will put a few more tickets in I am just to frustrated with life. Now have received 2 emails from paypal wanting me to let them know how much and who they need to pay. I don't do paypal I use my stupid credit card.
  2. My first night playing our game I joined the squad named - The White Falcons in 2001 so many nice players but I don't know of anyone left from it. Salute to all...……….
  3. I don't know quite what to say other than watching this and in the end seeing how many "players are no longer with us". I have wondered where many of the names have gone whether they quit and left the game of their choices or worse of all past on. I know of a couple names not on the memorial that have left our game and are deceased also but with my memory being what it is maybe its best. . Watching this video on a day that I am already down emotionally remembering "brothers and sisters" that didn't come back home with myself so that I could live is hard to swallow also. We have all lost someone that gave their lives so that we can live on is also a sobering reminder just how cruel life is and can be at times. To think that so many players that were in our lives as we played our game over the years are no longer with us to me is so sad and I leaves myself wondering just how much they suffered along with their family and friends. This is a wonderful video and like I said a reminder just how fortunate we all are to still be able to play our game and live our lives the best that we can. Peace be with all of you, I Salute each and Everyone of you also, Cheers, from myself Jack and my Service K-9 and Partner K-9 COOPER, AKA Playtime P.S. Thank You for the very nice video, pfmosquito "Salute Sir"
  4. Ok everyone. I see some good content and lots of bickering going on. Also just complaining about this or that like to what point? It’s a Fricking game and like I have said in the past we the players control it. Everyone has a right as a paying member or a F2P member to play and be what they want to in our game. But at what expense to others on your side wether Allies or Axis. At times while trying to cap or defend a choke point or AB Bunker as I am killed I see others playing what they have chosen while the CP I was guarding is being capped. Before I die I will ask for help or announce that I am dying - XXXXX please help - while their is either a sniper in a building next to my cp oe a tank 2 buidlings away. Hey I can understand after all they want play what they have chosen mean while the CP or Bunker is being capped. I might die five times - let’s face it my eye hand coordination just plain sucks anymore yet most of the time no help arrives. Now I don’t mean every time but most. Like last night - don’t ask me the town because I forget it’s name 5 minutes after it’s been capped - but I get so frustrated trying to guard or recap while no help comes and no I am not the only one. My point is this. Having been in a real war I will say this - many times equipment breaks down wether it’s your weapons fault or you run out of ammo and so on. So now what do you so? You can call out for help and wether or not your a sniper- lmg - sapper - or in my case my primary weapon with my M60. But everyone worked as a team - if one is going to die by god all of you are going most likely - because your brothers as one unit working as one. I realize this is a game here that we play to have fun. But if you only want to have fun with no unity as one large unit your going to lose. Players have to decide if they only want to have fun playing what they chose - some players - or rather win and having fun doing so. In order to win we need players working as a team - brothers and sisters than they must use equipment that is really needed. We don’t need tanks to guard or recap CP’s or snipers to try and kill our enemies while something is being capped. I am not picking on players that have chosen to have fun and using what they want but trying to explain in order to win and have fun doing so somethings need to change. Men if in real life if someone didn’t call out or mark something let’s face your dead just like in our game with some not taking time to call out or mark. When I joined our game back in the beginning I joined a squad- the White Falcons - we were told what to use not asked but our CO told us what he needed so be it. We did as he said he was x military like so many of us were. So to read people going back and forth and to see some of the complaints is bunk. I am not as I said a few days ago - get frustrated this map at all. But with some of this bunk about a game our game realllly Frustrates the living heck out of me. Ok just one question. With everything to chose to play in this game how the heck can anyone become bored?..? Try a ship - a plane - what ever but please don’t be so fricking negative and complain about things CRS is trying or going to fix or make better. I was going to say that I was sorry for writing a book here - but nope instead just say this - if you want change than look at yourself and see if it might be you that needs it. Salute to all, and Cheers
  5. Congrats to everyone that received an award for an outstanding job well done. I relize not everyone that has done a good job always receives an award and believe me there are many. But maybe next time after all we all know that you will continue to do a good job regardless. I am so honored to have have been recognized for the award that I received this previous map. And I want to Thank Everybody that has supported myself while I am in our game shelling out my death points LOL to the Axis players. I “Salute each and everyone of you” and I wish you all the best, Cheers AKA playtime.....
  6. It is the players that determines the outcome of our maps. The only possible way I could think someone could balance any game is to do what a sports team does such as baseball. So who would be willing to pick a side and stay with that side for the whole map? Regardless which side is winning if some members change sides they control who or what side will win. There is no such thing anymore as a balanced it’s just not a game as such. In real life there is no balance eitheir and in our game there are not many dedicated people like there once was that will stay on one side even during an hour of game play let alone a whole map. Times change as do people young or OLD like I am. I have never played axis since I joined game in 2001 although I have thought about it at times. Spawn delays were implicated to try and fix the issue of side imbalance and it has failed. Most everyone hates spawn delays and are say so quite often. I don’t quite understand you statement that CRS needs to see this as a game not a classroom to tell a story. Our games subscribers have gone up and down for years just like any other game. When a game is new people want to try it if they like it they stay if they don’t they move on. What I have written is just my opinion at the time I wrote it and is subject to interpretation of everyone and is subject by myself to change at anytime i chose. I Salute you and everyone else,Cheers
  7. Congrats to all for a job well done, Salute
  8. Hateract, I couldn't believe I actually received a metal and the Defense Ribbon at that. Someone - named N8R - we all know him as the kid that can kick some axis butts pm'd me to let me know that I received one and I told him don't mess with me you have got to be joking me - so don't Kid around Kid. Thanks N8R for letting me know other wise I might not have...........Salute I had received a few Navy metals back in campaign 8 or so years ago campaign # 68 if I recall but not sure. I do love to defend but not as much as a DD player both are something I can still do and enjoy in our game. Congrats to every other player that also received a Metal and those that didn't this time. I know there are many other players that deserve a metal also in this campaign that deserve and others that didn't receive one but your time will come. A huge >>-> Salute <<-< to everyone regardless of the side you play your all nice people's just ask Lord Jimmy he will tell you so. Thank You, Lt. Coronal Playtime I Salute you , Hateract " Sir " Defense Ribbon
  9. Just like the update before this one I lost one of my dll files at that time I thought is was really in my head although not much left up there. Again this past update right after it loaded I rebooted my pc and now I am missing - c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll - I have been trying to deal with this issue but I just can't. I am about ready to just quit the game. When ever I reboot my pc a message comes up letting me know this file is gone. I thought I was the only one having issues until I found this post. I have not been well again so I don't know what to do. Thanks c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll
  10. I agree with the TT's otherwise for the amount they get used they could be modified or replaced using their hulls for another ship if possible.
  11. It took me a while to find the windows mouse thing but apparently I found the right thing and clicked on it. I can't believe something so simple could happen but it sure did. Guess what I clicked on it and I am I can see my cursor in the game WOW HEE >LOL. Thank You so Very Much, Cooper AKA playtime
  12. Here is exactly what it says. But when I try to reinstall program the same thing comes up. Thank You The program can't start because mfc140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem
  13. That file is gone from my pc. When I download game - window comes up saying something like - download failed from file _ _ __ _ _ _ _ missing.