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  1. Congrats to all for a job well done, Salute
  2. Hateract, I couldn't believe I actually received a metal and the Defense Ribbon at that. Someone - named N8R - we all know him as the kid that can kick some axis butts pm'd me to let me know that I received one and I told him don't mess with me you have got to be joking me - so don't Kid around Kid. Thanks N8R for letting me know other wise I might not have...........Salute I had received a few Navy metals back in campaign 8 or so years ago campaign # 68 if I recall but not sure. I do love to defend but not as much as a DD player both are something I can still do and enjoy in our game. Congrats to every other player that also received a Metal and those that didn't this time. I know there are many other players that deserve a metal also in this campaign that deserve and others that didn't receive one but your time will come. A huge >>-> Salute <<-< to everyone regardless of the side you play your all nice people's just ask Lord Jimmy he will tell you so. Thank You, Lt. Coronal Playtime I Salute you , Hateract " Sir " Defense Ribbon
  3. Just like the update before this one I lost one of my dll files at that time I thought is was really in my head although not much left up there. Again this past update right after it loaded I rebooted my pc and now I am missing - c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll - I have been trying to deal with this issue but I just can't. I am about ready to just quit the game. When ever I reboot my pc a message comes up letting me know this file is gone. I thought I was the only one having issues until I found this post. I have not been well again so I don't know what to do. Thanks c:\windows\system32\nvspcap64.dll
  4. I agree with the TT's otherwise for the amount they get used they could be modified or replaced using their hulls for another ship if possible.
  5. It took me a while to find the windows mouse thing but apparently I found the right thing and clicked on it. I can't believe something so simple could happen but it sure did. Guess what I clicked on it and I am I can see my cursor in the game WOW HEE >LOL. Thank You so Very Much, Cooper AKA playtime
  6. Here is exactly what it says. But when I try to reinstall program the same thing comes up. Thank You The program can't start because mfc140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem
  7. That file is gone from my pc. When I download game - window comes up saying something like - download failed from file _ _ __ _ _ _ _ missing.
  8. Cursor works just fine everywhere except the game even on this forum. I know the guys and gals on the team are doing everything that they can so that is not an issue with me at this time. I am just spending more time with my bum parked on a chair in a corner sucking my thumb for talking back to my boss my wife to much. I am really cranky even my K-9 COOPER is hiding from me LOL . Cheers I will give until Friday evening at 8 pm eastern time to have it fixed, I can't miss another Friday night LOL Kidding
  9. I am running windows 7 pro - 64 bit and all updates are updated windows before game patch. Game was find until I downloaded patch. This same thing happened to me with the last update - not the mouse issue but for some reason the patch erased any file to do with the game. I did a full game install this fixed issue but FPS's were lower than before patch. Most recent patch issue - Once I downloaded patch and logged into game I got to the page to click into the main page to pick axis- brits - french but I was not able to see the cursor but it sounds like it should be there on the screen clicking sound. Once I did a full install window came up and said - download failed mission file - MFC140U.dll can't install program - something as such. But I still went ahead and tried to log in and all was fine except for the cursor being blind. I looked the file MFC140U.dll up online it states if you tried to download a game - the game download is the cause because it is missing something or it could be your system is now corrupted from trying to download a program with file or files missing. For the heck of it last night I tried to move the invisible cursor around on the page and I could move the big box that you click on to enter game. I also tried to pretend to judge what the cursor might be to click on ok but was not able to judge where it may be. So I thought that I would try the Offline practice portion of the game doing the same thing. If you recall once the page loads the weapons and other things tanks - ships are in roles. I ran the invisible cursor over them and it would highlight the different things such as french infantry and so on. I was able to judge where the cursor should be - clicked on a DD of course and Bingo I was able to load it and actually use it. But from the point on whatever the cursor is suppose to be clicked on wouldn't work. But at least I was able to cruise around a bit and pretend I was actually in the game. I don't remember much anymore in regards to computers like I was did but I just thought I would past this on. So for some reason some of us are missing some file or files or our systems think it is a corrupt program. Previously I have had a window pop up and say program you are tried to download - windows said this - is corrupt - but I was still able to log in. Food for thought but I just ate. But game was just fine before patch except for the invisible cursor. Cheers P.S. I know I may not make sense in its entirely but maybe some of what I typed will hopefully I need to get in this game. I know everyone is doing the best. I am sorry for such a very long reply.
  10. In my opinion for what is might be worth. Has anyone thought about the new players side switching or even the vets? Game players control the game not just ao's if some see the map is going one direction - oh hey let's change sides. Many don't like being on the losing side they get frustrated with it and head over to the other side. I have seen it just like everyone else has. How many times have you been towing a at gun only to see it's gone right after I drop it. Only to have the same person that moved to the losing side come back and get kills even on the guy towing. So 2 things is people that take advantage of being able to spawn in on the low popped side right away and kill others they just left. And like I mentioned the ones that only like being on the winning side. I am only able to play 2 - 3 hours in the evening and I have seen it for years being done. Players control our game first and ao's second. Salute
  11. So as of now there is no fix? I just don't want to have a fix come up and miss it. Withdrawal has reallly set in and if it has for me I sympathise with anyone else with this issue. Salute
  12. Mine is a 64 bit system. I did try yesterday downloading the visual 15 but no dice on it. Drawl is setting in but at least I am not alone. I did try doing a system restore also but I can't go past the time of the patch install for some reason. I used to somewhat know what I was doing but times change. Thank You Salute
  13. I have exact same issues - downloaded new patch - and tried to load game all game files were gone. Did a complete game install once done window came up - unsuccessful missing file MFC140U.dll =- I tried to load game regardless and got as far as Kilemall did only to be missing my mouse cursor same exact thing happens as does him. I tried to explain this the other day but I to be honest didn't know how to - brain dead old man going nuts LOL. By the way the last patch I had the same issue where I lost all of the games files and all - but did full reinstall game worked ok but FPS's were way low. Thank You Sorry I am running windows 7
  14. Now the window saying anything about a file missing is gone - my mouse cursor just will not work on game page. I have tried 2 other mice same issue cursor not working. I am just plain dumb when it comes to computor things but also have some demicia to make things worse. I copied what you wrote about the visual thing and will look it up. I have never in 17 years had an issue but first time for anything.