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  1. Sorry. Looks like they deleted my thread. But they left the 2 HC recruitment posts, so you have that going for you! I swear its like some of them want to kill the player base.
  2. I used to get that too... when I was running an X-Fi Fata1ity. I believe that one is more common, but still different from what I'm getting For whatever reason I felt that engine fade out bug you described happened in place of the continuous concussions when you turned off SSE2... simply because the frequency and behavior was similar... it would pop up suddenly around towns and disappear again if you flew away.
  3. working on it...
  4. I've got similiar issues. I too am cursed with a Realtek audio device... Single engine aircraft engines play very soft...... to the point where they're almost inaudible. I can hear everything but the engine. Crank sound works... soon as it turns over it fades out... Though this is a marked improvement over the consistent Blue Screen of Death I got before when I tried to spool up the engine.... latest drivers fixed that, but not the sound issue.
  5. Whenever I think Best Pilot of WWII I only think of one man.
  6. a Modelling God you are...
  7. sounds very similar to the current Army service coat...