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  1. Just to add my 2 cents to this. But you wouldn't have switch over to a pay 2 win. There are many ways to earn money without going into p2w. The ranking system could be worked in a way that anyone can go up to max rank. But make it so that a f2p player would take almost forever (i.e. a year of non-stop playing) to reach max rank. Where a subscription would give you a boost making it quick to rank. The other thing that could be add is cosmetic stuff. Skins and addon to vehicles, I would not mind dropping $5 to get a thunderbolt skin for the Sherman. Or dropping money for some boxes, tracks, jerry can, ect to make my tank look more lived on. Like this Now for me personally, I don't care that the game is subscription base. But I do agree that the current sub price it too much. Sadly as much as I enjoy the game myself. It too old for a 17.99 subscription. At the most the game should be 11.99 a month. If not just 9.99 a month for the full premium sub.
  2. #1 Like so many above area capture. #2 Rework of RDP so that it has an effect on game and more strategic points for bombers to hit. For example with town supply coming back. Make it so that factories count toward how much supply is add back. So a 100% factory will resupply 100% of the unit available after 7 hours (or how ever many it is). Were a factory that is complete destroyed will resupply nothing. Make it important to attack and defend factories again. Then add strategic points, like big railway yards and ports. Which increase the amount of time it takes to get reinforcements to towns. So instead of taking 7 hours (again how ever many hour is it, subject to change) it would take 10 hours if the railway yards is destroyed, ect.
  3. +1 to this, something I too have been wanting to a long while. I would go with suggestion 2 just to give trucks something more to do.
  4. Just to add to this, the Brits had a few different variation of the Crusader tank that had AA Guns. I think they also had some armor cars that were equipped and maybe a Cromwell with AAA. The only ones I don't know is the French. They maybe could give the French the M13. Which is a M3/M5 HT with twin .50s.
  5. I would love to see the arty guns. Something about setting up a gun line at a fb and shelling a town. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But I'm all for what on the list, more stuff is always a good thing.
  6. Well naturally stream have like a minute or 2 delay already but I could bump it up. Pretty much know most of it, except for greenlight. Did the game get greenlit. But if any question get ask that I don't know. Like yesterday where someone asked me how many people are on. I will just say sorry I don't know.
  7. If worst come to worst I can block off the mini map, and hide the screen when spawning or looking at the map.
  8. lol yeah I was worried about those kind of things. But I'm will to take the risk if it bring more people to the game. Plus I usually stick with playing as a tank or flying.
  9. Hello there everyone, so I decided today (the day of the post) to resub again since being on a good long hiatus from the game. On top of resubbing I also thought to myself. While I am sub why not live stream the game. So I did just that and even though I didn't get super high view count. I did get some curious views who wanted to know more about the game. Alot of positive chat went on and even though one view was not too happy with the game. I caught his interest. So for now on I'm going to be live streaming when ever I log into the game. Here is the link for anyone here who would like to join. You can help me with answer any question about the game that I don't, or you can critic my playstyle . Also if this is in the wrong location mods please to move it cause I didn't know where to place it.
  10. Dangit I need more wingmen.