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  1. If you get a kill scoring hit on something, even if it is not flat out dead, the next guy who happens along and blows it up will only score a hit. Bummer some times, would not feel as bad if it at least stated fatal but non scoring damage. Even happens with infantry, if i grievously wound you, but you dont die, at least not yet, the next poor slob that happens upon you and puts 2 in your head only gets a hit. As a consolation prize though he gets to hear you scream like a girl and fall down
  2. Not that i know of. If you dont see a rat post saying it, take it as idle gossip
  3. Hey long as said Mom's have competitive pricing
  4. Windows 10 is terribly annoying with that. On my now broken PC, it always wants to rip out my video driver because the card is old and has been a while since ATI put it into legacy and stopped updating the drivers. MS thinks it has better, MS would be wrong. So i keep the cat 13.4 beta's close at hand to rectify that
  5. i meant the text, in game. I realize not all people are in voice, nor always on same voice platform. heck people can't even understand some of us on voice One of the things that was proposed in that dev post essentially boils down to this. If you can rally your troops, and get them to follow you to at least X% of your side's total pop, and you all show up at town X System will give you the AO because you are there, in force. It's not an easy answer, convincing people to follow someone is not an easy thing but it puts the ball in your hands, at least you have a chance to run with it
  6. Oh it is doable, depending on where you plan to land, it does not take that long to cross. Now i did run Dover to Normandy once, and dropped myself on the beach, and that was a long ride due to england only being partly populated and not being able to pick a better port. But staying in the realm of playable game area, it is doable. The only real issue is patience, and sometimes maturity level. Loading up is easy with a group having adult mentalities (regardless of age) but very difficult is lesser. Getting them to sit tight and work on strategy during the ride rather than jumping overboard or blowing all their ammo running around the ship and other stuff is another issue. Finding crews for the AA guns, that may never get to fire a shot is another issue, no patience AWS and EWS are not issues, those can be defeated. Getting the TT across alive isnt the issue even, its harder to get a truck to an AO and deploy an FM than to get a TT across the channel alive. it's combatting issues in the people factor that is the hard part. Organizing the operation on its timeline, across all participants is a somewhat monumental feat too kind of. If we had a bit more weather, it would make it funner. You want to plan one, if i am not working i'll be happy to help
  7. Eek and how much does Woz want for that?
  8. FSAA should be handled by your GPU not CPU? What GPU the mac have? Is it upgradeable? I havent bought a Mac since apple repealed 3rd party hardware licensing and you could no longer build your own. Mine is a PPC G3 350 with 1gig ram and an ATI AIW Pro 9800, or is it a 9600?
  9. The grab comms and rally them? And a private shall lead them...
  10. I doubt you would see the rats enhance AI beyond its rudimentary abilities. Its only purpose to slow down a grand theft auto approach to a town or provide the AAA and coastal defense batteries that would exist but would entail hours and hours of sitting doing nothing for the players. I doubt there would be much interest from the playerbase or from the rats in enhancing AI any more.
  11. Think as it read it would work like this OMGZRZ!! Noooo HC ON!!! Private saronin rallies the troops and gets them to follow him to dinant and set up for an attack because private saronin has gotten x percent of the only troops to follow him, system has given him an AO to mount his attack with. (within the limits of available AO's of course) Perhaps he should get a promotion In other words, squads and players can lead in the field. HC does not have to micromanage every aspect of the overall strategy, and can themselves get back to leading from the field rather than staring at the map for hours on end.
  12. No, i was on the ground trying, not exactly successfully, to avoid the screaming grey winged bird of death. I did see a lot of havocs getting shot up. I didnt see a single bf110, which was odd. I saw H75's and hurricanes, but only 109s for axis fighters, no 110's. In T0 i usually see 110's
  13. Yea but like other units in the game that have one, your milage may vary, not a good way to bank the retirement fund. I vote for the multicrewed M18 You get that turret on him, Ill fly us through the woods to his flank, you yell, we stop, you fire, I take off like a bat out of h3ll