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  1. This baffles me It is perfectly legal to pump methotrexate or cytoxan or wellcovorin into someone, and charge them for the pleasure but a stupid little plant that i dont think has ever been show to be really harmful in anyway aside from inhaling smoke (But that is ok as long as it is Winston/Salem?), is a no no.
  2. @jwilly I do something kind of like that for this chilli i make. The meat is simmered with several onions until the onions kind of cease to exits, and then because the meat needs to be extremely fine so that when finished the whole thing flows with no chunks, i take a stick blender with chopper blades and puree the meat to death, before moving on to the next step. Unfortunately, i wonder, even if pulverized to the finest of fine, if the meat would agree with his system well right now after swallowed? Keep at it DOC, eventually the war will end, and you can enjoy a hamburger and a beer on the field of victory.
  3. The only open spawns i can think of are FMS and Ships, everything else spawns into some semblance of shelter Can not very well put a 700m and 7km radius no fire zone around those? If you spawn in to immediately take a bullet to the face, then someone has gotten the upper hand. 1st thing you should do is alert the mission members, and then weigh your options. If FMS is it better to shut it down and relocate? If not, then you either have to call for support, or possibly become the support if you can not find any. Sometimes the ML may have no interest in being the ML, or may not even know he was auto assigned as ML, and you have to take lead and take control of the situation (but try speaking to the ML 1st) If naval spawn, then you need to investigate support options Friendly airstrike, Friendly ships from another port, etc. Or if it is hopeless, you may have to cede use of the port facilities, sometimes the enemy gets the upper hand and can win by simply standing his ground and denying you use, this is a war game and these things do happen in war
  4. We have programmers, they are a small lot and thinly stretched, so their efforts have to be carefully prioritized for maximum payback. (They are some really brilliant people too) PPO's do not require new coding, at least to the extent we have presently employed them to use. They do require modification of data and scripting, but that is different than coding, they make use of the abilities in the existing code. And of course the 3d models. The new AF is similar, no new code required (i made it so you know there is no code required LOL), just some new art assets, a bit of new data, a little terrain editing etc, but no new code required. 1.36 in general though, lot of code work there, host and client. If we had 20 coders, i could guarantee you 20 busy people
  5. FWIW, i havent a clue in axis planes. I am usually playing infantry, and sometimes panzers. Maybe standing in for the M3 Grants?
  6. Dont think in the BOF theater, there was a lot of need for heavy anti air until after the retaliation began (kinda weird but yea, the allies bombed french and belgian targets) In berlin on the other hand.... cool 40% chance of crew 1 hit in head, that gives me 60% chance of being blasted by something else Knowing my luck, it's going to be the frag to the head
  7. uh that looks like a toilet bowl, about ready to overflow with i dont wanna know what
  8. also personally i would suggest shying away from Xbox PS4 style game pads they will work for a ground vehicle, but the axis on them is terribly short throw for an aircraft game that does not have an arcade style control mode would be terribly frustrating. when you map that axis, i believe you hold CONTROL to reverse it If you are going to practice with mouse and keyboard, i might suggest playing a bit with the troop transport planes as those have a relaxed flight model so that non pilots can fly para drops. They will be a lot more forgiving to get the hang of things a bit until you get a stick
  9. I would like to have them be able to do AA duty, either via loadouts for ammo type, or a 2nd 88 model, though loadouts would probably be easier and less confusing for people. That said though, i do not know if that ability would be found terribly useful by the majority, in most situations The fusing distance for those is a pretty good range out for minimal, so would not seem to help a lot with direct attack of the grass cutters, unless you hit them directly. Not to mention 88's dont traverse and elevate fast enough to directly engage a plane well at close range. And the part of AA that is does well is not accomplished by an individual gun, but a battery of guns working in close orchestration to make a FLAK wall so while yea, this will kill a plane dead at 3km alt, its more a thing of you and your 10 or so buddies will kill the plane, but which one kills it is anyone's guess. I could see a dedicated squad of guys who are like, we don't care who kills what, we only care about the results, perhaps doing it? It would be awesome to watch a dedicated group throw up a flak wall over a front line AO, i think they would still need aid of small AA though to deal with stuff trying to come in from behind or underneath the flak wall to vulch them?
  10. Yea, it's kind of like the kill-cam from Sniper Elite It would be neat as a training aid thing, but it is kind of weird having it in live battle, kind of takes all the fog of battle out of things
  11. I don't think present supply is the campaign list, I think it is so you can have extra stuff during the non campaign part of the testing
  12. Your still mad about me shooting you? I said it was an accident
  13. try this once open your documents folder open the battleground europe folder rename wwiiol.xml to wwiiol.bak run settings.exe, pick your resolution save Now run the game See what it looks like If game launches as a small square, go to preferences, and make sure the resolution showing matches what you picked in settings.exe if it does not, pick that one and relaunch the game
  14. EW, does not want either is there a None of the Above choice?