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  1. A13 is a soup can of sorts, most of it's armor is between like 6mm and 14mm The front plate and mantlet areas are the only real thickness, so some good 232 hits, say 100m or less could mess up your day French armor though, forget it, make it chase you into an ambush or something. Depends on what you are shooting, there is no magic value exactly. Have to get close enough to at least make it like 80% through what you are hitting to get any spall effect but the sides and rear of most panzers are going to become very vulnerable at 100m for good shots, the rear farther as it tends to be thinnest, say 200m. Rolling up 50 or less meters, it's going to hurt, it's going through the 20mm to 35mm (average) that it finds on the rear and flanks with out much trouble.
  2. Well, keep in mind the sapper charge is HEAT, and when it places, it is going to be a perfect 0 degree angle on the plate and it will always make its maximum penetration, and i think it can penetrate over 100mm on the sapper satchel. So with it, you just need to make sure the placement points the jet at something fatal behind the armor. Shooting we get angles to contend with, and varying penetration with range, and if the hit is not fully penetrating we have to rely on spall hitting the things inside we want to hit with enough force to kill them. And the spalling requires we make it something like 80% through. And the spall also does not always go where we wish it would. Matty is definitely hard That would be my luck.
  3. It's deadly in any hands, if you roll up close enough and shoot something it can penetrate at near point blank. Gotta watch for sneaky little suckers rolling up on you. The DAC is technically deadlier, it does not have to drive up your behind to kill you, but it hurts a lot more when it does. Being that it has a 2pdr, and everyone knows those kill at range, usually people are less inclined to try doing a ninja run in those and start opening fire at range. 232? kWk30 20mm VS SA35 25mm Big difference between the 2 guns beyond the 5mm larger round. the kWk does about 20mm-ish at best, up close and personal, the SA35 25mm will do around 40mm when you shove it up close like that, it drops quickly with range though cause the round doesn't have the weight. Laughably as it is, France even had a little TD design based on the SA35 25mm That is still enough for the 232 to possibly ninja assassinate an A13 or Vickers, but probably not much else in the tank category.
  4. Lots of things i suppose. The garrisons free you up in that aspect. Like you could have a fixed amount of named brigades per tier And rather than route, they are captured for the duration, and show as a prestige thing for the captor's side, could generate a front page article and what not. Do a SYSTEM message in game. SYSTEM: French forces at Anhee have captured the 501st Panzer maybe the capturing garrison gets some small reward, small influx of extra units, non movable. Though i imagine it will start somewhat basic to shake out any issues from the core system, and then build upon that. HC wise, it will allow to try bold risky things, with out the worry that if it goes ill, you have ruined things for the whole player base as they can still man the garrisons and carry on.
  5. Well, in reality, the Axis made use of darned little when france surrendered. Sure they took and used/modified some existing armor units, but they did not really build any more of them, nor did they retool all the factories to make panzers. They made nearly no use out of MAS, a few sub machineguns, and so forth. They shut down more than they ever made use of. They took food and minerals, but they never really got industrial production of any useful sort It could work in game terms as a factory would simply produce it's owner's TOE Though i dont know that it provides any benefit except needing to knock down 1 more target during RDP bombing?
  6. No, it will. I'm not sure the full details on brigade use in it though, they only discuss that in the secret room at the end of the hall behind Doc's old office and the door is guarded by rabid wolverines. There may be other interesting ways to go though rather than routing. And with the garrisons, there is no need for quickly reconstituting a brigade, it actually frees things up to do much cooler things with them.
  7. For anyone who is having calibration troubles with their joystick. Usually happens when you are using an older generation stick in windows 10 You move the throttle, and it only moves half of it's travel in game, or you calibrate your stick and it still is not centered, or windows just wont do the deadzone properly, etc. This app was originally by Team Wingman for logitech sticks but works with any joystick. It shows you what the stick is physically doing, and what directX is translating it as, and lets you adjust the axis so that the 2 are in agreement. It also allows setting the deadzones properly, but since windows10 does not save deadzone calibration, you want to save a profile and run DXTweak and load the profile, and leave it run in the background while gaming. Thought i would share this, as the app is getting hard to find, it's been many many years since it was written. This does not allow you to reprogram buttons etc, only get your axis properly calibrated so that windows does exactly what the hardware is doing. .exe?dl=0
  8. If the software makes the FSR's appear as a standard axis, then it should work
  9. It's been mentioned repeatedly, Hatch even went into some detail in regards to it in the ratchat i think ? I can't do it though, good lord all your planes would be fubar then. That is Hatch's area of expertise, he is one guy, with currently about 5000 tasks assigned to him.
  10. Allied and Axis have exact same arming delay, it's G L O B A L Meaning same bombing height. You know this and yet posted that comment anyways?
  11. Oh you can, sometimes its hard finding a suitable deployment, and your traverse is limited. Mostly you get a bunch of non fatal hits though, or me a bunch of misses
  12. Some said all hope was lost, but they were wrong.
  13. Not really. Oh UE4 is a nice engine, no doubt, but it is not the be all end all of them either. It does a lot of things very well, and there are a lot of things that it can not do at all. There are many very good reasons to do your own custom engine.
  14. chamfered edges increase poly counts, may not be sutable in all cases, and there are other ways to create the illusion. Keep in mind you are asking rippr about buildings that he did not make, that were created in 2004/2005 none of us had any part in the making of them
  15. If you specifically pick a SPAA and set and save keymap, it will be for that unit specifically and will supercede any conflicting keymap for the category. meaning if category is ATG and i map fire to be H and them i pick FLAK36 specifically and map fire to be Y when i spawn a flak36 category ATG should be ignored for any function that has a specific map in flak36.cfml so key H that fires all other ATG's will do nothing in the flak36. What i did for SPAA to start off with was copy my tank CFML contents to the allied SPAA units after remapping a key to generate the initial CFML, and copied my SKDFZ7 CFML to the axis spaa CFML in notepad++ which gave me proper driving controls etc, and then finished by then mapping the weapon controls needed in game.