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  1. Ever been capturing something, and a bad guy comes streaking in like a meteor cause he ran off a building roof 20 feet up? And he lives? I would fully understand anyone who felt that was just a wee bit bizarre unless the guy was wearing a parachute, or a captain america shield It isn't (LMG issue) and anyone that would stand there and tell you that allies can not do it too, i will stand with you and say that is not correct. I have done it with a bren, it has 30 rounds, and they last about as long due to difference in firing rate. Did it to the guys trying to cap the south antwerp AF bunker last night (sorry guys you were just too early, bunker wasnt hot yet) with the FM24/29 it doesnt have as much ammo as the other 2, so you have to be a bit more picky about the spraying, or in my case hit 2 guys, but dont come full through the door way, so i could pop in the other room to reload, then hosed the last guy back by the table, he did wing me with his rifle though, but i lived, he did not. Felt a little bad, because i suspect they were all new guys, thought they were doing the right thing, attack the AF bunker, but town wasnt in contest yet. Thats besides the point though, last guy knew i was coming but stood no chance really cause i could hit the trigger before i cleared the doorway and continue moving quickly through the door way, bullets where already flying at him the second i popped into his view. In real life, i know very well, i could not pull that off firing a full rifle caliber LMG. In all honesty, IRL, i would be worried doing it with a pistol caliber SMG too, due to bullets hitting things right in front of my face and very possibly spraying my face with unfriendly stuff. The way something like that should have went down? Need a rifleman or something with me, have him throw smoke, when smoke fills out, then me step in, and STOP running and hose down the door opening, then rifleman follows in behind me and throws in frag grenades. Or something like that, you know? Had i run into the room, being that he is already situated and trained on the door area, irl he should have probably dropped me, bolt rifle or not before i had much chance to bring the LMG to bear. Everyone uses it as an automatic sawed off shotgun, it isn't an axis thing, theirs is just a little bit better at it.
  2. While running? I would be most interested to see a video of a MG34 or a BREN or a 24/29 being fired while running down a hallway and turning through a door way, that does not result in fatalities of unintended parties. Heck, i'd be interested even in a video of some fool running across open ground. Zippy, your video, no one is running... Nobody says you cant stand still and fire an MG34 And no, it was not done a lot. It's something you do when between a rock and a hard place, because it's a horribly ineffective waste of ammo as opposed to even just having the assistant gunner shoulder it and hold the bipod for you. Nope, give us a minute to get to it, and you will most likely be a bloodspot on the ground with your knee caps projecting out your mouth (wonder if rag doll could do that?). Asking do not fix A because Q has not been addressed yet is probably not a good way to go about things, wouldn't you agree? You don't really think we are planning to leave the super hero jumping do you? There are things not quite right with how many things are modeled, some small things, some larger things. We inherited it that way, we did not get to chose to make it that way. We can not fix them all over night, some are easier than others to do, some things even require new code to fix properly. But every one cant drop what they are doing because someone found something else that was night right, otherwise nothing will get done, and many things will be laying around only half done, and no one can use anything that is half done. Interesting video. At no point does he say either weapon sucks by the way. He does not cover the rapid movement configuration, that we have in game, probably because it became uncommon after 1940. The drums were easily damaged, and expensive to produce and got discontinued in normal use. Keep in mind, the drum equipped guy still had an assistant, he picked up the empty drums and links, he reloaded the empty drums from the ammo cans and did all the other normal support tasks.
  3. Well the thing with the PPO is mostly, it is simple and easy to pull off was just an idea of something that might work with little involved there are a few objects in game presently that the concept itself seems to work, just that the objects are never where a straffing ea is To have the infantry actually deploy a 2ndary gun support and then be able to traverse it 360 degrees, i think but cant be positive cause i dont work on the infantry models etc at all, but i think aside from some extensive art and animation work, it might entail a decent little code project to facilitate. Not saying it could not be done, but it does not seem like something that could be done in a real short term. No, one probably would not kill much, but on the other hand, a pilot might think that maybe these 0 alt passes are not a good idea when lots of little bullets from angry little hard to see guys who are made cause their truck just died for the 4th time start plinking things in the general area of the cockpit windscreen. One of them might get lucky with a Pilot hit in head :)
  4. could be a glitch in transmitting the PPO model existence to the player. I think the person placing it would see it because it also occurred for him client side.
  5. There are yes, but i do not make art, i am not very good at it. The art team has many things going on, but first, they have to bring the existing up to par. We have Xl2rippr and also 2 very talented ladies, but what they do takes a lot of time, is a lot of work to go from 3DSMax design to game environment operable object so it takes time Part of what looks odd about it is the buildings in general. Making the existing ones better will help partially, and eventually having some new buildings more suited to that placement will help too. As you can probably see in game, there is a rather small number of unique buildings to work with. And some of those locations were built long ago when the buildings looked totally different and did not look as out of place. (If you consider a building made from a shoebox not out of place )
  6. You have to consider though how is point A linking to point B Where are the roads connecting them. It waterloo's case, it's supply road enters in the SW part. God willing, someday we will be able to resurrect the supply system that was never completed with the visual transports. And the trucks coming to and from waterloo, you would see coming up and down that road on the west side. I did not make those, those are not new, they are very old. Yes, it's called you break both your legs in the process and die of shock. Dev needs a little bit to get some time to look at that aspect. Hell you can crawl off the church tower and live if you are prone. 2) Already done, cell was full making it a pain because to move the marker, you have to actually make a new marker (Which is the CP itself) And then manually clone the assets to the new marker, then externally hand edit the asset data so they will be owned by the new marker and purge them from the old marker, or they will be duplicated, then delete the old marker, then load the new data file in the editor and reconnect the supply links. Can't drag and move anything, i wish. Cell being full kind of sounds silly at face value, but all things have limits, and a cell is pretty large and antwerp shares that cell with several other towns. 3) Already done i think 4) Already done 1) Yea, could
  7. No, They are only placeholders, no footprints yet When the towns get footprints etc, the placeholders will get deleted and the markers moved someplace that makes logical sense with the town footprint and have normal letters. They are currently just at the towns published GPS coordinates.
  8. They are part of the EWS and such, part of it is anyways. So, lets say i park 10 guys at it. You get info that heavy INF EWS is someplace in NE, but the guys are really south. And because the NE owns that depot, and the Depot owns the EWS triggering assets around it, you could possibly have a hole in the SE EWS, so no warning in the south that 10 guys are hanging out at that depot. It is physically, but i did not build the town, that was the location it was originally created in. Honestly i do not know why as that is not the road to mechelen. In a really simplified version? Catalog every asset (object that is part of strat) in the town, and its location as well as what owns it which winds up a big color coded mess on a really big screenshot of the city from top down. (this is kind of simplified, cause you are also logging object types, bit flags etc) There is little logic in it, at the time there did not need to be. A depot on the west side is in possession of AI guns and EWS triggers on the west side, etc. Now visually divide the town into sectors and begin re organizing the assets so that all things in a sector belong to a facility within that sector and not 1200 meters across the other side of town This is still just on digital scratch paper. You're trying to get a visual that makes sense as best as possible, with someone else's existing design. All pieces have supply so they dont self maroon, all have proper EWS coverage and functioning AI Once you think you have that part done (Think because you will guaranteed find something that does not work like it seemed on paper) you assemble your list of assets and bit flag changes etc into text lists One list for each new CP (or town since everyone calls depots a CP) No, before you get too far, you have to make a trip into 3d land and place the CP object for each location. Now when the cell is full, you have to search out some sacrificial lambs, small grass cluster, a random apple tree, sometimes get lucky and find an object no longer user in game. Once you got at least 4 open places, you can set down the CP objects, which will create an empty data file for them. And then you leave 3d land for a while. Now you take those 4 lists of objects and data, and you take the 4 new CP data files and you start assembling the objects, in the proper data structure and entering in the bit flag changes that you noted etc. Using the original data file as a guide (but you dont touch the original, or if something goes bad you cant go back) Then, when you think it is assembled right on that end, which is a long time later, you park the original away safely and put your 4 new ones in and go back into 3d land and make sure that ever single object in each of the 4 new sectors registers properly as being a valid member of strat. There will undoubtedly be things to fix as you are doing this by hand with nothing to help or alert you of an error or conflict. But once you get that all hashed out, then you rebuild the supply links. Now you have to look for a few more sacrifices You need object space for inter connecting depots, but since they are also buildings, sometimes you get lucky and trade a building for a building. When that is all done and you think it seems like it should be OK, you actually compile the terrain, then load it onto an actual server to make sure it does not flat out fail strat. If it does, you have to decipher the error logs and figure out what to correct. When it passes strat, you can then spawn a client into the gameworld and test it out. At which point you will ultimately find there are a lot of things that need correcting, EWS coverage is lopsided or has gaps or something works fine mechanically but simply does not make logical sense, or something simply needs to be moved and you have to figure out how to make the space with out leaving a big hole someplace etc. And then you start again how ever many times needed until it works. none of the above pertains to simply making an actual town in sectors from the very beginning
  9. We are working on one, but nothing really to show just yet. The original editor was created a long long time ago, and any documentation for it was long lost into the ether. The programmer working on a new one has had to work on it nearly blind playing reverse engineer and working with the best documentation that we could write now, 18 years later, on the functionality etc required so he can have some kind of understanding of what it is actually supposed to do (and some times not do)
  10. You cant drive tanks freely everyplace, not every town was open rural sprawl, especially when the surrounding area is marsh Have to break out the bombs and infantry for those areas. (Lack of proper march textured tiles not withstanding) But to say everything is like that? You will run here for days, and you may want to bring a boat to cross the water or here Is that a depot i spy way way far away by the water? Spread out? This isnt even a town, it's a ferry launch and railhead Busy little crossroads (by the way, those building groups, they dont come apart, unless you'd like to come model a few hundred that will) small dutch town surrounded by marsh (terrain texture not withstanding, we presently do not have the properly textured tiles yet. its a lot of art work) This little guy is all spread out THat's still town way down there Now something big THis is an AB, ONE AB It's way over there past those trees Little town on a cross roads Rural village Another one Farming village Someplace you will learn the name of later That is still it in the background A famous, but rural french village A cemetery for our fallen friends at a famous place (yes, in edit environment i still have black normal maps) Pretty sure this is spread out? Farm commune Did you look at more than 1 town? Some place special in france in 1940, just need a lighthouse model Town does not seem stacked up Busy little place, somewhere south
  11. The road connecting it is in the SW side That is where they put the thing 17 years ago. I didn't build it, i just divided it up working with what is there. By hand, in a hex editor and notepad++, because the cells are full, i nearly could not get the interconnecting depots in. And if the stuff does not jive per the strat server rule set, your town magically surrenders. I maybe, might, be able to do something with mechelen, IF i can find somethings to delete that no one will miss Or, you can continue to make snide comments, and i can just pack it up and go home and not spend literally 1000's of hours on this, for free and you can do it instead?
  12. I realize that. But in T0, really the only person with enough gear in theater to bury anyone is france, who had more than anybody (and did a terrible job of organizing and utilizing it) Of the 14 Matildas keep in mind part of those are CS units, they cant do much VS armor except back away Though i might not suggest charging one with 232. or 251. Also, i seem to remember you last night laughing and singing a stats song while the matties burned?
  13. If anyone had as much equipment in 1940 as exists in the game, 1940 would have been a quagmire of equipment piled up along the banks of the muse river and neither side would be able to see each other, most of it being french.
  14. He passed on the other questions, like he said he would. And Scotsman, whose ballpark the M66 HEAT would be in, responded, in same thread. You are pulling his words out of context, as he responded to a person posting as if HEAT was some done deal and going in or being changed to a 105. Not cool.