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  1. With no Target, in windows game control panel, do the hats and buttons show up?
  2. Infantry weapons work the same way as all other weapons in game. And they have ballistics calcs just like a 37mm cannon does. They dont have breakable parts, just doesnt make a lot of sense to develop a DM for an object whose owner is now dead anyways. And infantry do have a DM, it's a bit more generalized than heart lungs kidneys liver spleen, femoral artery, inferior and superion vena cav but they still have a DM with different parts some more fatal than others to get hit in. I am wrong though, i just learneded that the infantry are done completely in granny, another proprietary dev tool. I did not realize granny could make the models, i though it only did the animations
  3. I'd love to know where you got that very incorrect piece of info. If its 3 dimensional, it requires creator because that is the only model type that the game uses.
  4. Anyone from BKB here?
  5. US use of the ATR i think went out of style long before entry into WWII. it has ceased to have much effectiveness VS "modern day" armor. I think when the US got kind of hurriedly shoved in game they tried to line up the kits and make all the pieces 1:1 where they could. 3 5 7 and 9 com used US provided Garands in combat, this was much prior to normandy landings. They would not use them again from normandy forwards, but they did use them for a time. They were masquerading as US forces. I dont think the british homeguard ever fired one in combat as no one from camp axis made it on shore, so that allotment simply sat in reserve, with a rather sizeable pile of other US given weapons. Many machine guns, ammunition etc.
  6. Know what is amazing? If you see a cutaway of these tanks, with the crew inside, it's like OMG there is no room inside there. And then there is this, which is less roomy than this pic alludes to
  7. ? For a small ONE TIME payout, i can take my F2P and buy him a truck and drive it to my hearts content all day long. Most F2P accounts that currently actually drive trucks and make real use of them are paying subscribers using them as a second Most of the straight F2P dont run out FMS's Flags will still be around, but they will evolve into something not yet revealed, probably won't be near as numerous and might be more unique and special But absence of flag or person to move them around will no longer halt the game for everyone logged in trying to play. If the highest ranking guy logged in is a non HC PFC, well if he can rally the masses to him, then a private shall lead them and the garrisons shall go to war. Money ?? You think we get money? Really? Money goes to things like Operating overhead (ISP, COLO fees etc) Licensing, Software packages and tools, Hardware equipment, normal business expenses etc etc.
  8. No your rank is retained as far as i am aware
  9. You do realize that resupply effects the AIR and NAVY units too? Not just ground. Know what? It's Supposed to be that way, it's combined arms, EVERYTHING can affect everything, it's not supposed to be separate people doing separate things it never has been, the games design goal, even if slow getting there, has always been a combined arms war sim with a battlefield economy, and supply systems, and R&D etc, with players being able to affect all aspects of it.
  10. It is actually their feedback prompting the changes though, Old timers just hit up the keymapper and change things to whatever they want them to be.
  11. They will be able to take the free rifle, and pick and chose some components to add to it ala cart, one time non recurring fee. Then if they decide OK i want ALL the toys! They can subscribe and get everything else. For people who would not subscribe even if the game came with free sex, it gives them an option to still participate. If a normal vet subscriber hits some hard times, now they can still come on, hang out with their squad and friends shoot some bad guys etc, they are not just shut out as their account will roll back to a F2P account for them until they can resub.
  12. This will not change anything you have custom keymapped, nor will it prevent you from remapping as you desire It is just adopting what has become over the years a standard default FPS layout used over and over in many games. I dont use it, ask the guys what they think of my infantry keymap LoL
  13. I raked them up
  14. hahaha now i cant see the barracks