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  1. I am not quite sure how they will do that. Maybe 1 small HQ with 1 small BDE attached for brit and same for french due to split factions And either same for axis, or a single larger one for axis, though doing it the same as allies will make it easier later when you have to figure out the same thing for the italian air force? Though i think we would normally have enough AF's, until the map swings deep one way or the other, to be able to run resupply missions which are also great n00b pilot training. I remember having those back in the day, with a vet pilot leading and teaching some maneuvers while enroute
  2. Well, if you come and knife/rilfe dance around me and i have an MG34, i'd like to think that i spray lots of 8mm holes in your liver. I maybe can not run (while shooting), but i can turn and pew pew pew I can still chase you, i just have to stop a sec to hit the trigger, and i can run away etc.
  3. So you are not seeing them working like this? Wonder how/when their animation might have got borked then? 1:44 - 3:05
  4. this is why I don't date LoL
  5. Unfortunately real life work wants to eat all the rest of my time and interrupt my reading
  6. ? how can i recognize it, you wont show me a picture of it? What is the bugged state with the "shoot me" pose?
  7. I have to agree about not being able to properly answer the survey It is going to vary a lot with what i intend to attempt to do, who i am playing with and what they are going to be trying to do and what the available choices in the spawn pool are.
  8. I dunno, it can be intense actually. Do i reload, or pull knife now? What is he going to do? Crap he pulled knife! Run!! Fumble for knife DAMMIT!! hit grenade by mistake OK i can do this, drop grenade, keep running try to drag him over grenade BOOM! Nothing Crap! Pull knife, PULL KNIFE!!! WTF?? Shovel? Dammit, cant swing shovel! WHERE IS MY KNIFE!!!! Trying to visualize this? Which is the shoot me pose?
  9. I know what he is talking about. How the units float up and down the spawn list, rather than remaining in a static order and so you are sitting there dyslexically trying to find the letters SMG that keep changing position. Would be a good UI update i think. Make it much easier to navigate the units?
  10. I am at the part where the crazy chick takes her bike on a boat then work interrupted
  11. Yea i hear you there. That is one thing about teamspeak that i miss. Could switch channels while in game, and go from the mission channel, to another channel. Used to set up a couple for multi crew, so would be just you and the crew member, and you could hot key a direct person to person message. Discord i run a lot on my phone with a little external speaker plugged into it so you can turn it down or mute it when you need to hear something. Can still see peoples names light up when they talk. Hard to alt tab to fiddle with it while trying not get get blown up, but i can tap on the phone. Hoping when we get internal voice comms we will have some of that ability back
  12. No those are an extra, i guess you'd say feature? all the smg's have it, have not looked for it on LMGs, maybe they do also? random round spits out into it's own world, i can only guess on the original idea behind it. Probably not exactly an accurate thing, except perhaps maybe the M3 (mine would always come loose at the barrel connector no matter how much it was tightened, was a 40 year old POS) I always took it as someone's quirky idea of graveyard humor And i said several times, i am not claiming any of them are running perfect, true to battlefield form. But to say it is useless is quite a stretch, i am putting more bullets than not into a meat sized area, even while moving. There is no reason why i cant clear a building with it, aside from getting shot 1st The only one that is terribly hard to make logical use of to me, would be the MAS38, not due to ballistics but due to animation causing utter confusion about what you are actually doing with it Ballistics wise, the one i would be the most disappointed in would be the MP34, even though i like it a lot. It should shoot the pants off of the MP40, it is a much higher quality and expensive gun with precision machining. But that is small arms audit, which is something separate, which is a separate human being(s) and separate set of resources than curing rambo LMG
  13. OMG, you did not just say SooN™ or did you say SooN©2001 Them thar is fightin words Is there any chance you could get Air to Air gunfighter up on Amazon or some place, and Butcherbird's guide to a free lunch? I'd love new copies of those that are not falling apart
  14. Even if you prefer not to talk, i highly recommend at least checking discord. Even being able to hear real time can be very helpful even if you cant talk back. In my experience, neither allied or axis discord gets filled with vocal spam as it is simply not tolerated not that no banter ever happens, but they dont become OT, the channel admins will boot you for being an arse That, i can not answer you, axis dont have the market cornered there, same thing happens on allied side. Used to be that side channel was kept open and clear for important comms to and from HC Ops was usually outbound from HC only, giving info on what was being set up etc and what the comms channels were for a given op Givet attack might be channel 77, for all involved units for example The Mess Hall might be channel 99, where you could go and babble about anything you liked, and anyone who did not want to hear what was going on in it simply need not join it. In squad, we actually used to turn off everything but squad chan, mission chan, and at least some on the joint ops chan, and let the squad leader monitor the HC comms etc made for less chat overload
  15. Most shots are inside the 3rd ring in the grey, there is a few strays, and you could probably shoot better, but... You do realize that is not a 1 meter circle in diameter or radius? Just to give size comparison, our trooper is what? 17 or 19 inches across the shoulders? so about 45cm ? Just about the diameter of the grey circle. 1 Meter is 100 Centimeters And yes, i stuck his face in the target so you could see he was right up against it, i am sure he can still breathe