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  1. You are alive, you can tell by the pain. Annoying how that works
  2. The depots don't give access to the whole infantry pool, they have their own much reduce spawn list, the largest part of which is plain riflemen. The AB carries the lions share of the infantry. which of course gives the attackers who are so inclined a chance to go for some interdiction action too
  3. If the attacker blockades the garage like that, well I guess be glad the AB wasn't hot, cause that was more than enough time to cap it. Long as he isn't placing them so that you spawn on top of them, clip them and explode, I figure if I gave him that long to play in there, he deserves the be able to mess up my easy access to exiting. If the defender does it, I think he is having a bit of confusion on whose movement he is inhibiting or what he is protecting. Trying to block the roads or alley ways against ingress I can understand, especially when it seems like the enemy might have the force to roll right into town. I've seen people get yelled at in game for it, and then minutes after they removed the PPOs, in come 5 enemy tanks that would have been stopped. Just a case of everyone having a different opinion and not organizing together But the garage, I am a bit confused, we don't have any PPOs I think that are tall enough to shield a tank from in incoming shot that has the elevation to do so, and if I did, I would want to leave enough gap for them to pull out and pivot
  4. From various places, one of which was Killer mortgaging his own house as well as others kicking into the kitty, but that only gets things so far Then on to formal investors and the publisher, and the story of that is something for another thread. Have you been peeking into the double secret alpha screenshots again? Medium Bomber Naval Base Fighter Aircraft Carrier (not finished) FB under attack AF Hatch still working on the flight model, its a bit unstable RDP factory
  5. Your FPS wont drop until you begin to suffer bad packet loss, then you will get FPS drops and micro screen freezes You will usually get auto despawned at that point. I was having that last night, but it was my connections fault, checked my internet out of game and ping was all kinds of bad had to reboot my modem and go to only having one account logged in for good measure. You are not wholly wrong though, some games FPS and Ping do have a correlation Usually server oriented shooters (quake engine comes to mind) where everything you do takes place on the server, rather than on the client and there is little no no client side prediction etc. In those kinds of games, you can find that if your ping is bad enough, you can not even move cause everything you do must by synced with the server. Zimmermit
  6. Did you try to dump your browsers cache and cookies? I would try that if you are getting that message constantly even if you have not posted anything within the last 60 seconds
  7. I played EQ for a good many years, from it's release until they released EQ2 and everything began to go down the toilet. In calling it a shadow, you are being quite kind, it is a terrible joke of it's former self. I have seen project 1999, they do a very good job of trying to maintain and emulation of EQ at it's pinnacle. In a way, i dont understand how SOE did not slap them with a C&D simply out of utter embarrassment, but i think SOE sold off EQ. When the Verant branch owned EQ it was a lot like here. The verant devs would appear in person, in their forums, as well as in game. That went away when Sony rolled Verant back under its main control and got rid of all the Verant guys. But what they offer as EverQuest now (Retail, not p1999), makes even the end of days 2004/2005 period look like a dream. Sure, it is free, but if you ever played it in it's heyday, or even watched old game videos of it, you would see that it is pretty much a joke. A bad one. Well, you are halfway there. If you know an eccentric Howard Hughes type who wants to trust fund the maintenance operation and bandwidth for the host and take care of a few small legal things, you could get the other half.
  8. I am good on soup, could you bring me back a nice little Geisha
  9. Yes that does seem odd, you are HC though, wonder if there could be some exception? Do you see the same thing for non HC peoples? @OHM?
  10. Yes Any time i select the last of an item in spawn list i will most likely wind up having to hit enter world again
  11. I did have this happen last night. Went to pull trigger on my breda and nada I had been typing and thought maybe i did not hit enter? No chat looked ok but sent a single character message just in case, nope still would not fire hit grenades, then back to smg nope would not fire, not even the out of ammo click and mag said 27 rounds in it Heh thought i was going to die standing there holding a plastic gun. By this time the EI had seen me and was chasing me round the damned oil tanks Out of desperation, i just hit reload, and BLAMMO! We had rounds down range again. The rifle guy chasing me was less than pleased. I could not replicate it though, will keep trying to see if there is a specific event sequence that can trigger it. But i did send the info to the team to see what they might get from it. The fact that reloading cleared it might have some significance, maybe. new feature? weapon jams? LOL kidding, i would hope something like that, if it ever became a feature, would come with a big onscreen message JAMMED!
  12. It can i guess, with any hatch open bullets can get in cause nothing to stop them, i dont think i would bet the farm on doing it though unless i happened to be standing on the tank pointing an smg straight down the hole, otherwise the angles are worse than vegas odds. Now an HE round on an open hatch, even some small ones, gives decent odds.
  13. Yes and no You'd need the RA client and the RA host assets for the setting to mean anything i believe.
  14. ? I did not fire any MG rounds at you. You were the PZIII H cutting the bridge crossing from across the river, i am pretty sure, cause that was 1st thing i fought, and you came up first in the AAR I didnt fire any MG, that would have been kind of pointless. And we couldn't kill each other cause you were mostly hull down hugging the rise along the river, and i had the bridge parts in between. You fired a last shot and withdrew behind the rise. I had to come around to where you were, which i could only do because an infantryman was shadowing you and reporting your position, hull facing and turret facing. When he yelled that you had turned both the turret and hull west, i came over the berm i had crept up behind and shot you in the lower rear flank, twice. But i didnt shoot any MG rounds until i was up supporting the FMS near the AB. And i only show the 1 kill on you at the start of the mission. And that was my only matty mission that i had engaged any armor, my only other one, i crept all the way up the beach to BOZ only to get swarmed by angry infantry bearing unhappy presents.