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  1. I call HAX!!! Everyone knows, you can not shoot down a DB7 with a bofors
  2. wasn't it possible to lock strat, so no captures, surrenders could take place, but spawning and killing functioned? Or was that just a byproduct of startup and not a choosable thing?
  3. I think that they don't show up on the map to alleviate dark temptation You say this with the conviction of experience. Hmm, tell me about your childhood Do you really find the active missions tab difficult? Or do you think the new people just are not finding it? I mean it kind of does what you ask, but without the jumping up and down and waving. Are they having trouble with it? Squad join members mission function does seem to be working, they are finding that. I find if i park alts at major AO/DO's people are spawning in those missions, only of course people that picked the squad but they are finding that at least. Having been in the game since blitz1 i guess it is hard for me to picture this being difficult as compared to how it began. Now that was confusing big time, even when you understood it, it was confusing.
  4. On training or live? What happened to A51? It was working, then someone moved all the units out of it and into the main map
  5. One thing i do not get. I can understand spawning in a mission that is for something special and finding yourself in the middle of no place. Maybe was an FB interdiction mission or what not etc. I can understand making a mission on your own just to see how it works and not really knowing where you are going. But there is this big chat box full of people. The tutorial explained and mapped side channel and Help channel is by default mapped Why would one not simply hit one of those 2 channels and just say Hey im new and im walking in what looks like no place, how/where can i find some action?
  6. Its a catch 22 i think. They get mad if they have to do more than a few tutorials, so you reduce and simplify them. They leave the shortened tutorials and still dont understand a lot, and get mad because they are getting whomped mostly for lack of understanding rather than lack of basic skill. If a perfect world, with a perfect game income level, i would hire staff to man the training grounds with human staff who would run training sessions put them through short combat scenarios etc, but that would be expensive as it would use a lot of staff. I dont doubt that. Used to be, you would buy this great and complicated game, and the 1st thing you did was grab a soda and go sit down with the game manual and read it. there were hotsheets with command keys etc, youd bookmark certain sections etc. Ive got big printed books for games like panzer commander, and B17 flying fortress etc. Now days nothing in the box but a dvd, and no one reads the PDF manual if one is even included. If the game is a digital download, probably has no PDF. Even console games have gone the same route, sparse documentation, i imaging because no one reads them so may as well save the money. Most stuff just seems to run through a brief tutorial of sorts during the opening part of the game. Press A to jump, press B to run etc.
  7. That, i do not know. I dont have a trackIR myself. Are you saying the keymapper actually does see it and maps it? If so i think it should work?
  8. Yes but teachers can do 2 things we cant to hold the attention Get breast impants Wear short dress with no panties could use help adding and rewriting the wiki
  9. Go to gamestop Buy a used wired Xbox 360 controller. This will work as a joystick in windows 8 and 10 just by plugging it in. Not the best flightstick, but magnitudes better than flying by centerless mouse, and keyboard. Sad times these must be? At 15 40 bucks was easy to get. Unfortunately it got spent on Share of rent, books etc for school, food, some clothing from goodwill. Roughly in about that order
  10. Stop, just stop! just cause you've the cash to piddle away on this, no need to rub our noses in it. bet you're not even gonna share
  11. ^^^^ Add to that, you can outrun him, you can see him on the map, do whatever you like during reloads. AI's range is not miles (Except maybe AAA cannons and shore batteries) Sorry the reviewer walked for hours, but if he really did he wasnt watching chat, wasnt asking for help in chat. Someone could have easily told he where to get shot at within 5 seconds of spawning No one spawns in a bunker, so i'll assume he meant a CP? You generally dont die at the spawn point (though its possible on a lucky HE round) You will die running past the windows etc. That is a normal part of the game, you are being suppressed.
  12. Ok so game plan.......... We fix the tool to fix the tool that fixes the tool that makes the tool work to enable the tool er wait... There's a lot of tools in this room
  13. Oh no, those are easy to tell FM is set on FB defense, FM is deployed max possible distance FROM the FB, in the direction of the closest enemy town. Unfortunately axis can not take credit for the invention at least not the 1st time i saw it, it was some allied f-tard we wont name at the moment who was having a tizzy because he was on his eleventith A15 mkII being shotup driving out of spawn right into the marked and talked about PZIV which was not the tiger he was screaming about. After which he returns in a little while and wants everyone to come spawn his mission to kill lots of axis. Sounds interesting right? Ok ill check it out. Here sits an axis FM on the road to nowhere, sitting in the great wide open, no tree bush or cover. No axis sets an FM like that, especially when it does not lead anyplace. mission orders say not to sap the FM and he is basically bragging about it Im like man thats a really d1ck move, and he starts shrieking at me like some schitzo (how the hell do idiots type so fast??) So i took another me, logged in axis, looked through the missions, took a few spawns to find the right one did a .takelead and deleted the MS and set .orders mission was not real. Me and dumb dumb have more words at which point i tell him if he does it more, ill hand both account names etc over to the devs and see how fun a permaban is. Then left other me parked there for a while, and went back to allied me and watch what dumb dumb did for a bit, which was a lot of b1tching and nonsense in chat and more suicidal game play that made him angry in the 1st place. And for my chivalrous deeds i was rewarded with Okiemo killing me while i sat in a depot eating potted meat on salted crackers. TWICE! That made me grumpy, or perhaps it was the potted meat?
  14. this seems correct now. I used to be able to do .setrank 14 on the training server to move brigades around so people had areas to practice or test etc Now it seems one can not do that. But rank or no, FTP are locked to same restrictions live or training, so rank would not matter.
  15. How is your stick set up? I can not answer for all planes as i only fly certain ones H75 H81 Blen, sometimes Bell, ive flown the 109 just to look at it after hatch reworked it, im no good at using it but can fly on my side I can knife edge them, even though the rest of my skill sucks. Thats normally how i scan the ground. Have you modified your rudder axis or anything in calibration? if so, youd need to remove that calib file If you reduced the throw to combat old rudder flopping, you will have trouble knifing due to reduced rudder deflection. but hatch removed the rudder nerf control surface speed has been reduced or something like that, and he mentioned something about the CG was changed to try to make it fly stable. bad fixes but they were done by someone who was not a flight model programmer. But he removed that nonsense i believe? Are you not able to hold the plane on its side without ground diving? Are you using any previously created rudder fix calib files?