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  1. That why i always put an AP round through the gunner, he can push and roll away to his hearts content after that. You do realize though, if you kill my commander, and i smoke, im still going to shoot you with the gunner when you think i'm dead Tanks do the same thing though. If you dont flameSplode me, there is no visual that you killed my gunner. Ive played the "oh i'm degunned, or gunner dead" card before and backed away a bit, then shot the guy as he turned to leave. It never bothered me much, i always just chalked it up to "Oh you sneaky little bastage"
  2. You have to think this through more though. When sides are unbalanced, who attacks? Over pop. Because the over pop side can afford to have an attacking and a defending force They can also more afford to stick multiple persons in the capture zone. If you play your scenario out they will also get a faster cap timer, which will just roll the underpop more. Attacking specifically needs no special concessions really, attacking is hard, it is supposed to be hard. If it was easier to attack than defend, the real world would be seriously messed up
  3. Hey now! You can't talk to zebbee like that! He has only died in a truck 997 times
  4. They do that, not sure of all the AA/ATG gun models do, but the mle37 and pretty sure pak36 do, cant remember on the 2pdr. Does not come from killing the crew though, happens when you hit the gun carriage hard. No explosion, the gun just starts smoking out the bottom of it Is kind of weird since i dont think it means much as far as not having the gun shoot back at you, it shoots fine with a flat tire. But, perhaps the effects trigger could be moved to the gunner's death or something?
  5. but they also moved far out of the AB Aw come on, you know you wanted to laugh. Yes there was a lot of AA We have a lot of AA numerically, not variety but that will come. What we dont have, is the number of very co-ordinated(sometimes) crews firing together that it took to down all those planes. They literally put up walls of lead in the sky at times. They also used a lot of something we dont have yet. 88mm FlaK guns chain linked with a firing computer and such
  6. *cough* hybrid supply system *cough* just saying
  7. Yea except that one part where i see your inf look back and up and see the DB7's coming and im shouting run run run!!! go go! but you dont run, and then you are dead
  8. aside from what others have said about it mattering a lot as to what you hit you can kill the driver and the thing will drive off, dead stick so to speak, until the driver despawns, as long as the engine tranny and wheels are intact. 500 rounds through the bed do not do much for killing the truck though. Does wonders for the passengers, but its funnier to kill the truck driver and watch all the EI onboard hit a wall as the truck becomes a run away
  9. Another thing that would happen is lower tier/rank kit would get scrapped as much as it allowed. Which was fine if you were a ranked player but was at the expense of the low ranked players. Sure axis really did stop making any more PZII in real life, but when they did so, they did not say Well private Gunter, since you dont have enough rank to man anything but a PZII, you may go home and sit out the war. The whole concept was a nice idea, there were certain parts i miss, like real RDP bombing to delay the enemies next tier but other parts did not play out well in practice. Even if you have players vote for it, just like stanyus's example someone is going to get screwed over
  10. to be fair, he did take some damage, a little bit post audit though, that will probably make him an organ donor
  11. update from old OS or update as in patch?
  12. ppo no cause no way to cut a hole in the ground....
  13. well AT guns i was more envisioning youd push it up into an emplacement that provided overhead cover, like cupouts, you would still of course die to a direct frontal hit through the same opening you are shooting out from, but you wouldnt get straffed and such. The tanks you would pit, but they do have armor. When i say pit i mean drive it down inside. Not perfect, but if might be doable with existing functions and mechanics Would require new art objects of course.
  14. If you make to bootable thumb drive from the media creation tool and boot the PC from it, it will let you do a new installation that does not reformat the drive and parks the existing stuff in a windows.old folder. Which sometimes after a long string of patches just aint a bad thing fresh install from latest, clean drivers install and i am always amazed at how many old apps i really was not using and did not need.
  15. Originally i do think the idea was that a player could take over control of an AI position, i remember discussion of it eons ago but i dont think anything ever happened back then to further it towards reality. I think short term what could be done is the structures built in a way that you can get ATGs in here, and you can park a tank in that, and you can roll an AA gun in this, which probably actually would not be so bad? You would have to use some creative license though, otherwise the thing would only be of use going East. So you would have to use a bit of liberties in design so that if axis hold the area, they can point some things West also