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  1. Ian does have a point, i get what he is looking at. The army in the field, unless it was depleted, would kind of still be in the field. On capture, you could assume it would quickly mobilize its remaining forces and move to the captured location to secure it and prepare for the main body of the garrison. When the attackers FB goes offline, it is kind of like having everyone drive back to the base, to move forward into the captured territory. Things are blurred a bit because the FB and the AB share the exact same unit pool, rather than the FB doing a throttled pull from the AB but that is kind of an abstraction for gameplay. Now the FMS's shutting down on completion of objective, eh i am ok with that. I consider them a mission/objective oriented thing. And the FB remaining at full capacity, well, you have to be fluid and be able to move from abstract thought to not as much abstract. and simply understand that you have to give units back to the main garrison that were previously teleporting to the FB at will. But i could see something like having the FB reset, and remain for a 10 minute grace period. Now by reset, i mean it adopts a subset of the spawn pool that does not refresh, leaving it with a very small limited number of units. Kind of like a depot that maybe has a couple tanks, handful of infantry, maybe a few towed guns, couple trucks (but only if the AB had any left of course to give). All the other units are assumed to be forming up for, or preparing to escort the garrison move. It is not enough to face off against a dedicated counter attack, but that is not it's intention, just a little force to counter the attempt to make a quick 4 man rush in to retake while supply is in transit, if a dedicated force comes, well sometimes war is hell. then you have 10 minutes to post mission, form an advanced party security patrol, that's it, 10 minutes it shuts down, the end, your people drag arse and it's wasted. If you can get people on the same page fast enough, even 5 minutes might suffice? 5 min or 10 min, i would see it being wasted a lot anyway simply because it is hard to hold peoples attention to a counter that may not come but at least it would be an option for a small time window. I realize that you could do this right now, if you realize you are about to win, by getting a group to spawn up at the FB, move near town, but remain out of the attack and wait patiently for the last flag to clear, then run your force in to set up shop and wait and see if the counter comes or not. But sometimes while you may very well have the equipment, you may not have the human bodies to spare. And i think it would be even harder to get a group to form up yet sit out the fight, than it would be to get them to spawn quick to oppose a counter than may not even come. And it is hard to convince those in the fight not to despawn for their rank points and stats etc, we cant threaten each other with summary execution for failure to follow orders. If i am counter attacking, i do kind of want someone to fight with, i dont like so much when it feels like a softcap. Sure, i would like to win and capture the place, but more importantly, i want someone on the other side of the equation to play with.
  2. Kilemall is correct. The AO's came, and they did help with concentration as opposed to random stuff strobe lighting up and down the lines faster than you could even think about a reaction, but no mobile spawn trucks came with it at first, and with the heavier concentration, the life of the truck driver and passengers became very short You would lose the truck and the 10 or 20 guys on board and you had to start resorting to dropping them very far away, and you could simply not get enough concentration of infantry into the AO to have much of a skirmish, because the trucks had to run back and forth in a constant fashion they became very vulnerable with the heavier people concentration, and being the trucks had live infantry on board, each one down was an even bigger loss. You needed a very large amount of successful live truck drops or there was simply no fight outside of the tank battle, and the odds of having any kind of steady amount of those was very poor in the higher battlefield concentration of people, you stood a better chance of walking all the way from the FB. You just could not enforce enough zone of control to maintain a steady stream of trucks, and the guys volunteering to drive the trucks, were getting heavily burnt out on playing a 4 hour game session that tallied up to 200 deaths and nothing to show for it. You just could not move anything unless it was zombie time and pop was real low. And the defenders infantry players were not thrilled either, they would spawn in, but the only things that would survive to get near town were armored units and they cant skirmish with those, so they would wind up sitting around watching tanks shoot at each other and flipping coins to see whose turn it was to shoot the next lone EI who tried taking the long walk. Tanks did try to help with the shuttling of infantry, but infantry are easily sprayed off the side of tanks and so were not terribly effective at bringing them into the fighting area The trucks worked at first, simply because the lines were chaos, and concentration was a rarity, usually the result of a large squad op. You normally stood a good chance of hot dropping right in town or very close to it, but after chaos evolved to AO and concentration, not so much And the evolution of mobile spawns came quickly after because the impact of the player concentration was very dramatic. I can not remember now if we got a truck spawn or the .msp command 1st, but we got something quick because things were not going to survive for long otherwise, Kilemall is not exaggerating when he says the game simply did not move, we had lots of big armored engagements, with very little infantry involvement. It was during that time, that you would see axis and allied people cooperatively set up otherwise pointless infantry skirmishes out between fbs in some fields or forest areas just to have some kind of infantry thing going on that you could actually get the infantry to. And there were rules, you did not kill the trucks, and no tanks, but ultimately someone would find out and bring a tank and end it. That would not have survived 1.5 years of campaigns.
  3. I doubt more combat AI would be well received. Logistic AI in the form of visible and interdictable supply deliveries in the form of trucks, ships, maybe even planes and garrison movements between towns, sure. AI tanks and infantrymen though, that move through the battlefield and come after you? Probably not, unless it was totally ineffective, there would always be the perception that the AI was too good, never missed etc. And there is also the problem of things like the AI deciding to bonzai charge bringing sudden notice to your otherwise stealthy location and such.
  4. Your FPS wont drop until you begin to suffer bad packet loss, then you will get FPS drops and micro screen freezes You will usually get auto despawned at that point. I was having that last night, but it was my connections fault, checked my internet out of game and ping was all kinds of bad had to reboot my modem and go to only having one account logged in for good measure. You are not wholly wrong though, some games FPS and Ping do have a correlation Usually server oriented shooters (quake engine comes to mind) where everything you do takes place on the server, rather than on the client and there is little no no client side prediction etc. In those kinds of games, you can find that if your ping is bad enough, you can not even move cause everything you do must by synced with the server. Zimmermit
  5. Did you try to dump your browsers cache and cookies? I would try that if you are getting that message constantly even if you have not posted anything within the last 60 seconds
  6. Because, in an attack on an established position, the defender was already in place. It would be hard to say "You are not here, you have to spawn someplace else" when you were garrisoned in the town to begin with? Now in a counter attack, the opposite is true Defenders are only trickling supply in and have to defend with the remains of the attacking force, or what they can speed in from the rear town
  7. I played EQ for a good many years, from it's release until they released EQ2 and everything began to go down the toilet. In calling it a shadow, you are being quite kind, it is a terrible joke of it's former self. I have seen project 1999, they do a very good job of trying to maintain and emulation of EQ at it's pinnacle. In a way, i dont understand how SOE did not slap them with a C&D simply out of utter embarrassment, but i think SOE sold off EQ. When the Verant branch owned EQ it was a lot like here. The verant devs would appear in person, in their forums, as well as in game. That went away when Sony rolled Verant back under its main control and got rid of all the Verant guys. But what they offer as EverQuest now (Retail, not p1999), makes even the end of days 2004/2005 period look like a dream. Sure, it is free, but if you ever played it in it's heyday, or even watched old game videos of it, you would see that it is pretty much a joke. A bad one. Well, you are halfway there. If you know an eccentric Howard Hughes type who wants to trust fund the maintenance operation and bandwidth for the host and take care of a few small legal things, you could get the other half.
  8. Your right, i forgot that got remedied
  9. If everyone despawns, which yea it does happen some times or a lot, fortunately the units go into the towns garrison so at least someone can snatch them up. It aint much, but is at least better than empty handed. Sometimes towards the end, i will go and roll a truck from the soon to become rear town's ab to the soon to become front town. When the FB shuts down, it does not affect the fms set from that truck. Sometimes no counter attack comes and the effort is wasted, but once in a while it pans out as useful. But yea, it would be nice if there was a grace period as the in field army transitions to the garrison, would be a bit easier
  10. I am good on soup, could you bring me back a nice little Geisha
  11. Yes Any time i select the last of an item in spawn list i will most likely wind up having to hit enter world again
  12. cant say if 80 is better, but I can tell you this. No amount of satchels will put the bridge back up in any amount of time, if you insists on it staying down. hit it with a bomb now and then, spray the engineers with some MG fire, or some large HE rounds, straf them etc. It is only easy to repair one when no one opposes you, and if no one opposes you, even at 80 satchels, the bridge can come back up in a few minutes.
  13. you can, you just need more than one guy and a truck\crate also how much damage remaining on the bridge comes into play wrenches amount is same for everyone, there is no side specific setting
  14. On the other hand, 99% of the bridges actually blown up or defended ARE of direct tactical or strategic import. Most bridge activity in game centers directly on either keeping someone out, or attempting to get someone in. If one is trying to retain hold of, or take hold of dinant, one would worry about the bridge into dinant, rather than the 80 bridges in paris, right? I think you may have started after objectives came about? There was a time, for a bit, where you just hit stuff, any stuff, no objectives at all. When you hear old timers talking about strange snaking and curley cue front lines and balloon pockets 20km behind the lines, they are talking about that era Quite a few people found it was not terribly fun to be crossing a bridge in your groups convoy, to see your own planes come overhead and rain bombs on it, landing you down in the river, which kills you if you are a vehicle. And sometimes it happened by accident, your bombers where trying to light up the town for you and one too many carpet bomb runs got close to the bridge and dropped everyone pressing across it into the drink. And you will always find a few, that given the opportunity, will become big male body parts, and make it a career profession to screw something up
  15. Oh Happy Dance!
  16. Presently game monitor ist tot It does not like 1.36, shame no source is available for it, i am sure someone could update it
  17. It hates 1.36 Wish the source was available to look at
  18. It can i guess, with any hatch open bullets can get in cause nothing to stop them, i dont think i would bet the farm on doing it though unless i happened to be standing on the tank pointing an smg straight down the hole, otherwise the angles are worse than vegas odds. Now an HE round on an open hatch, even some small ones, gives decent odds.
  19. Yes and no You'd need the RA client and the RA host assets for the setting to mean anything i believe.
  20. ? I did not fire any MG rounds at you. You were the PZIII H cutting the bridge crossing from across the river, i am pretty sure, cause that was 1st thing i fought, and you came up first in the AAR I didnt fire any MG, that would have been kind of pointless. And we couldn't kill each other cause you were mostly hull down hugging the rise along the river, and i had the bridge parts in between. You fired a last shot and withdrew behind the rise. I had to come around to where you were, which i could only do because an infantryman was shadowing you and reporting your position, hull facing and turret facing. When he yelled that you had turned both the turret and hull west, i came over the berm i had crept up behind and shot you in the lower rear flank, twice. But i didnt shoot any MG rounds until i was up supporting the FMS near the AB. And i only show the 1 kill on you at the start of the mission. And that was my only matty mission that i had engaged any armor, my only other one, i crept all the way up the beach to BOZ only to get swarmed by angry infantry bearing unhappy presents.
  21. Research Development and Production at factories become damaged, their production output slows down that makes it take longer for the factory to build a replacement for a lost unit If it takes say 5 days to build a tank, then if your factories can only eeek out 50% production, tank might take 10 days to be made (days just for example only, that is not the real times) I forget offhand it takes for the factory to repair if the bombing stops
  22. tier 0 is 1940 as things stood at the beginning of the blitz tier 1 is the latter half of 1940 tier 2 is like jan 1941 to Jun 1941 tier 3 is like jun 1941 to dec 1941 And so on Axis has money, but sometimes someone does not have a new thing that comes out in a given semester but they can instead ramp up production on something and reduce some lesser things a bit
  23. gunner dead = tank rendered combat ineffective
  24. nope not bug. Is very simple he switched to HE and blasted my deployed commander and kept blasting the open hatch, and little frags started hurting crew 3 and 4 and then they could no longer function, cause it kept making them bleed. And in that entire time there, he was the only guy that bothered to shoot the commander at all or at least the only guy that hit it anyways