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  1. We have to redo a bit of the bofors, when we can (We meaning BmBm, while the rest of us We watch) Problem with the bofors is, the gunsight is wrong (which you know), and it is attached on the cross bar wrong also.(Of which at least Jwilly is aware, probably Mo too) So, need a proper size and design of Charlotte's Web, then it needs reattached in the center, rather than out on the end and the aimed view needs moved over so it is inline with the sight position. Then the sight will be centered within the shield cutout as in real life, which wont leave you so blind on the right hand side.
  2. On capturing a town, HC has a 10 minute window to do a penalty free faction swap and it will run at the normal 60 minute trickle to full It is only when you go swapping towns around after the fact, that you get a 15 hour restructuring penalty. And if one finds that there is good need to swap a town long after the fact, one could use flags to bolster the position while the supply and logistics are getting things in order, plus you could prespawn from the leaving garrison as well, before the swap, to counter a possible immediate response from the opposition And dont forget, you do still have the neighboring area to set up a defense of the location until the convoys begin arriving. And infantrywise, remember when we used to use the transport planes to restock infantry ? You'd grab a couple engies from this place, and a couple from another etc, so you did not just simply deplete a location (and someone would always jump out of the plane, with out a damned parachute LoL)
  3. @XOOM can you answer that, on who is and is not included on the counters for cap timer and SD? logged in VS actually spawned in
  4. My understanding is the cap timer is based on people actually spawned in world, not sitting out at the map screen and is averaged over a period of time so it does not bounce up and down continuously like a jumping bean. I am not sure on the SD / Login pop notification, if it is in-world pop, or just post persona selection in-game and mapscreen.
  5. I think perhaps you would not like that terribly much, it was not well liked in the 1st iteration. It basically devolves down to give up 30 of these and 20 of those and all of these for 12 of that, and then the spawn list looks terribly devoid of all supporting and expendable gear, and gear for lower ranks etc. A lot of players were not thrilled with it. I also imagine it caused a lot of internal HC hostility as one branch would trade off another branch's assets for more of it's own.
  6. No, i just answered that. RDP stops at T3 because of how the US was initially put into the game, this was done before we got here. I don't know why crs1.0 ran into that roadblock, i'm sure it was not exactly what they planned, and i am not sure why they could not address it, perhaps lack of time or resources etc. No one here is doing it for balance, they simply cant go someplace else because the someplace else is not here, Yet. If we were doing it for balance, we would not have put the tiger back into it's rightful place (or as close as we can get until the tiers are subdivided) or sent the M3 sub machine gun off to its more proper location
  7. i think the only way to do that would be ohm hand editing the database, bringing down the server, etc. Aside from probably not being a good way to go about it, as Ohm has a normal full time job, he'd not be able to maintain any kind of exact schedule to it so that alone might cause some unhappiness when a tier does not roll out on time? Better to ride it out a bit longer, while we work it out to happen the right way?
  8. Axis get a tiger in T2, later can be properly adjusted to T2.5 (This campaign started in T3) In T2 allies have Sherman M4A2's with 75mm guns for tanks S76 and firefly dont come in until T3, because presently T3 is the end of the line, anything and everything not T2 either lands there or does not exist at all. If there was a Tiger II, presently it would land in T3 also, cause it would not have any place else to go, RDP ceases to advance at T3 Once the US faction has proper RDP cycling so it can continue beyond T3, then things can further move to proper orientations, along with early year and later year tiers for even better entry times. Until then, T3 is simply the place where everything after T2 goes.
  9. SooN™ ?
  10. Matamor's love for stats i guess?
  11. The IIIG is, i usually use the StuH 42 in a support role though. Think the only thing i have killed with it's anti tank rounds was a sapper who was trying to chase me
  12. On one hand true, but i (me) also think each player has a right to play the tragic hero if that is what they wish to do. Comes with the role playing part i guess.
  13. Check current game. Tiger iirc is currently coming out in T2 where it should, t2.5 when it gets fine tuned Dont think the S76 and firefly's are coming out in T2? Should be T3, until we finish properly factioning US so RDP does not halt. They come out in T3 only because they have to presently as RDP stops at T3, so 1944 never actually gets here, T3 is "OK dump the goodie basket, everything left goes in now" but that will not always be the case, and we will eventually be able to have 1944 and 1945 and then things can further move to their respective places me262, mostly we simply do not have a model and mechanics for it, i dont know that anyone in present CRS sees it as a balance issue it is a unique aircraft and always will be, there never was any allied counterpart for it in WWII Though, it will probably actually result in not being the best received new thing the game gets. More will probably hate it than love it, and that's on the LW side, it is a very hard thing to fly and use well. There are other air improvements that will give pilots a lot more bang for the buck, so an me262 probably is not high on the priority ladder, but not because of balance, just cause it does not give a lot back for the time spent.
  14. I'd like some more smoke, and HE. I usually try to keep it far enough from ET's that the AP and HEAT don't become terribly useful, if one engages me, usually i try to hit it with smoke, and put the stug in reverse keeping my good side forward.
  15. Well, at a point where those kinds of things could be coded and tied into the vehicle, it would probably go at a much reduced loading rate reflecting people having to cover jobs they haven't been training at etc. Though in reality, if the tank is punctured taking out the loader probably the 1st thing a real crew would be doing is exiting the tank or at least trying, as their prospects of survival just hit a mental 0% Don't know that i would like forcing that decision on players though
  16. I think you misread, or i misunderstand. All the cannons fire at their line firing rate, not all fire at same rate. as to the other, there was no code made for it. you can reload the tiger, while flying full speed, over the edge of dinant cliff, with the turret rotating, and you can reload an ATG, while pushing it down the road, you can even reload an 88 locked at full traverse speed. Neither makes much sense realistically of course, but it is at least a fair and even bit if silliness PZII 20mm Not 100% sure, but possibly because you can not swap a hot barrel out? (same reason the tank mounted mg34's have reduced firing rates) Also PZII is 2 cm KwK 30 L/55 and Flak 30 is 2 cm KwK 30 L/65 not sure if that has any bearing with the shorter barrel?
  17. line firing rate for a B1 or S35 is about 15 rounds per minute (Which is what is recently got reduced to from a lot faster) that is the rate that all canons in game fire at. As jwilly accurately notates, putting round in the gun was not the issue nor was keeping the sight picture, doing any other asppects of commanding the tank while playing gunner was, and artificially reducing the firing rate is not the answer. If you want to do something to make the tank more correct, figuring a way to eliminate crew 2 position and allowing the turret commander to move up and down with the same having to pic one thing or the other, somewhat like the pzIIc and pz38t do comes to mind. There are things that inhibit firing rate, and not one single unit in game is saddled with those issues
  18. is it fully set up in windows and recognized? game should see anything that presents itself as a joystick
  19. If i could PPO FB's, i'd probably never leave the country side, i'd be out trying to locate and blockade enemy FB's, or like setting up bridge control bases when it is one of those areas where you simply have to use the bridge to get someplace to go on attack.
  20. yea incoming rounds are only approximated, except for mortars. Those the impact points are correct. When i see a round incoming, if i have not died already, i always assume the next one is going to hit me and i run
  21. I just posted you the hard data. Anyone can get up from anything and walk away, people have taken multiple 30-06 hits, and still kept coming, with out falling. And that trumps a 45 APC any day. Anyone can edit wikipedia and cherry pick opinions. I'd recommend reading the US army documentation and testing on it. They did after all build 6+ million of the things based on the findings. "The oft-mentioned ability of the Tommy gun to hit and kill at ranges up to five hundred yards is pure theoretical hokum. Practically speaking, the gun will always be an ultra short range weapon, good in the jungle and in street fighting, but poor where the least measure of accuracy is called for. Another most serious limitation is poor penetration. Bullets that bounce off a hard wood surface at 50 yards are not good brush-rakers. Firing a Tommy into the jungle blindly is not effective because so many of the bullets would be stopped by vines and branches. The greater power of military rifle cartridges, fired from full-automatic rifles and machine guns would be preferable for such work. The standard Japanese bullet-proof vest, which would not even slow down a carbine bullet, stopped .45 slugs cold, whether fired from pistols or Tommy guns. ...The advent of the carbine later on in the war eliminated, in my opinion, the last need for a Tommy gun. The carbine made a much more accurate offensive weapon, and a much quicker pointing and more accurate defensive weapon. The lighter weight and greater penetrating power of the .30 caliber carbine catridge increased this superiority even more." - LT John George, Merril's Mauraders Shots fired in anger Pages 395 - 396 And you could probably read nearly anything from Audie Murphy.
  22. There is nothing to fix It is already faster than hand cranking it, and slower than running the engine at max recommended rpms. R35 S35 B1 and H39 by the way did get reload increases checking vs an old version of the game, they used to be about 2.5 seconds which was too fast. If we could make you look away from the gunsight while reloading, we probably would, if for no other reason cause it is the real way it would happen but i dont think we can make any of them do that right now. And if it was easy, we'd eliminate having to use the phantom crew 2 for the cuppola view also
  23. That happens with noobs regardless of pay scale. Actually, it seems to happen regardless of what game it is
  24. That can be the other person. Before the auto despawn was implemented, there were more occasions of this. You would shoot the guy, nothing happened. He might turn around after, like he was seriously detached from what was going on and shoot you, or he might just continue on oblivious. If he was the only thing you touched you might see a no hit no kill AAR on despawn. But, it got stranger some of us found. If you respawned right away, and just sat someplace safe for a bit and despawned, here would come the credit for the guy you blasted. He finally died much latently. If you were running back off playing, you did not much notice that extra unit killed. I had occasion once to shoot a guy, who did not die and appeared kind of oblivious to me. So i just kind of followed him for a while. He drops over dead for no reason (aside from me shooting him in the back 4 minutes ago) like 3 or 4 minutes later. It is better now, there was a point where it had started to get really strange. Guy would walk in to cap your bunker, 20 people shoot him, he does not die, but he is also totally oblivious to there being anyone else in the bunker. He just sits there, maybe looks out the window every now and then, like he is waiting for an enemy that he can't see is sitting there poking him with knives. Probably also wondering why none of the players on his side are coming to help, cause he has probably ceased to see them properly either. What you see is what you hit. The DM is the physical model you look at, so when you shoot it, that is what your client is factoring it's shot results off of. Even if i back up behind a building, if on your screen, you hit me before i do, that is what your client calculates it's shot results from. When you see it shooting on the other hand, is different, we see enemy round trajectories and impacts from everything in an approximated fashion based on a small amount of information sent from the unit we are watching. Is firing, what gun, relative direction, rough idea of where round is coming to. You could miss something, say the info that the turret had rotated and was pointing a different direction for example. so you see tank with turret pointed same place it was. Now a bit later tank shoots, and of course the approximated representation kind of does not match the physical picture you are looking at Which is weird looking, but aside from being weird looking, the physical object is still what you are going to shoot. If you see thin side of turret, then that is what you hit, and that is what your client calculates it's shot outcome from. When said thing refuses to die when visually it should, it becomes a question of communications. Where in the communications dance is something not being received, or discarded, or corrupted, or out of sync etc. But if you see side of vehicle, or arse of infantry, and shoot it, assuming you do not miss, that is what your client says I hit side of tank, i hit infantry buttocks, and that is the info it sends back up to the host. It's the dance that comes after that sometimes seems to fail it's choreography, which can be annoying, especially when you dont know Is it me? is it some level3/cogentco stupid router backbone issue, is it the other guy, is it the game host, is it an act of god, did CRS put kevlar on DLC and no one told me?