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  1. tier 0 is 1940 as things stood at the beginning of the blitz tier 1 is the latter half of 1940 tier 2 is like jan 1941 to Jun 1941 tier 3 is like jun 1941 to dec 1941 And so on Axis has money, but sometimes someone does not have a new thing that comes out in a given semester but they can instead ramp up production on something and reduce some lesser things a bit
  2. gunner dead = tank rendered combat ineffective
  3. nope not bug. Is very simple he switched to HE and blasted my deployed commander and kept blasting the open hatch, and little frags started hurting crew 3 and 4 and then they could no longer function, cause it kept making them bleed. And in that entire time there, he was the only guy that bothered to shoot the commander at all or at least the only guy that hit it anyways
  4. axis grenades all have, for gameplay fairness since concussion is not presently a viable kill method on small HE, the later war frag jackets. So they do have frags, and the frags do kill infantry, but sometimes you can be a lucky SOB and have the frags miss you. (unless it is your own grenade that just bounced off the window, then i am never lucky)
  5. Come play with me, need all the help i can get
  6. Umm I see your problem right there Your 360Ghz CPU is so fast the game is running backwards seriously though, I think you must mean 3.6Ghz and 16GB ram? Based not the not quite accurate CPU you listed That would be an Athlon II X4 870k (there is no 870k in the FX series) It should actually be clocked at 3.9Ghz base clock, 4.4Ghz in turbo mode In it's day (2015-ish) it was an ok budget quad core 0.3 Ghz isn't going to change much for you though Even with the mother of all graphics cards, that CPU will probably hit highs of 40 or 50 fps with averages probably in the 20's going into single digits in heavy action with lots of stuff going on. Give or take a little It would make your motherboard a socket FM2+ I think the highest CPU available for that is either the Althon II X4 880k, which is only a small clock increase or the AMD A10-7890K APU which is also only a small clock increase and onchip GPU which you do not need. Not wanting to make you feel bad, but dont want to mislead you just for the warm and fuzzies either I dont think anything we could suggest would squeak out any miracles. You could try a few things though. Since the game does a lot of the effects on CPU at present, you could try seeing what happens if you turn them all off If you are running the game at a really high resolution, it maybe, might help a little to try it at something less You can try shifting the game off of cpu0, where the OS will also be probably doing most of its background stuff by setting its affinity in taskmanager to like cpu1 In game settings, setting the viz limit to low will put less enemy units into your viz list and lower the amount of others you have to calculate stuff for. Might also lower the number of sounds played in audio settings, since on probably most PC's, since the sound card heydays ended, are running audio at least partially rendered in software. Maybe some others can thing of some other tweaks you could try. Yours is a case where i wish we had multithreading and parallel processing in the bag already as it would help a system like yours spread the load out and probably average out the performance better
  7. I'd have to try it, but it makes sense. The bomb has mass and KE, and it does not take a ton of KE to KO an infantryman. If the bomb is a dud, no detonation happens, but I think the object itself still remains, I seem to remember that from testing the alt limit and bouncing them off ships and such and seeing the falling/KE part still take place in the logs. And 40+ pound object falling on infantry, even if it is a low drop, would probably have enough KE to hurt an infantry if it hit him. New mini game? Infantry bowling?
  8. don't take them as representative of the axis players
  9. That is kind of the idea, rather than an endless game of who can swap flags in the fastest and it takes 3 days to wear the other guy down. We can resupply now and overstock too, with out having to do the HQ dance
  10. Kind of, that's only part of it. watch EWS, kill trucks Said trucks then respond by bringing in support to slap your truck hunters off the map, and declaring WE WILL PUT FMS HERE You of course respond by sending out units to declare NO MY YARD YOU NO HAS EFMS! and you kind of go from there. Sometimes you have to start with FMS back further to get infantry into the area and establish closer zones of control or try to draw you out farther and chew your forces down Then you try something to counter that etc etc. Moves and counter moves, lots of variations
  11. @sw1 and welcome back You maybe did not realize it, and we were very busy, remember I was with you at twerp, trying to staunch the bleeding. Augetout was there with us, not at the map screen micromanaging, but on the ground with us, he was instrumental in retaining the central AB So a lot of his comms were in the origin and objective channels. He did alert when he had to log, but again, it was a bit busy for us, so you could have naturally missed it. Also, at times things got busy for him too, like when the AB would get hit, being the man on the ground rather than at map he could have missed some chat while trying to repel a capture attempt. He wouldn't have meant to, but I miss all kinds of stuff too when people are trying to attack me, you got shot that one time because I couldn't type you a warning cause some guy was trying to put holes in me. I know he did die several times, while under attack, from typing comms. It is hard when you are alone We do need more people in AHC in the later time zones, especially those like you who lead more from the ground rather than just from the map, so I hope you are still considering it
  12. ? Tank HE used to kill them It did not play out very well, you take a char or stug or 40mm bofors and pelt the things from 1800+ meters, and poof all fms's down Hard to set a reasonable defense against that up, you'd have to up the hardness to a level that would be kind of silly for an FMS The playerbase in general was not very thrilled with it. I think you even posted in dislike of it? With a bofors, you can spam HE on to them from nearly 3000m but they can not really effectively defend that or establish any ZOC to prevent it
  13. Nope, he got me legit, just right place, right time, and some creative thinking. You cant take that away from him. I'm sure someone has more than that. I had a ton of help too, like the guy (whose name fails me at the moment) who was beyond value in helping me track kazee down the river, not only shadowing him and giving exact marks, but reporting the exact direction of the chassis and turret. Before that, me and kazee had a slugging match neither being able to get the other, he hull down behind a ridge, and me tucked up behind the bridge rails. I was able to creep over a ridge, and pop him in the side at about 100m only because of 1 little guy with a rifle downtown, and tylenol, and asprin and many others at schilde, where I was defending the fms lots of comms and marks and protection from sappers. A lot of the infantry kills were blind kills, there was an EFMS just outside the east AB gates behind the bushes downtown would call out when people spawned into it, and I would blindly spray the area heavily. There were also other tankers like patton for example assisting. Lots of panzers did not actually die to the matty, they died to the A13's and S35's hanging farther back, I was just the guy they saw. I had several people drop me ammo boxes too which was a huge help Funny thing, my commander was alive for nearly the entire time until zaltor decided to make a risky gamble that ultimately put an end to the adventure, he was smart to load the HE Now if we just could have gotten our west flank groups as organized
  14. Hook up with Zaltor, with a PZIIc, now there is a guy who massacres COUNTRY BRANCH DATE/TIME KILLED BY ORIGIN MISSION ROLE POINTS KILLS HITS CAPTURES RESULT TOM UK Army May 04 20:45 - 23:23 zaltor (Pz II C) Lier Lier-Schilde FB Defense Matilda 61 60 686 0 KIA 158
  15. i posted you a screenshot of wwiiol.xml, showing its location and how to rename it it is a file, not a folder. The games setting.exe app by default is in c:\program files(x86)\crs\battleground europe It is also in the start menu folder for the game.
  16. I would start a support ticket
  17. Not sure why it is doing that, though i do notice you have the sighted view speed same as none sighted Maybe you want that? makes it a bit hard on long distance shots to me
  18. I have not had the experience of the vertical doubling my horizontal, but when i do this, i dont save it as global calib, i save it as infantry.calib as i dont need those changes globally, they will screw with turrets etc. I can post mine up here later I have the opposite problem, in FPS games that make no differentiation between horizontal movement and vertical, the same speed that lets you spin 360's on the horizontal results in me spazzing out the vertical aiming part since there is a lot less movement involved there, it resembles a n00b trying to play an FPS with a playstation controller for the 1st time. And yes, we need an ingame method of tuning the vertical and horizontal separately, like a few other games have
  19. This seems it happens a lot when you cap a depot, and the mission created at the depot is a defense mission, and the rest of the missions to the town are of course attack missions but it also happens if for example, you drive in some support units from outside what you might consider the attack supply line area, like the you come from an unlinked town and tag a near by friendly FB as the objective so you can get an FMS set in in a reasonable distance, you get to the attack but you can not see anyone's marks, course you also can not talk to them easily either. be nice if enemy marks could be served as a proximity thing rather than tied to objective alone. A friendly FMS mark, with an independent say 2 hour fade out timer would also be kind of nice, i was hacking a heck of a time last night trying to keep refreshing the friendly FMS marks, i know i let more than a few fade. On a side note, would be nice if ML's took just a moment to comment their FMS mark just a few quick lines Downtown FMS From Liege to Blah-Liege depot Then you know whose fms it is, where they came from, and their objective in case you want to help them out or swap intel with that ML etc.
  20. Tried to look up specs by serial, lenovo site said the serial was invalid
  21. Is it a retail PC? If so brand and model would help You can see some of your info by right clicking start menu and clicking system Task manager performance tab will also tell you some info bout your system
  22. Not exactly sure if that looks like a KM defensive group?
  23. internet speed does not effect FPS, except if you are dropping enough packets to freeze a lot What are your PC specs mike?
  24. Myself, since it is after the fact and you are already despawned, i myself would not mind seeing something like Mission Origin: Dinant Mission Objective: Anhee - Dinant Depot Mission Leader: Aismov Time on Mission: 00:72:14 United Spawned: PZ III L Units Defeated kilemall SgtMaj Sherman M2A2 bludngut Capt M1 Garand delems Pvt R35 Unit Defeated By Capco Maj Firefly Other units hit SA MLE 1937 2 H39 1 Engineer 3 (units hit but not kill scored would be unidentified cause, well since they not dead, no corpse to ID?)
  25. To be honest, beyond quad core, you tend not to see the benefit of the increased core amounts with average gaming and and app use. So i wouldn't fret much over it being only 4 cores Pretty sure it hyperthreads anyways? in case you had the occasional need for more threads rather than more clock?