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  1. What ever sector you have spawned into. You already knew that right?
  2. I would probably not do that. At some point you will find that either by enemy action, or lack of friendly action, you find your fb situation in a shambles and have to fall back to something to regroup or defend yourselves. Or you are a non FB unit type, Air, Navy, and now you dont have any way to spread your risk so to speak. You can technically take out any town in between two to four caps, depending on number of AB's in it 1 AB town, cap one depot (and hold it of course) then plow the AB and the brigade/garrison is out the door and the best you have is what ever remains of the supply linked depots spawn pool, but at least those are still options. Imagine if it was simply over at that point, no hope of recovery for the defender, and poof fight over for the attacker. Plus, if you thing about it, it would devalue most of the town as far as bothering to use most of it to fight, might make things a bit to linear? Who is going to go over and start fighting amongst and in the buildings at the ball bearing factory if there isn't anything there to capture. Remember antwerp main RR station (before someone ruined the model) Remember all the fights in and under that place? who would fight there, if there was no reason to go to it? Yea i know some people would just for the cool factor, but it would be hard to encourage many to follow you when there is no strategic value to it. The more captureable things there are in a town (with in reason of course) the more reason for people to be moving all over the town which means more chances to have engagements that are not in a bee line from A to B at least that is my thoughts anyways. Plus there is always that alamo thing last men standing, trying to hold up at the ball bearing factory, praying help arrives from the rear in time Some times it does, and some times it does not, but at least you can try.
  3. How many WE's are you speaking for here? I dont know that we, CRS were unhappy with the results after some tweaks and adjustments for things like AI activity and EWS I dont even know if we, the Players are unhappy There is a real problem with tossing the word we, or making the claim that no [insert group here] ever, etc. The people not in line with the we or insert group here now become non persons because they dont jive with the person who has decided to speak for them now they no longer count. If you give away free sex to 100 people, you might get 5 people that just have to say Wow this is great 80 people will happily take the free goodies and enjoy, but they dont really say anything and 15 people will scream bloody murder that the free sex sucks rocks, get rid of it over and over. Go and get rid of it and then you will suddenly hear from the 80 asking hey what gives? why did this go away. But it's gone now. So we probably are not going to go and do something, that will take a very large amount of time, because there is no tool in god's universe to do it with, none was ever created, that wont even be remotely reversible in any kind of easier fashion that it came into being in the first place, until we can maybe like get the 80 people to speak for them selves, instead of telling them sorry but we spoke for you.
  4. because when the game was created a PPO did not even exist, let alone one that could be used to spawn even a butter knife. You still do need static locations though, that you have some guarantee something will be there and hold your supply system in place, and give you a guaranteed place you can begin from, or fall back to if things go the worst out in the field and what not.
  5. PPO FB FB assembled by players out of special PPO objects
  6. you may want to break out a ruler, some towns are a long way apart
  7. We could give them this? 15Sep43.pdf 2-30 ( Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized ).pdf Or add these with priests Infantry Cannon Company, 105-mm Howitzer, Self-Propelled
  8. They do not, but no matter what they are, the game has only 1 mechanical name for them RDP Factory Even if it is a big warehouse, disembarkation, staging, offloading facility, the host will call it Factory, even if the model has no smoke belching factory. Which is what the US had. All that stuff they brought into europe on D Day+ was made in USA, but shipped in by the boat load (pun intended) Same with all the stuff in NA in 42 So US FACTORIES as the game refers to it mechanically, would consist of like large staging complexes, with no factory building.
  9. It is very difficult to break up the existing towns, there is no actual tool for doing it, and we are still getting feedback on the separation of antwerp and brussels a lot of people dont like that they are sectioned or how they are sectioned etc. Sadly, so far i actually have not gotten any good feed back on it, only bad.
  10. Lier has no road into S antwerp Supply line runs from lier up the road into the center. Your fighting inner city, imagine the lines are somewhat blurred
  11. Yes game sees when you release the key as far as mapping it so to map toggle WEP turn the switch on and off, to WEP position and back, and it should toggle WEP on it wont turn it off when released as WEP is a toggle But you might get WEP to untoggle by using a key absolute, and an on release not sure though since WEP was set up as a hard coded toggle. If you use the switch for nothing else, mapping both sides to toggle WEP will flip it on and off. Then you just have to make sure to flip it past center Does the cougar have programming software that would let you program that key to send a keyboard sequence when switched on, and a 2nd sequence when released? *EDIT No, i tried the onrelease, but all it does is induce an odd delay into the toggle because it is hard coded as a toggle it only knows to look for successive key presses What you could do is map WEP to both buttons, and flipping the switch full one way would turn it on, and full the other would turn it off. I tried this on the 3 way switch on my stick, set WEP to be both top and bottom position with middle position doing nothing and it worked. We would have to code WEP to have a toggle / continuous switchable input When the game inputs were done, i do not think many sticks offered switches with an A off B input If it was not probably a pain, i would say swap the SPDT constant switch it has now with a SPDT momentary switch, the kind you push it up or down and it returns to center on release.
  12. infanview would rename them, sequentially also, it will even remember the last sequence and continue incrementing from where it last left off it also only captures to buffer, not to disk you have to go and paste it someplace
  13. 1st thing is, map that toggle switch to something, anything make sure it does not send a different button press depending on direction, if it does, note each button it refers to. and which button pertains to the direction you want to go.
  14. you can make a symbolic link, but i'd probably not recommend that as you'd need your cfml files and everything on the 2nd drive just to play normal
  15. does your toggle switch send a Button ON/OFF signal, or does it send a BUTTON 1 / BUTTON 2 signal? also default WEP in air cfml is <control> <function>toggle wep</function> <key>f8</key> </control> Need to know what game sees your toggle as when you flip it to the WEP position This may work, if your toggle sends a button input both ways, just have to see what it counts as when it is pushed the way you want it <control> <function>toggle wep</function> <keyabsolute value="100" onrelease="0" index="10"> <key>YOUR TOGGLE KEY ID</key> </keyabsolute> </control>
  16. Yes Irfanview is a free image app that among other things can batch convert an image from say space hogging BMP to smll PNG or JPG and it can batch convert a whole folder of images, and delete the original afterwards I occasionally run it on my screenshots folder also, since bitmaps take a lot of space
  17. get everyone that wants to be in the fight take a truck. Have some of them go with the intent to try and get living FMS in place Have the others go and just continually circle round the town at varying distances and paths, maybe drop off a few atg's in the process if the mood strikes. Audio wise, it's chaos, trucks everyplace, can't tell whats coming or going. More useful than people sitting at the spawn menu waiting for a green check mark to appear?
  18. I just pictured said para plane flying around, 500m over target "It's raining men........" SPLAT
  19. I did not add canadian due to it's similarity with british aside from the smoking. but yes perhaps. I am not sure why the US chose to use the left over fat from the pork belly, guess maybe as a way to use what might be otherwise thrown out or something? But it must definitely be separate in category since it has 0 in common with canadian or british aside from being pork (Except when it is turkey)
  20. Addendum to the above Bacon shall be further divided into two sub forums | American Bacon --| | British Also Side Boobs will instead be |Animated |Top Boobs--|Bottom |Side |Frontal
  21. You will be able to kind of do that dynamically, i forget the overstock amount, but i think it may be 100% you could pump up a small town single AB to double capacity and hit a 2AB town that might only have 1.25% natively with 200%
  22. Sadly no not retired, during the week i pretty much live at work. This forum window is wedged between the spoolIT outage window and the netcool monitor (shhh you guys are supposed to be hiding) Everyone is documenting everything, so when we die, CRS3.0 does not have to go through this again. I would personally do a lot different, but not because crs did it bad or wrong, what they did, no one else could do at the time. Technically no game exactly does it now, they may do it prettier, but no other game has the sheer number of inter connected, interdependant objects across such a wide area in 24/7 real time, in a gameworld that in theory only has a max size limit of planet earth And what i would do different was technologically not possible at the time hardware or internet wise. @OLDZEKEWhat year was it that you could finally ditch dialup?
  23. Eh not terribly, 251 not terribly speedy, or quiet. It is bullet resistant but not satchel or atr or atg etc It has a slight advantage, but nothing too terrible. I can just wait for you to stop and then gun down your platoons till, so i dont think i'd yell about it Anyways, the allies will eventually have some vehicles of similar capability when they can be created So that will even it self up. Maybe something like 1 LMG 2 SMG and 8 rifles of some sort, sort of a generic squad layout
  24. potthead can actually get people to tow and use 88's and decimate every matilda in sight set up multiple FMS's some of them long distance from town, and get people to actually support the 88's with close infantry support a network of protective PPO's and anti air, and follow orders etc. Ive no doubt he could pull of an attack with no FMS at all. Actually he used to do it all the time, when FMS was not a thing.