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  1. Odd. newest vid i see up is this one, and i can pick 1080p60 LOL that is my FMS at arlon in the vid
  2. click gear at bottom right you youtube video window you can turn it up to 1080p On a freshly uploaded video, youtube takes time, possibly several hours, to transcode the high def version, so initially you might only see a 360p or 480p but i just checked all the existing ones and could pick 1080p, are you not seeing that?
  3. f2p do have access to trucks i believe? opel bedford laffly ?
  4. Fortunately 231 and 232 are the exact same vehicle, except for the long range radio set. Be cool if that could be like some kind of voice comms bonus later, maybe? Like a side scouting channel that only HC and players in properly equipped vehicles could broadcast on?
  5. because 3rd person view is not STO on naval guns, what you may have to do is, test on water, so flat, nothing blocking your view either online with a friend or offline with a clone, then move 8km apart, either by putting a waypoint on your friend or just looking at the clones range in binocs best you can, and using landmarks. Then try and hit the thing. Works best with a friend because he can provide real feedback even if you can not see well, when he starts taking damage. I got these results about 8km of the cliffs of dover
  6. In case others run into that, can you post what your fix was?
  7. Oh God, dont make us dig into the Lum file The conversation on airplane controls is painful yet hysterical
  8. Patch failed to complete properly This happens a lot to me also due to how my hard drives are set up and permissions. Grab the full install, and it should cure it. Re-Running the patch does not for some reason.
  9. One reason this is not done is Realistically, if a tank's hull got breached and a crew member turned to human puree, the next thing that happened was to try and get the crew safely out of the tank. You did not know what was maybe going to catch fire or explode, and you also did not have a good feeling about surviving the next shot. In some cases, you may try to retreat as well, it largely depends on what your options are, but most crews of a compromised tank did not sit and attempt to remain in the fight, tanks can be repaired or a new one built, crews not so much. Also, game wise, for scoring purposes, when you kill the gunner, you score the unit killed. Some tanks have only 2 crewmen, some tanks have 5 people inside, And aside from their jobs actually being somewhat specialized It does not play out well game wise, to take out an enemy tank, and then it has 4 more chances to go shooting you. I know other games do have this, but we try to adhere to the more realistic aspect. If you can return to the town, contested or not, if you can get into RTB range of the AB respawning gives the equivalent of repair/rearm/recrew The time is longer than 90 seconds though. It would be nice though to roll into a depot or AB garage and reammo though The biggest problem with recovery vehicles is, development time consumed weighed against actual use seen. Figure, if you remain on the battle field, the enemy will continue to hit you until you explode. So most times the damaged tank will either die or despawn before he gets totally exploded. It is not safe to try a recovery in the heat of battle, so you can only go out when the battle has died off And of course people will learn to hang out after the battle to get stat kills by taking out the recovery vehicles. So you have some real negatives to them. So you have to look at it as a whole and decide does the overall picture justify the dedicated development time taken from other needs/issues, to create not only the vehicles, but a proper backend that does not instantly reward the vehicles killer with the same exact vehicle simply rolling right back at him 3 minutes later. Most likely system would be draging the unit back close enough to RTB and having the RTB count as time reduction on the resupply ticket for it which is a lot of work to create. Now does that work justify the pulling of people off of other tasks that might better give something back to the players?
  10. 234 is a completely different, and heavier chassis 231/232 234 Ignoring the chassis, i am not sure the proper turret for say a Puma would fit the 231/232 correctly
  11. One of those things we inherited, and will find a full solution for.
  12. Mortar HE is quite deadly But sometimes you and the launcher may not be in each other's vizlist Because the mortars impact point is STO, you still see the mortar, where as if the guy could chuck a grenade 500m you would simply not even see his grenade at all. STO does not presently have a means of propagating damage. When it does, one will also learn to fear hordes of bombers sailing over town at 6km
  13. Just thought of something If germany does not attack the USSR, then perhaps the USSR does not become a not quite wanted ally of the US France and Britain. Which means no food trucks chemicals steel planes tanks etc being sent. Wonder how much that would factor into things? Also, lets say that Stalin instead attacks germany some time in 42, but until then continues to pitch in on the axis land grabs etc wonder what effect that might have on the allied sentiment towards taking them on as an ally? perhaps you get germany and the ussr both defending on 2 fronts?
  14. You may try deleting this registry key and let it be recreated Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Playnet
  15. Interesting idea, probably 0 relation to game, but if Germany does not do an about face on the USSR, then USSR technically remains an axis friend, if not ally which would disallow Japan from doing anything that would be seen as aggression towards the USSR because it could risk the support of Germany. USSR instead of fighting on the eastern front could aid Germany in sweeping south, assuming they could agree on how to divvy things up and what not. Japan, i am not sure what they do? Continue to press the pacific i guess? Somehow though, at the end of all things, i still foresee the two (Germany and USSR) going toe to toe Probably nuking each other over middle east oil fields
  16. Bocage (Normandy) and Norway, are in this map (Theater) They just are not populated yet, be kind of strange to put 12 towns in them and have them be 100km away from everyone else? Long Resupply run from Frankfurt to Oslo?
  17. Hehe i wanna do a map where the axis have invaded and taken england and are ready to invade france from both the east, and across the channel
  18. I would like to have that be a very distinct campaign possibility some day. It would be very hard at the moment though due to a slight lack of populated real estate in England. For the axis instead of Sealion, it would kind of be Seacub. We will eventually get there though
  19. When FB is blown, there is no footprint, it ceases to exist that is how they are pulling it off
  20. Yes, even the US used a few captured things (Axis used captured EVERYTHING. I just find it amusing French guys chasing the axis east in a tiger France
  21. Not sure, i would not even know if that was its original paint scheme before restoration or not. I do find it kind of amusing, a bunch of french guys chasing axis forces, in an AXIS tank
  22. Well, could be leningrad tigers? Yea i know, the paint, everyone paints tigers in NA colors, guess it's just the most popular depiction? I'd probably have done something more like this maybe Know something funny? The french forces, in 44/45 after the landings captured and used a tiger against the axis all the way back to germany. It's the one on display at Saumur i believe? (And even it is painted iirc in the NA scheme, weird)
  23. AB's, at least there is EWS that lets you know someone is poking about town. And of course there is the part where you cant put the objects inside the spawns because the building is present. So there is some kind of opportunity to go look, and not spawn with a fence pole up your butt. The FB on the other hand, if people are putting the objects inside the spawn buildings, by using the fact that the building is not present when the FB is down but the overmap shows the location it will be at, not terribly funny at all. It's one thing to spawn in and have to shoot away some object, it's another to spawn in and find you are being shove or throw or moved against your will because you are clipping an object that should not be there.
  24. That should be correct, i dont think it can lift 8 F200's? And havoc carries 8 GP250 Bell and the Hurri FB have F200 and MC500 respectively And the other one has a GP500, and i cant remember off hand what it is unless i dreamed it. My thoughts are this. Arty gun, little or even no self hauled ammo No click N shoot sighting or self supplied long range optics (binocs). No easy mode to it, it would be difficult to use. That is the price for being able to try to deploy a wide area denial weapon So using it requires at least someone providing ammo, and at least one person serving as a forward observer calling fire accurate corrections. One gun of course does not exactly deliver enough ammo down range fast enough, even if it is a good fire team and have rounds on target, to shut things down So to do much, you need several. Which of course gains you a lot of notability from air sweeps when they start seeing multiple smoke locations and shell streaks, so you may need to set up a proper arty location, with air support and what not. If you successfully start delivering barrages, someone is coming hunting for you, and even a blen mk I could become suddenly your worst nightmare.