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  1. the game is not pay to win, it is pay to play. It has always been pay to play BF1942, i can run onto the beach with a bolt rifle, throw it down grab a flame thrower, run jump in a tank, crash it into a building jump in a plane, fly to the enemies base, jump out and cap the base, run out, steal a plane, fly the the enemies carrier, steal it and go shell them with it. This is not BF1942
  2. ? that is not nerfed. that is just how the game works. A tanker can not jump out and run over to the abandoned spitfire and take off into the sky either And pilots can not jump out of their planes over a bunker, to parachute to the ground and run in and capture. Yes when you die, the equipment is lost, and the other guy gets to smile cause he knows you now have one less of them. No, you don't get another persons help to push the big AA gun, you already have the man power pushing it of it's entire group though. You think you would move an 88 or 17 pounder by yourself? On virgin ground? Not terribly likely unless you happen to be a very angry Bruce Banner. Even an MLE34 you would not go jaunting down the road very far alone. No, you are not getting it Perhaps go to CSR and look at my last 100 unit types spawned
  3. I'd like bombers to be able to bomb lots of things, that they get some kind of result from doing, and that they can bomb from proper altitudes right now. Bombing AF's? sure. Just has to be done in a manner that works well overall gamewise. In warbirds, we could bomb the airbases, and it would shut them down, but after a time they would come back up so if you wanted them taken down hard, you had to keep hitting them. And that kept bringing the fighters after you, and so your escorts had to keep furballing etc etc. It was done in a way that generated action while attempting to get the result
  4. Something much overlooked. You can multi crew the 88 (any ATG really), and that commander has a range finder with good binocs. While the gunner is blasting things, the commander can very accurately spot and mark the incoming targets so the gunner has only to set range, aim and fire. If you are trying to take out the 88, use HE You have to kill the crewmen, and with AP if you miss thier bodies a bit, they will just deploy and fire back. If you are having to hit it frontally, try and hit the gun body, that way the frags will spray out behind the gun shield wounding the crew.
  5. Wanna bet? Last campaign, i spent 2 hours running people all over the place in a laffly The same laffly, went to multiple different towns and FB's I've also driven B1's to suddenly show up at a british AO out of no where. Back in the day, when i was in BKB, we would many times drive up to the next AO etc unless it was a jump halfway across the map it was fun.
  6. that does not work too well in some cases due to NAT
  7. Hold your shorts, i'm a moving them the original barracks had nothing but flat sides, and they literally clipped a lot of them together Now that they actually have something on the outside to use, the bad placement is showing up Yea, got a few pics of the strange floating 1 pixel thick thingy stretching across town but everyone has their UI turned off, can you show me a picture of it with UI on so i can see town and lat/lon then i could look for you and see what building models are in that area, and work from there
  8. I am not sure you can bomb like that except from the fighter bombers? DB7 and HE-111 cant drop in a steep dive i dont think? Dont think i would enjoy lawndarting 30 fighter bombers, but i guess someone might?
  9. This be true, but the FB is kind of a small object, that is attempting to represent something that really cant be constrained to 2 little tents and some supply crates, and the FB has no opportunity to pick it's location, Yet
  10. It's more a matter of this And keep in mind, our engine is not limited to the presented gameworld, just simply no one had plunked down land farther I could put the entire planet in there, though the TT ride to New York harbor would suck There are things that we can do, are doing, and are investigating, to improve appearance. A lot of it is a matter of very old textures. But approaching a level of COD/BF1 etc type graphics in a game where you can not control and limit the environment to achieve them probably is not possible with out doing things that limit game play. At any given time, our client keeps 3,200 km X 3,200 km or 25 super cells of terrain loaded and ready to go including all the possible object 3D models and textures one might find in it. You do not have to contend with that in a shoebox game, If i am not in paris, i dont need to have paris loaded nor do i need models of the arc, the eiffel tower, the louvre or the palace of versailles loaded or their artwork cause i can do it while loading that map, if i am in Tobruk, i dont need to worry about loading a bunch of windmills and marshgrass etc in Holland, nor bother having Cairo loaded in memory
  11. Perhaps, but if you factored the FB's life expectancy based of the games most powerful bomb, it 'might' work. It also might not and might devolve into what you describe. It's definitely a thing that could be tested, analyzed, and changed quickly if it was found to become what you suspect. Remember, i suggested that for each additional means one gains of damaging the FB, that the FB becomes a bit stronger. Kind of give and take to balance it out. I would not mind having FB takedowns become a full on brawl.
  12. put photos on then just paste links in post and it will insert them
  13. FB's currently take what? 23 satchels? Change the damage to require the total damage equivalent of just say 15 SC250 bomb direct hits For the Infantry spawn and 15 for the Vehicle spawn, the crates can remain as they are. Yes, this means it would take more satchels of doing it purely by ground. It is a trade off for gaining combined arms damage. So around 30 bomb hits, or a combo of bombs and satchels. Numbers could be tweaked around for best result. I liked back in the day when bombers could hurt FB's, just did not like that 1 single bomb took out the whole works. Personally, i would be ok with 75mm or larger HE tank shells being able to contribute damage as well. The more things you allow to contribute to breaking it, the more you increment the max damage it can take so as to not have it simply become easy FB ping pong, which was the only downside of how it originally was. a couple B1 75mm rounds and FB was down, that was way too easy, then the StuG B would pop 2, and FB down, and back and forth it would go just like that.
  14. Don't get me wrong, in the right situation a couple riflemen can screw up a tanks day. Got a stubborn churchill or tiger and your guys cant get a flank hit on it. One guy drops a sandbag right behind the tank, other puts one beside it, then you both slap HE satchels on it, which to the tanker sounds like SAPPER! then take cover, while the tank tries to make a panic escape. Tank gets jacked up and has no choice but to go forward or forward and turn, and maybe gets your tank or atg a good shot. (last camp, i watched 2 guys box a tank almost totally in, cause the tank was to busy firing down its flank and never looked to see them, when it tried to drive away, it couldnt move LOL) But mostly, avoid the tanks
  15. This is not true. On release, all you had to do was show up and you got everything for 30 days free After that, free players got something similar to the starter subscription, in that they got access to several units plus a weekly or monthly staff chosen bonus item, could be an ATG, could be anti tank rifles, etc. There were various other ones tried as well. Really the only feedback was everything should be free all the time and let someone else pay for it no one was happy with anything except give us everything free. There are now DLC which you only buy once and you keep them. And people want those to be free, and say it is greedy Stop combating the armor. Mark it, Disabled it, Blind it and go around it. You can't combat armor with most infantry free or subscribed.