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  1. FMS is simply a truck function, it's a PPO so if you are a truck, you can make an FMS Probably could use a mention in the ad copy since if you never used a truck before, you might not know it. I dont have anything to do with advertising, I couldn't sell Jesus to a Nun but i'll bring it up to @XOOM
  2. Well, in fairness, they can grab a 1 time DLC and have a truck eternally 7 bucks ABOUT THIS CONTENT Become a Recruit and gain access to the following vehicles and weapons: M1928 Thompson SMG (Reserve) M1A1 Thompson SMG (Reserve) Sten Mk II SMG (Reserve) M3A1 Grease Gun SMG (Reserve) Mas38 SMG (Reserve) Beretta SMG (Reserve) MP40 SMG (Reserve) Fairmile B Patrol Ship (Royal Navy, French Navy, Kriegsmarine) Opel Blitz (German Truck) Laffly S-20 (French Truck) Bedford Truck (US & British Truck) Reserve Submachine Guns provide base level access to the submachine gun class. They are equipped with 4 magazines of ammo, a grenade, and a knife.Trucks are capable of transporting infantry, re-supplying any ground unit, and towing small anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns.The Fairmile B patrol ship fits within the rivers across the game map. You can load infantry and transport them. It has a 2 Pounder anti-tank gun on the bow (front). It also has several machine guns. It also has a single and double barrel anti-aircraft gun that fires a devastating high-explosive round capable of shooting aircraft down, blowing up trucks and eliminating enemy personnel (infantry).
  3. It still matters, you aren't doing wrong by backing up. But the incoming fire info is simplified, so you wont get precision impact point info. You do get "I hit you" messages from what i can tell by shooting myself, which result in triggering hit sounds. So use your audio together with the rounds you see, if it sounds like you are taking solid hits, you probably are.
  4. I can't quite answer that Silky, i am not working on the 1.36 stuff It's all host and code and mechanics and i would not be any great help there. I am sure there will be "A way back" rather than just "Well oil beef act" but i do not know how it may work exactly
  5. Well the 1st part i am pretty sure is still yes, capture a linked depot and you can use it as a spawnable same as now. Bounce the AB, i can not answer for sure, i am not working on the 1.36 stuff But i think it would probably not change in part. You'd loose garrison main force in town, but because of your rear town/FB links, you would be able to spawn the connecting depots until the axis shuts them down by capturing them. Ain't over til the fat lady sings I do not know how the routing and fallback and what not mechanics will work though
  6. Silky, you're stuttering again Depot's and their supply links will still be valid, they will still be the means by which a town can be resupplied etc. Beyond that, i'm not sure what you might mean, and might not know the answer. I am not sure on the fallback mechanic
  7. Dont we have every friendly on target in map now? and some town object feedback, could use right click interaction though I'd love a map whiteboard. I used to hit alt printscreen, then alt tab to JOC's IRC and paste game screen into white board then we could draw on it
  8. If you mean the old calib hack to desensitize the 109 rudder? that is not needed anymore. And it wont be in your calibration file unless you actually hand edit it in. 109 is not floppy any more, i can actually fly it even. The rudder does have a max amount it can move, and i think you can niggle it a bit by using trim. I suppose you could map rudder trim to same axis as rudder, though it may fly kind of funky. I would recommend instead setting up a rudder key to momentarily to full rudder trim if you want to try something like that, can not promise it will do much but This would add left and right arrow keys as a momentary (meaning only as long as you press it) full rudder trim. release and trim goes back to center, with numpad 4 and 5 functioning as normal incremental trim. Hitting the momentaries cancels out any trim you had set on release. Also note the index = Those keep your keys from cancelling each other out. Multiple keys in a <control> </control> sequence need to be indexed or it wont honor them all. The index number technically does not matter, as long as none are the same <control function="Rudder trim"> <joyaxis stick="0"></joyaxis> <keyabsolute value="100.00" onrelease="50.00" index="10"> <key>left arrow</key> </keyabsolute> <keyabsolute value="0.00" onrelease="50.00" index="11"> <key>right arrow</key> </keyabsolute> <keydelta value="1.00" per="keypress" index="1"> <key>numpad 4</key> </keydelta> <keydelta value="-1.00" per="keypress" index="2"> <key>numpad 5</key> </keydelta> </control>
  9. go to the wiki ( look up the advanced keymapper, i have examples of the flaps
  10. A13 is faster, if you poke them both on a flat road, it is a lot lighter too, in real life anyways. A13 only has a 4 speed gearbox though, to the PZIII's 6 speed, which means nothing much in a race down a flat road but it does help offroad with finding a gear range that lets you keep the engine in it's power band. It's suspension does feel a bit quirky, but it is not the only one that feels kind of strange, for lack of a better word. At least it is not the 2001/2002 quirky where it rolls over constantly. I think Hatch wants to get all the vehicles through extensive audits at some point. Need Bill and Ted's most excellent time machine.
  11. And Merlin can actually fly it! At least better than Lordjim can fly a P38 LOL
  12. Lets just take T0 as one specific example. Allies field the only two heavy armored units in the time period Matilda mkII, and Char B1 bis Currently the only way to combine the two is to put two brigades together, and that means taking away from someplace, and the other guy can look and see that you got double heavies there and can try to plan or react accordingly, and again it is a situation where you have to make a choice by taking them away from some other area, leaving a weak point guarded perhaps by a navy or air unit only. In 1.36 you wont have them in the same town, you would have to drive in to support each other like that. Your idea would make the AB spew out B1's and Matildas, together, always. You would either have a rolling fortress, or you would have to chop down the available units to be like 1 of each max. So you have to royally screw up many units numbers in the spawn pools to make up for the fact you have some weird mega spawn pool going on. There are also other aspects, like it would feel totally unrealistic, like WoT or WT or something. If you defeat france, you dont expect to meet the french army again when you land at dover, or the US army when you can eventually take out and capture their shipping insertion point, and if you defeat germany and head south to milan, one does not expect the wehrmacht to come rolling out of the alps, just feels weird. It also takes away strategic aspects of assigning different countries to cover different areas. Brit armor may do well in the flat lands, but french armor owns the hill country, it climbs like sheep. The axis will eventually have italy as a stand alone faction and i'm sure they would like to be able to have some of the same choices allies do now. Doing this, they would never be able to run them as an independent faction, which they VERY MUCH want to do, ask them.
  13. Hehehe that shows just how little any of us looked at fort rommel etc over the years, me included. the land went from 30 meters above sea level to 0 meters, across a span of 400m, and the AB walls anchor point was a few meters into a flat elevation. Not quite San Francisco, but yea had to level it out. PS: If you tell anyone of the secret anti gravity wall material, we will have to silence you
  14. from a 2pdr? not much to lose there. maybe if they got littlejohn adapters. I'd be more worried in a tiger if a pack of Laffly W15TCC's came flying over a hill, those could actually hurt me
  15. Not possible. The tiger would fall asleep or die of old age before 5 matildas got that far. If 5 matilda do come upon a tiger, their new tactic better be to remain silent, seek cover, and radio the tigers position and activities to others. Because while the matilda might survive a few baddly angled hits from the tiger, it isnt going to survive square hits unless it's maybe 2km away And it wont be able to outrun it, even if it is 2km away And the only way its going to kill the tiger is if one of them can shove their gun up the tigers tail pipe.