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  1. the XML thing i think is only a workaround for the language crash at persona screen You say you do not get that far though. Do you get a missing dll message with the crash, or just simply a crash? Fix patch should be coming for both of those (language crash, and the online hard crash) the online only hard crash i am not sure the cause of
  2. XML wont be in downloads? it would be in c:\users\user name\documents\battleground europe. What discord links are you seeing? as these still work, just tested them both, from ALLIED SERVER AXIS SERVER Is there some other discord links listed someplace? Can you link to location you are seeing them?
  3. Technically a buildings ruins could be 10 times bigger than the building. But the problem that would arise is that the building has 0 awareness of anything but itself, It would not know if its ruins wound up clipped strangely into some undamaged object or the side of a riverbank etc. So it would be very hard to lay out a town that does not look terribly strange after some things get broken, so you try to keep the broken state within the same footprint as the unbroken. The roads are a completely separate object class, they are literally part of the ground as far as the gameworld is concerned and as such do not presently take damage from anything or have any awareness of being hurt. They would be a kind of feature that would have to be looked into sometime down the road
  4. He is affected by the crash bug
  5. Eh, i was just curious. I know coding is working on a hotfix, they are too busy working on it to ask why it is doing it.
  6. @aismov just for giggles If you put WW2.exe in windowsXP servicepack 3 compat mode aside from having to click YES at the admin prompt, does it make any difference?
  7. Binoculars come in a fixed power (Zoom) They do not generally have any means of changing that, at least not the average WWII variety of field glasses. They would mostly be fixed power 7X50 6X30 etc. No zooming there. They already have a visual range in excess of the unit rendering range
  8. No, what ever the source of the issue is, it seems to affect only a small number of people. Even still, getting it corrected is a high priority.
  9. Doubtful, what you are referring to is//was the self generating, client side only, radial clutter. It looked great, but only you saw it, other people could turn it off, and it had a fixed radius outside of which i did not exist. What Xl2rippr has going on there is static physical models, like a tree or building so everyone sees the same thing as far as the object goes. That of course does not always mean you are as hidden as you thought you were, but the grass would not vanish out from under you 200m away. It would have a low detail LOD so someone looking from a distance would still see grass, just not as detailed. Kind of like how trees go to a low detail model when far away. So most likely, if you are too far away to render the grass, you are too far away to render the guy in said grass.
  10. You do realize that you are looking at a model OUTSIDE of the game, in a preliminary environment, where 20,000 things will happen to it before it moves to being tested inside the actual game engine. Nothing looks the same outside the game, not even existing stuff
  11. From C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Battleground Europe edit wwiiol.xml Change <value name="app.fontsize" type="long" value="14"/> try setting the number to something between 14 and 16 be advised though, it affects fontsize in the whole UI not just chat Higher than 16 might run the text in like ammo counters too big where you might not see it but no harm in trying. The UI settings ingame only allows for i think like 12 max
  12. what resolution are you running? Chat font you can make larger from in game, under preferences, which may help
  13. Spooky Does the game crash before or after arriving at the persona screen? There is some language bug that will crash it at the persona screen if the language is not english. That is being worked on. You do not specify what issue you had though? On a windows 10 PC that are some other reasons. Windows 10 by default does not have older visual C libraries installed, which the game needs. That kind of problem usually results in the game crashing with a message stating that a certain DLL file can not be found. If you have that kind of crash, it is an easy fix, just need to know what DLL it's wanting and can tell you with MS VC++ runtime library to install I think there was one other crash issue that appeared last patch that affects a small amount of people, where the game does just hard crash with no reason given. I believe a fix is being worked on for that.
  14. Top right of webpage, See your name up there? Click dropdown, and choose account settings instead of profile. In account settings is your Signature, which is the part you wanted. Profile is for things other people can go look at about you without you having to take part. Sig people only get to see when You decide to post. All i did was edit it for you and put in the image you were wanting Now you can go ad more images, or text lines etc.