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  1. even discord will allow you to do that the game wont care what you use for audio
  2. Probably the simplest auto system is what the original system was to have been, it requires no player input to run Factory fills equipment order tickets Those leave the factory and travel town by town, following the depot links to their required destination. There is traffic the other way, towns send raw materials they generate, depot by depot to the factories. Small farm town might send AI horse carts over to a larger town, which sends out from the next connecting depot with a truck convoy. Some may be capable of sending out via a train. You basically have at least something moving someplace somewhere on the map at all times. Downed bridges do delay transportation as the AI has to spend some of the resources to repair the bridge before it can procede A horse cart might have to make quite a few trips from depot to bridge and back to "spend" enough to repair it. And the whole system just runs on it's own, and the convoy times are somewhat random, inbound stuff is based on need replacement tickets Outbound stuff is based on the RP generation ability of a town, when it's storage is full, it sends out a convoy to get the RP on it's way to the factory.
  3. I would be afraid of trying to torpedo with an HE-111 A swordfish isnt fast, but it can jink around like mad HE-111 not so much, awful low and slow, i'd probably wind up food for the AA guns. I'd give this a whirl though
  4. SCORE! Merlin may actually live with wings intact. Doubtful though
  5. Those things are being addressed, but as you will agree, they are a lot more complex to fix, and so will take more time. You have multiple issues going on there, which do pertain to all planes really. It's coming, but it is a lot more complex to address, so takes more time. No quick fix for it, have to address it down at the fundamental core level
  6. Is kind of the same for infantry in general, careful getting your face too close to the sandbags wall for example. It is something we want to fix, it just has not proved an easy simple thing because of the infantry collider function and how it was initially made.
  7. I promise, i will never tell a sole
  8. Actually, this was not brought about in a hurry. It has been a topic of various discussions for more than a year. Xoom has been learning more about the internals of the game itself and in learning that this was something he was able to work on and independently offer up a resolution, much like OldZeke learned some stuff on his own and was able to locate the normal maps issue and offer a solution independent of other work flow.
  9. Oh no leave it as it, the confusion will be very amusing It might be the one time having FF on is actually hysterical
  10. Well, like i said, not quite the same But you have the auditory, and the visual of the explosions, and the wtf? these kill me now part So it is a little suppressing, in a way. Mind you some people would run through a wall of fire, burn to a crisp, and then run back LOL
  11. I guess you could say they did kind of get some. With the infantry hardness changes, it's no longer safe to run through a bracketed mortar barrage, the frags kill you. Not exactly the same i guess, but it only takes a time or two for most to realize oh crap, these are fatal now, need to take another path
  12. Even within same unit type it would get kind of unfun. Sacrifice all of these for one of those, nothing to use unless you have rank for the small amount of those. It did make a lot of unhappiness, i remember logging in once, was going to multicrew some lower level vehicle with athena, think an R35 and there were 0 available 1 max, they had gotten scrapped The idea in general was cool, but not well implemented. Not enough checks and balances to make sure no one got the carpet pulled from under them. Also probably should have been split up more Factory class A affects raw production (resupply) Factory class B affects tank development Factory class C affects fighter plane research etc. Which of course would also require a more complicated tiers mechanism with multiple sliding classes. Also probably need to cap the max effect you can impose. Like for example, Max tier delay of class, 24 hours (4 game days) It is a game, and it is not terribly fun to have the other guy indefinitely bombed to tier 0 for the entire campaign. It's like sitting there in Mammoth tanks and F16's and the other guy keeps coming at you with FT17s and sopwith camels
  13. Don't think I would call the FG42 an LMG We'd probably call it a battle rifle, once upon a time when those still existed. Precursor to an assault rifle, which axis would go invent one of those too, too late for them but the idea continued on. Fairly sure the LW's idea was to create a standardized weapon the FJ could drop with that would cover all their needs, suppressive and aimed rifle like firing and simplify logistics. They built it light, designed it to be ergonomically used as a rifle, even making some later changes to it ergonomically that would carry over into assault rifles for decades. They even named it Paratrooper Rifle, and they were kind of anal about naming things LW wanted the full rifle cartridge for the range, the US did the same in the M14 Everything that is agreed on as a dedicated support LMG is ergonomically utter crap for using as an assault rifle, battle rifle, rifle in general, smg etc
  14. best bolt rifle by what category Fastest cycle time no 4 enfield Highest stopping power K98 Sights are more a personal pref
  15. For what it is worth, there are a good number of us here that are both prior and present service both old school stone age, and present modern. So that is really an unfair thing to say.
  16. Fair question: As xoom mentioned, the reloading is not a simple thing that can simply be adjusted. We are kind of stuck for now with the method originally designed for it, which is pretty solidly pinned to the granny animations. You basically have to kind of remodel the whole trooper to change it. In that same mechanism, no original facility was made for say putting three rounds in a revolver and then halting the reload to try an use those three rounds to dispatch some knife wielding mad man running at you. Same for a rifle that uses multiple strippers to fully load, or a sniper rifle than is hand loading due to scope mounting. That would require the creation of a new code supported mechanic, as well as a new animation system that can follow the mechanic and have interruptible points It would not be the kind of thing that would be quickly doable, and would pull resources from other things that you would probably rather see first. They would be nice additions at some later time when more pressing things have been addressed and such.
  17. LMG classes do in general burn ATP at a faster rate then say a rifleman though, so they do not sprint as far with out needing to slow down or rest prone if you need a really quick recovery.
  18. @potthead You want to field that one, you are very good at doing just exactly that
  19. ? Only place i am hearing that is from you, or are you asking to have this ?
  20. If you dont spawn in, how exactly are there to be more LW pilots in the air?
  21. Just like to clarify DOC did not do that, he did not even have to power to do that. He maybe the one voted to become the whipping boy for it, make the announcement, take all the heat etc but powers far beyond DOC made those category decisions, he just gets the blame.
  22. That is true, but for the game, it needs to know if you mean to be deployed or not. At least as it operates now. If it was left to `auto deploy' so to speak, any time you got near a valid surface it would try deploying you, and if the surface was invalid your guy would come down with a case of tourettes when you really just need him to shoot, someplace, anyplace, cause Ryman is running towards you with a knife. Limitation of present code. It does offload some stuff though to make a bit for it. Never have to fiddle with the belt, or check the bolt, or eject a stuck round, or pull the butt plate back up, or re-situate the gun etc. and it lets you jump back up and start running with out having to take the time to undeploy. So i guess overall, it balances out a little, at least until some time in the future when a different way of determining if the gun is actually in a state of stable fire or not, not to mention NOT starting to run before you are even at your knees after being prone LOL. You need to have strong words with your assistant gunner. He is making you have to open the receiver cover for nothing. Need to smack him about a little bit.