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  1. May be too late when you step back into a hole. This is why armies have rear eschelon corps and civilian groups etc. Those are not fun to play in a combat game, so you let the game manage them.
  2. And players do not really want to load engineers up in a truck and drive 30 towns to the rear, to go fix a bridge that isn't even effecting the play area yet. You going to drive guys from Brussels to berlin to fix the bridges?
  3. This is one reason that for bridges i do not advocate removing their ability to auto repair over a fair time period. If i go 30 towns deep and wack a bridge, the effect is going to be Meh, because there are mostly likely plenty of alternate supply links to where i just killed the bridge at. So there is little reason to force players to go play janitor in an area they are far away from playing in. It wont matter if the bridge is out for 3 or 4 hours or something and left to repair itself. When the action area gets to where the bridge starts coming into immediate importance, then they can worry that 3 or 4 hours is too long and head out to manually fix it.
  4. Not to derail anyones cool ideas, but baby steps... 1st, bridges have to become a thing. Presently, they are nothing but a physical object that is able to take damage. The only reason the server cares about them is that they take damage, and the server is the master damage counter. Think of the bridges as just a house with a nametag So just to give a rough idea, starting with the basics... Bridge must become a real supply/strat level object, they have to become a link in the supply route Town A BRIDGE Town B / Town C for example The bridge has to become like a secondary means of connecting the linked depots (And possibly the rail facilities also, but basics 1st) So Depot link (and i am making up psedo code) has a new data line Has Bridge [Bridge Name] So if bridge is broken, supply link is broken, even if the depots remained untouched. This is just a made up example, a very simple one at that, but first the bridge must learn to serve its most basic of function. Not glamorous or anything, but once the bridge can begin serving that function, then you can add icing. So big 1st question is how should it function in its most basic of purpose?
  5. Even if you did this, i think you would almost have to have it POOF on the map after the first few guys go patrolling the front lines in scout cars and pointing binocs at the towns, or using the air transport planes, which also have binocs for the co pilot, or infantry scouts even.
  6. I did, feel free to go look. My rank sucks, but it's all mine. And i dont remember us having the TOM points until later, like 2002 / 2003
  7. Oh, i see you have met the terrain editor program?
  8. The fun comes about 30 days later, though the swelling will be gone in about 7
  9. That's because you chopped his clean off, we just want to tie yours in a knot.
  10. Not at first, or at least i did not know of it anyways until later, getting rank for a infantry defensive mission (or doing rounds of truck drops). If you look at my game stats, you will see that i am not very good in the air, i die lots when i fly, and i dont have much rank. But the rank i do have, i got from playing with the hawks and 110s, and blen MK I's and to be honest, my skill does not really justify me using anything much else. For me to be not a just a waste of a good plane, i'd need to get gudder, lots gudder. Considering that you are one of the people that i would consider more than capable of waxing some goofball in some high tier plane with rank 0 rides Why did you find it unfun? With out simply handing out a free plane, what could make it more fun?
  11. Everyone here that has been here a long time got themselves into 109's and Spitfire's etc, by flying 110's and hawks and hurricanes and blens and stukas. The people who can spank your arse and send you home to mommy in a 109, can slap the snot out of you in a 110. They flew them, they died, they learned, they got good, they moved up.
  12. We do, I agree, but it is more than simply how many men does it take to screw in a bridge. We need to design a mechanic where the game sees the bridges differently from a strat view, and they have more meaning and value than can I drive here or not. No. Only two towns deep on the lines. If I go way behind your lines, pre-popping all your bridges, you will be loath to get men there to put them back up aside from pulling front line engineers and boarding them on transport planes and flying them all over. That is not playing, that is doing janitorial work that no one will find fun in except the guy in the plane. No way to do that currently, the bridge is not a supply object, there for is not able to have any kind of spawnable assets as it sits. Like I said, I would love to redo the entire bridge thing, but we can not start every project at once. Each in it's own time. Which is why you don't want to relegate them to janitorial tasks that are no fun. It takes at least 10 engineers, or 10 ammo reloads to repair the bridge. That is assuming someone is not opposing it, in which case they keep hitting it to negate the repair. And there is little safety for the repair crew, they are easy pickings unless no one is opposing them. Bridges have remained down for hours in a hot zone regardless of efforts to repair this. You know this as you were one trying to help repair it on at least one occasion.
  13. Every time ive worn one of those, I felt like my arse was swinging in the breeze
  14. Personally, i have fun with the 110 But you want noobs to have spitfires and D520's?
  15. I guess one reason to auto repair might be because you can AO and blow up any bridge easily enough but getting guys to a far out of the way location to repair it is kind of difficult. Originally, it would have cost your side money to auto repair a bridge it owned (Money meaning RP) RP spent on a bridge meant less RP for building resupply. Having bridges with in 2 lines of front lines not auto repair could be kind of cool, but presently the bridge does not actually know where it is in that respect. At some point, i would love to go redo how bridges are seen and handled. On the repair kits, i get you on the difficulty, i guess with present limited options, and amount of units that can actually repair them, you have to take some happy medium to keep it a viable possibility. maybe when we have some viable alternatives to a bridge, could up the cost of repair?
  16. I am not working on 1.36, not much i could do to help with it directly We have creator, it makes 3d objects. It does not tell the game what to do with them though. DM is a combination of things, only one of them taking part in creator. I dont work in creator, i dont have the skill. So i can't go do anything there, and the stuff i am working with, the only other person that understands it (because it is asininely confusing) is DOC So no one can just go drop everything and come help do it. It isn't a thing 20 people can help do anyways So do i stop and sit on my thumbs? Hatch, among 7000 other things, is working with the infantry and crew damage. It's also not something where you can have 20 fingers in it and 20 different lines of thought. The art people can not help with it, do they stop then? It is not that cut and dried as to who is or isn't doing anything about something or what "everyone" is doing. Just because a present immediate goal might be A, it doesn't mean B and C are doing nothing
  17. Stretch goal!!!! Reward for meeting it A full size poster of Doc In a G-String!
  18. Increased detail is party a matter of replacing or rewriting the renderer, balanced against the max possible scene one might experience in a battle. being that the game is an open world MMO and you can go anywhere and have the potential to run into a large number of situations with a large number of player avatars and lots of stuff going on there is a limit which another type of game is able to push beyond but yes, we could have better. We can have better looking even with what we have now, and we are working on replacing existing art, you can do wonders with textures. More towns is primarily a function currently, of how much time does Merlin51 have available, as well as how much time does QA have available in between the 1000 other things they have assigned to go through and test and debug them all. I also have to balance that time between creating something new, and fixing bugs in something old. Stuff is coming though, if you investigate the map to the east and west along the north edge of france, and do some peeking south of berry, you will get some hints. The tools for creating terrain are very antique, so they dont make for the fastest work. Better roads is a mostly just a function of art/3d modeling though you could never do a 1 to 1 recreation, even in 1940, europe is a virtual spiderweb of various different little roads. But roads are just art. I say just art, but art is a lot of work, and our little volunteer art team are working their butts off, art work is needed every place. Real train system, aside from the visual models them selves, is an entirely host sided thing and not really dependent on the game engine per se. It is something that most likely will need to be recreated from the ground up using the original concept and function info as a guide but writing all the code from scratch.
  19. Dangit! I was all excited too Valid point, if anyone has seen screen shots from the 2001 - 2002 period, the graphics were more sparse than the game panzer commander running in 3DFX Glide mode. And we would have 2000+ people logged in, and there could be battles so populated that you waged a 2nd war with the vizlist as it tried to decide which of the 800 things you were looking at was the most fatal to you. (back then IIRC our max viztable size was 64 players) Every building was paper, there was very little ground cover, very simplistic textures, it was visually underwhelming even for 2001. And yet people played in mass.
  20. Eh you are arguing with saronin, you cant win, if you win he will just change his position, therefore making it so you cant win
  21. So you want this? Entires AOs will cease while everyone tries to hump the avatar LOL
  22. LoL he was always so gullible though. Hey moxin where are you? Oh we are doing a big convoy to dinant Oh really? cool where are you? We are near the 4th turn east, im guarding the rear of the convoy (mind you i am playing french) start R35, slowly waddle out to a bush way way down the road minutes and minutes away, wait for convoy ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM pzIII's rolling past Wait for very last PZ Peek out of bush, POP, hit reverse and back up at the blinding speed of half a mile per day On RW moxin: uuh did you just shoot me me: me? umm no, not at all (muffled sound of laughing) moxin: YOU DID! you shot mE! Where you ever on when he started blasting tunak tunak tun by dahler mendy over coms? LOL
  23. I was cheated, you never made me famous, just killed me lots Well except moxin, all his tanks have holes in the rear armor
  24. They might. Not saying their dispersion is correct in game, small arms audit will catch those if they are not, but i can kind of see where they might take something like that. Since the french envisioned all the tanks working in close infantry support rather than dedicated armor engagements, a good amount dispersion might be seen as desirable? Covering lots of area and keeping heavy suppression going . Again, i am not saying you are wrong, just that it would not surprise me to find out that they speced them for heavy dispersion. These are the guys who mounted an immobile bow gun that is not terribly useful unless you are straddling trenches
  25. I am not quite sure how they will do that. Maybe 1 small HQ with 1 small BDE attached for brit and same for french due to split factions And either same for axis, or a single larger one for axis, though doing it the same as allies will make it easier later when you have to figure out the same thing for the italian air force? Though i think we would normally have enough AF's, until the map swings deep one way or the other, to be able to run resupply missions which are also great n00b pilot training. I remember having those back in the day, with a vet pilot leading and teaching some maneuvers while enroute