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  1. Well, I for my part have been subscribed with my 2 accounts for the past 12 months and I plan to remain so for the next 12, so I'll happily accept the lower price. Thanks! I find it strange that people are arguing over a few dollars a month to play a game that you first have to put down a grand for a computer to be able to play at all... Sure, there are people who are having a hard time, but if you really are in such bad financial shape, then maybe a gaming rig shouldn't be on your shopping list either? As for the "should be free" crowd: There is no such thing as a free lunch. For that model to be financially sustainable to CRS, you would end up having to pay the same amount in the end anyway. And would you really want a game where only the people with extra cash to spare could spawn a Tiger? I remember playing WarBirds back in 1995. In case you don't remember, that cost $2/hour! Things are better now, no matter what you think.
  2. Yeah, it seems to be whether Windows thinks the display is in portrait or landscape mode that makes the difference. In the win7 resolution control panel, it calls this "portrait" presumably because the individual displays are rotated. If I switch to "landscape", I get the equivalent of having 3 monitors stacked on top of each other (on its side, of course) with a resolution of 1920x3600. But BE will happily run with that resolution, although the UI is totally messed up and the view unplayably narrow... I wish it looked at the number of pixels instead of at "portrait" or "horizontal". As to "better", the resolution is definitely better. The FOV is not much wider, but it should be a lot easier to pick out the attitude of enemy planes to find other units with 3x more pixels...
  3. I think they are announcing the new cards in a few days. They won't be out until 2011 sometime.
  4. I just got my Eyefinity set up, with 3x24" monitors and a 5870. I first tried with the monitors in landscape mode and BE started ok. With such a wide screen, the display is so distorted at the edges that I thought I'd try running them in portrait instead, to get more resolution. However, the game doesn't start at all, it just flashes the screen and nothing happens. Nothing in the log files, either. Has anyone successfully tried running BE with this setup? The resolution, including bezel compensation, is 3926x1920.
  5. You should also try downloading the LinX stress test and make sure it will run for many hours without an error. That'll stress your CPU etc and make sure it's holding up. Finally, for the graphics card there's FurMark that stresses your GPU. Make sure all 3 of these can run for *a long time* without errors or crashes, and monitor CPU and GPU temperatures. This'll help track down which of the subsystems are causing the crash, if it's indeed hardware related. Do any other games crash?
  6. A way for you... ? No. A way for CRS. Yes, but they don't want it. Try searching back the barracks for posts by Scotsman and I think you'll find plenty of discussions.
  7. If it is faulty ram, Memtest86 should find it. Download this, burn it to a CD and run overnight:
  8. Weird. It should remain where you put it after restart. Maybe try the "reset UI" button.
  9. Maybe there can be a "beginner" UI and an "advanced" UI that you can select once you learn the ropes? It's pretty common for programs to have such a functionality. The "simple" UI might just have a "wizard" for finding the current ongoing battles or something, and the advanced would have all the functionality talked about here.
  10. You probably want to open a support ticket with CRS for this. This is community support.
  11. Pretty sure the video card is too old. Does it run current drivers?
  12. Isn't that card below min specs?
  13. Yeah, but try installing some free demo. That's the only way you'll know whether it's something about the eyefinity config or something this game doesn't like about it.
  14. Re: PSU, 550W should be enough, if it's a good quality one, as long as you're not planning on running Crossfire. The 5770 is not a very power hungry card, see for example The i7-920/5770 system only used <270W max. It would probably work fine even with 2x5770's if you decided to upgrade.