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  1. You can adjust this is the TrackIR settings. Make a profile where the yaw sensitivity goes up as you look to the side, that'll save your neck while still making it not super-sensitive looking straight foward.
  2. Well, obviously it doesn't happen anytime anywhere for the rats, otherwise it would have been fixed before release. So then it's a matter of tracking down what makes you different, isn't it? I do software for a living, and believe me, when someone else says your code is crashing it's impossible to find the cause if it doesn't happen to you. That's the truth, and no amount of *****ing can change that. I assume you've poster a total dump of your system hardware, OS, drivers, versions, the works somewhere along with the exact instructions for what to do and what the symptom is, written so that your 90-year old grandmother who's never seen a computer before can follow it? Now try to find other people like you, who also get it all the time, and find out what you have in common. That would be a constructive way for you to proceed.
  3. I get that repeating bullet whiz sound too. Not as bad as you had it in the movie, but occasionally it will happen for maybe 5 seconds and then stop.
  4. It seems to have something to do with whether the display orientation is "called" portrait or landscape. In the win7 resolution setting, my display orientation is called "portrait" even though it's wider than it's high. If I switch it to "landscape", with a resolution of 1920 wide by 3600 high, the game will start. But it's completely unplayable at that aspect... Is there a hardcoded setting that the game will not run in "portrait" mode, even if the number of pixels show that the display actually is wider than it is high? If so, maybe that test could be changed to just require a certain aspect ratio?
  5. That's pretty close in aspect to the 3600x1920 that I'm trying to run with 3 24" monitors with eyefinity without luck. Can't get the game to run, when I start it just flickers the screen and dies without a message. You said your problem was with the setup, not the game? I can run other games fine at that res.
  6. Well, the individual displays are in portrait, but the overall resolution is still an aspect ratio of 1.87, so slightly wider than a 16:9 display. I would agree that there would likely be a problem running a display that's overall higher than it's wide, but I don't see why there should be a problem running a 1.87 aspect display when the game runs fine in anything from 4:3 (1.33 aspect) to 3 landscaped screens (4.8 aspect).
  7. Hi, I'm trying to run BE with an Eyefinity setup with 3x24" monitors in portrait mode. The resolution ends up being 3600x1920. I can select the resolution in the settings.exe dialog, but when I try to start the game, it will at most flicker the screen. No error log is generated. Is there a problem running BE at these resolutions? (It will start fine with 3x24" landscape monitors, resolution 5760x1200, but stuff is so distorted at the edges with that wide of a display that I'd like to try portrait.)
  8. I have to say he has a point there. What's the point of a cancel button in the despawn dialog if you've already blown up?
  9. I have this sound issue, but I'm unclear on whether it's my system or if it's the game. I spend a lot of time being towed around as a gun, and sometimes the truck engine sound gets screwed up. I can't describe it, but I made a recording: bad truck sound First you hear a normal Sdkfz7 trying to drive up on a gun emplacement, from third person. At 14s, the truck sound cuts out for an instant, and when it comes back in, it's distorted and like several samples are playing at the same time. At 45s, I restart the truck engine and then it's back to normal. I get the same thing when flying. The airplane engine will start sounding weird in a similar way, and turning my head makes it sound very statically when one ear is facing forward but not when the other is. This is with an X-Fi card, Win 7 using Alchemy, 128 sounds. Creative X-Fi or Primary sound driver and hardware or software doesn't make a difference, I can always get it to happen, but I couldn't reproduce the problem with Alchemy turned off. Hard to say whether it's a Creative driver bug or something with the game.
  10. Imho, it should survive because it's defended, not hidden. It's supposed to be the mission hq, not a magical invisible portal...
  11. Just a note that players with Creative X-Fi or Audigy cards using Win7/Vista should also specify whether they are using "Creative Alchemy" or not. For those that don't know about this, Microsoft basically turned off hardware support in DirectSound3D in Vista/Win7. Unless you are using something like Alchemy, you are using the Windows software 3D mixer regardless of what the settings say. Alchemy is a hack that routes sound through OpenAL, which still has hardware support. Check out the Creative Alchemy page for more info.
  12. What makes you think I'm guessing? You must have another x52 than I do because my x52 has done that in every version since I got it...
  13. This has nothing to do with the game, it's the X52 auto calibration. When you turn it on, it doesn't know what full scale deflection is, so it will assume that the largest you've moved the stick must be full scale. Solution: always deflect all axes fully before starting. Think of it as your preflight check...