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  1. Any chance you going to fix this? getting sick and tired of it, only has happened since your screwed up patch.
  2. Yup me too, twice in first 30 minutes of the game. CRS you have a problem, not us, Got It!
  3. Maybe try 11.3? Mine works okay, just takes forever to log in since new patches
  4. I have run the game in crossfire with 2 5970's on three monitors and works great, as very little else out there supports crossfire i no longer use it but it was a delight in this game
  5. Im getting message the server is unavailable if that helps
  6. Bravara is little brother to Forte and works very well in all my games, and its cheaper than Forte by 50 bucks
  7. Will do....
  8. kill I'm running evo force and have never had an issue with joystick and the latest driver I could find was 2008 version 6224 I have been using the same "cfml" (keymapper) file for over a year and whenever i delete game, I remove it and replace with new install, never been an issue. Do all your settings work in joystick control panel? Would the sst software program help? Or perhaps this one? http://xpadder.com/ good luck
  9. I have the latest chip set drivers, should I reinstall or roll back, no idea. It has to be the motherboard as u say. In compatability mode with eyefinity on I am getting 70 - 80 fps on three screens, can't argue with that... well so much for chipsets, board is brand new April, no previous chip sets (Asus P6X58D-E) and all the reviews give it 5 stars and no issues, well, almost no issues...
  10. oops didn't mean to insinuate, just was impressed with help considering it wasn't a CRS problem. This time I went way over, no spawn in issues at all, Ati Eyefinity set up and works perfectly.
  11. Sudden, I have been running the game with win7 64 for 5 months. No problem at all until I got this motherboard, can hardly fault CRS...
  12. FIXED! I did a driver rollback to 10.4 from 10.6 and ran the game, no change. Becaused I hadn't uninstalled I went to programs and features, right clicked on Battle and hit repair. It went through a routine and when it finished I got a window stating that the program did not uninstall correctly, with a tab asking if I wanted to do a program compatibility test. When I did the test on the "play online" file it came back - "Issues found Incompatible Application detected". Asked me what compatability I wanted so I clicked on win xp service pack 3. (I didn't pick Vista because I had Vista and couldn't play the game until I upgraded to win 7). Program then asked me to test the application, game started correctly immediately and got to the main screen within a minute, logged in and immediate response from all buttons. Closed the test program, launched game, no problems. Going to find out if i reinstall 10.6 drivers and put the game in xp compatability it will work. Thx for all the help, I'm sure somebody else will need this info eventually. CRS take note...
  13. Well I took Sudden's advise, found a bios from June, flashed it, no change same snailing... will try a driver switch but have been playing with 10.6 drivers since middle of June no problems. Got to be mother board related I'm thinking as that is my only change...
  14. disabled all sound, no change, enough, reformatting and reinstalling win 7 step by step tonight...