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  1. Due to lag or cheats i have to bork left or right whilst shooting to avoid dying everytime i'm confronted with ei (except for sw1 he's the only 1 i can trade with) so with the "nerf to stop the allies whining about our lmg" i'm going to see how it goes in regards to defending flags if its no good no more i'm out of here,sorry XOOM but im bit over it.....The reconfigured 109F4 under the "we fixed the flop BS" is a shocker now this , running with the LMG is no good i agree BUT having to stand completey still is just rubbish *sigh* we have something fun to use and there's a complaint about it (whine) by the other side it gets this treatment...(my turn to whine oops sorry complain) allies dont need a LMG they got the greasegun and the tommygun for short and long range firing,the MP40 is ok but its out matched by the previous mentioned at range and our LMG is'nt the end all be all cuz its also out matched at range unless you drop to the deck and deploy it by then your dead.. So my little bit of fun is now no more... I hate whinging BUT the 2 things i loved the best are both ( i cant say nerfed) so i'll use the word restricted from what they were once to keep some others happy is such crap and a major disapointment for me as 18 year wwii online fanboy.... What next..?
  2. Can i strafe left and right whilst standing or crouched ????
  3. Its ok Nick i reformatted my PC and put windows 10 on it all good now....Thanks for your help..
  4. Nick,its same in offline mode as it in online mode. The full path to the cml file .. C:\Users\Bryan\Documents\Battleground Europe\wwiiol.xml
  5. Yep read only for the XML file.. Ye r did all that before Merlin,you told me to do that re: deleting BG folder (up above previous post) didnt work neither.
  6. Did everything ya said merlin but no luck,the only thing that stays is my changes in the keymapper things i set up for vehicles except convergences they are reset to zero *sigh*.
  7. I go into offline set convergence at 300m <value value="300" type="long" name="convergence.17473"/> log out go into xml file and its there,as soon as i go back into the game all my settings are back to default... once i do all my settings and alt/tab out of the game and look in the XML file i see them all there,then i log out then look at the XML file they are still there,BUT as soon as i log back into the game then alt/tab before i do my settings AGAIN there all gone and back to just this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<message what="0"> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.awshigh"/> <value value="65535" type="long" name="app.awslow"/> <value value="7417" type="long" name="app.loadtime"/> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.pponok"/> <value value="65280" type="long" name="app.ppook"/> <value value="12" type="long" name="app.version"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="config.authoritative"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-offline"/> </message> UPDATE: I just rebooted my PC then went into BG XML file and all my settings are still there,when i re did my setting i chose the FW190 this time and set my conv to 280m then i respawned the plane ALT/TAB out of game checked the XML fime the convergence was listed the same as above 300 BUT after i restarted my PC then checked the XML file the conv was at the 280 that i set ???? Just went back into offline jumped back into the FW190 conv is back to 0m BUT ALT/TAB out of the game and look at the XML file its showing <value value="280" type="long" name="convergence.33860"/> This is my XML file once i do all my settings <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<message what="0"> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.awshigh"/> <value value="65535" type="long" name="app.awslow"/> <value value="0.524656" type="float" name="app.corpsecount"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="app.corpses"/> <value value="0.529243" type="float" name="app.corpsetime"/> <value value="11" type="long" name="app.fontsize"/> <value value="2" type="long" name="app.hudvisible"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.iconmode"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.languagefilter"/> <value value="7299" type="long" name="app.loadtime"/> <value value="255" type="long" name="app.pponok"/> <value value="65280" type="long" name="app.ppook"/> <value value="1920x1080x32" type="string" name="app.resolution"/> <value value="37" type="long" name="app.shadowreceivers"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.shadows"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="app.shadowsizeselect"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.showcredits"/> <value value="Primary" type="string" name="app.sound"/> <value value="19967" type="long" name="app.squadcolor"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.squadinvites"/> <value value="false" type="bool" name="app.usenetcode"/> <value value="12" type="long" name="app.version"/> <value value="\\.\DISPLAY1" type="string" name="app.video"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="config.authoritative"/> <value value="280" type="long" name="convergence.33860"/> <value value="0" type="long" name="hud.alerts.textmode"/> <value value="0.040000" type="float" name="hud.minimap.scale"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="quickhelp-offline"/> <value value="244.266663" type="float" name="view.chat.x"/> <value value="2.177778" type="float" name="view.chat.y"/> <value value="true" type="bool" name="view.game-alerts.visible"/> <value value="362.000000" type="float" name="view.game-alerts.x"/> <value value="480.875000" type="float" name="view.game-alerts.y"/> <value value="889.316650" type="float" name="view.kenny.x"/> <value value="56.555557" type="float" name="view.kenny.y"/> </message>
  8. Nah i'll got have a look Nick,thanks for all your help people's..
  9. Any other idea's CRS..
  10. Deleted the BG folder but no good,it still wont save my preferences *sigh* or convergences..
  11. When i un check the read only box then click apply when i go back into the folder properties the read only box is checked again ?? There's 2 Battleground folders,the first one u double click then there's another with the files in it both have read only checked on both and everytime i uncheck them and hit apply i go out then back the box's are checked again on both ??? why do they keep resetting themselves ..
  12. Ran out of idea's ey ????? Any CRS have any idea's after all its your dopy game or dont ya give a [censored] ?? maybe i'll go spend me sub money on another game..
  13. Battleground Europe Properties Attributes: Read only (only applies to files in folder) is checked Hidden : unchecked XML Document Attributes: Read only is unchecked and Hidden is unchecked..
  14. Loaded offline as admin set convergence closed game,started game as non admin convergence back to default 0...did the same again but this time i reloaded the game as admin,same convergence set to 0...