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  1. i think the game only supports 1 core at the moment. could be wrong though.
  2. well i fixed my problem. i had to go and get that logitech calibration program, that resets the calibration registry thing. that fixed my issue.
  3. NOW, the problem i have, is everything runs smoothly except movement. if i move left or right it still lags, but when i do calibration it works perfectly fine. all the buttons work fine, i can press a button and the action i have set to it does it job instantly. but movement still does not......
  4. hmm, didnt even think of getting the drivers from the site. i do have the windows default ones. maybe that is the problem. thanks.
  5. recently i seem to be getting this problem with my joystick that. it works fine 1 minute then the next it becomes unresponsive almost like its lagging or having a hard time knowing what i want it to do. like tonight for example. was flying in a 109, doing my thing, it was working fine. then i start flying up into the clouds cause a hurricane was following me. then i wanted to do a turn, but it just didnt respond to my command till liek 2 seconds later, so i turn left it takes a bit for it to respond, then doesent matter what i do it takes a long time to respond. so far the only fix i know is to reboot my system, but i dont really want to reboot every time my joystick goes on the frits like this. BTW im running Win 7
  6. the movement is slower. like with that acceleration thing not adjusted, u basically have to have sensitive mouse in game set to max to make it feel more normal but its a bit slower then usual.
  7. tbh, i hope or atleast think, the rats will fix this in 3.3. im pretty positive that they will make the game much more compatible with win 7 come next patch. P.S. im currently on win 7 and the game runs fine, except for the mouse acceleration problem with inf obviously. but other then that, game runs fine.
  8. ya but having to change that every time ur going from game to windows, that would get annoying.
  9. i have this issue as well, currently i have the mouse sensitivity up to full, it helps a bit but it is still sluggish.
  10. make sure you guys are completely removing the old video drivers, before installing new ones. i noticed that i use to play fine on the 180 drivers from nvidia, then i upgraded to the 190 drivers and i get the smartheap error now.
  11. try the 190.68 drivers.
  12. get the latest nvidia drivers. 190.68 i believe, it came out on thursday or friday of last week.
  13. Well to answer the one thing u asked. the latest ive gotten this error was yesterday. 1) i was spawned in as a bofors, i believe it was in Dun. the area looks medium active, but not really around the ab where i was. 2) AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual 5200+ 2.61ghz 3gigs of DDR2 RAM(i believe its DDR2) Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT, latest 190 drivers. 3) i started getting the error about 15 minutes into the first mission i did. i hit ignore and i was able to play again for about another 10 min but then when i went to despawn after my 2nd mission, i got it again then hit ignore, and on the main screen it was black like the greenish border around the map and mission/brigade window(where you select where you want to go and such). then i just left the game. 5) i seem to be getting it more and more often lately the past week or so. only way to seem to currently fix it, is reboot my comp.
  14. well it could be a video driver, BUT if people have been getting this issue since 1.29 then its not just the latest drivers.
  15. bigdave, although they game probably is the only game that gives you this problem. there is other games/programs that get this same error. if you google smartheap(which im sure is the issue your getting also) you can see there other other programs/games that have trouble with this issue and its been a on going thing for a while. but there probably is something in the game code that is causing this problem, which is why their working on trying to resolve the issue.