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  1. I was just reading this again and noticed the game board looks very similar to out map lol
  2. KMS your a rat bro... you need some GSP-350’s by sennhieser and a massage therapist while you play.... what else was that funding campaign for? It wasn’t just the Bahamas, hooker, and blow as mentioned elsewhere! KMS gotta get his share too..
  3. You know Zebbeee had a good thought about creating that instant hard core FPS game with in the structure of WWIIOL for the more action oriented player if we could achieve that and bring in that feel on the micro level maybe we could keep the HC system at the macro level.
  4. It is an interesting fact that gets missed at times, that the game indeed has survived 17 years. That’s a damn good run. Its a war simulator, so I suppose human ingenuity and ineptness at command is part of that realism. History it’s self has born that out with the loss of many lives. I would also fathom the frustration when things are not going well for a players team are part of the realism effect. Being good at command and demoralizing the other side it a commanders job. I do not yet have enough of an understanding of the command and supply system to comment much on its merits as far as game marketing and game survival. It just seems to me it is one more layer of realism. Whether it gives us a net result of more players or less I can not say. Many here point out evidence that might suggest its bad. But I do believe WWII OL to be a unique video game that can reach beyond the avg gamer and draw in non gamers who play. “I am one” this game plays more to a thinking audience who enjoys the realistic complexity compared to other games. it’s realism is one of its charms to me. I would hope there is a place for the HC and supply system or a good replacement. ~ S/F Black5
  5. Ah the wrecking crew had some of the finest propaganda in the game to recruit. I loved it. But I think Delems point is more about control with inside a squad, and the ability to assign multiple squad leaders to multiple missions and maintain a command structure at even the lowest level. His squad is larger so I think it’s more about how they function not how to get more. At least that’s how I read it.
  6. I was pretty motivated to get "MY" first survey email from CRS today. I am unaware of how many they have done in the past. I love data when decision time comes. I hope most people submit the survey, the more the better for the game. and I hope CRS does many many more surveys, especially from dormant accounts and former players! It would seem to me that one survey for current players and a different one for former players would be a real interesting set of number to compare side by side.. Good one CRS thanks!!!!!
  7. And are you thinking squads should be limited to building an MS?
  8. would that speed up the tempo enough?
  9. I wonder how we could accomplish #2?
  10. Gents, I must respectfully disagree on the platform mattering. my reason being is for the last month or so I have been actively trying to recruit players off the street using the business cards I got from Xoom. One of the big problems I run into is people have invested huge money into their console platforms. I hear a lot from people how they just don't play computer based games anymore or never have. As console systems, Smartphones and Ipads etc. get more capable, some of these folks don't even use a traditional computer. Also if you visit your local stores "at least here in the USA" look at the video game section... it almost all console based floor space. most stores might have a 4 ft. section for PC/MAC games. So I do think the platform matters to a reasonable degree. Graphics is the first mark against the game when i talk with them. but does NOT usually end up a show stopper on its own. I am also not sure the complexity of WWII lends its self to console based systems well... but that is out of my lane by a long shot. I do hope 2.0 can bring a lot more to the table. S/F ~ Black5
  11. I keep reading your brute Force and squad ideas, and all i picture in my head is Andre the Giant in "The Princess Bride" running the brute squad.
  12. I seem to remember sometime in the first decade one of the ideas was to add and increase the use of trains. WWI and WW II use quite a bit of rail. I too would love to see something added into the big picture.
  13. I have often thought of this. It’s a no brainer, so I have always assumed it could not be done. And maybe some years ago it couldn’t and maybe now it can. It would be interesting to know... do yhose consoles have keyboards? I don’t play other games so I don’t know.
  14. Could we get that every day? Sincerly Deutsches Heer “Ground Troops”
  15. I hear you there sir! I am not a litigious type of person.. you are also probably right about the board game too.