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  1. Yeah it’s almost like you have a bunch of disgruntled vets with 15 years of service who have seen bad actors time and time again. It does hurt new players and turn them off I’m sure. Sad thing is for every one guy trying to work with and help new players, there are ten complaining about it too. Also see new folks complain about the game while in play. Very few bother to help them to understand it. Although credit where credit is due, when it comes to spies abusing the system, the rats do hunt down serious offenders and deal with them.
  2. Yeah stankyus has murdered me a few times using them.... LOL hahahahaha Ha Ha! I have gotten some good use out of them too. I like the updates and adds. Keep it up Rats!
  3. How did this work out for you? I am considering a 4K upgrade specifically to play this
  4. I think we should focus on email surveys to acccount holders. It would get a better sample size as more people can respond. Not everyone uses Facebook and not everyone trolls the forums
  5. I like the emailed surveys.... I vote for more of that.
  6. Well I messed around with it for a bit when it went live. I only had the opportunity to try out the armor load and traverse times on some of the PZrs seem to have about a 7 sec ish reload time and more correct traverse times. I did not have the opportunity to test the KE HE properties
  7. If we are going to beef up the navy. I really think adding a boat to shore ms system should be a priority.
  8. I imagine WWOL will never be easy... thanks for the update. I already like your P2 upgrade.
  9. just test rolled the P2 well done on that one!!!!
  10. ok rgr that, i might have been easiest to just go with the speed of the ready turret racks, i appreciate the work.
  11. ooh so does this mean the tank reload times are accurate? I would love to see the data on what we used, a modern loader must do it in 7 secs.. but usually done in three. different subject but i would love the traverse times on the PZs to get audited too... i can hand crank a real one faster.. LOL should be an interesting change. thanks for the work.
  12. I was just reading this again and noticed the game board looks very similar to out map lol
  13. KMS your a rat bro... you need some GSP-350’s by sennhieser and a massage therapist while you play.... what else was that funding campaign for? It wasn’t just the Bahamas, hooker, and blow as mentioned elsewhere! KMS gotta get his share too..
  14. You know Zebbeee had a good thought about creating that instant hard core FPS game with in the structure of WWIIOL for the more action oriented player if we could achieve that and bring in that feel on the micro level maybe we could keep the HC system at the macro level.