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  1. WTF am I reading.. the 81 is a great plane,,,,,,,,,, learn to fly
  2. wait,, what!!! people still fly in here
  3. and here I did not think I needed any popcorn hehe j/k.... hey someone needs to get a rise outta this place
  4. ya the 09 were a flop bucket,, do not think the 110 or 90 suffered from it. Is there a FM issue with 87, 111s, that I am not aware of? seemed good when I last flew em. Remember this is OLD code and adding new things was hard to do, can not have everything in game. Lots of games that are WW2 themed do not have every piece of equipment in the war, most go with the well known.
  5. Please correct me if I am wrong,, but didn't the LW planes just get a FM fix that makes them a crap ton more stable at lower speeds? Deleted the rest,, do not want to sour anyone
  6. Now I have seen everything, the FAF is now easy mode
  7. the 38 is purrddeyyyyy.. why you not like it?
  8. Thought this was fixed. Bail out to swap , long load times. Die and respawn long load time. So what was fixed with the load times?
  9. Auto Redeployment only happens when the AB is capped and the supply is "bounced" out of town
  10. I have re-read this post at least 4 times,...and still can not make the connection between tape and patch
  11. Performance update as well? like the memory leak and long timers for re spawn or swapping mission, the heavy lag in some area's like Antwerp.
  12. F2P can not access this forum
  13. Hmm that kinda was my rule when i was axis. Lol some fun times
  14. Bastards!!!!! Didn't have air wing when i was in DDZ lol It's nice to see