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  1. We are discussing the squad missions and how to better server the squads. Alot of ideas are being suggested in the game improvement forums.
  2. Let me start by disclosing my salary $0.... I choose to support this game by volunteering my time, as countless others do. CRS has asked for funding drives yes, and they have been very transparent on what those funds are used for, the most recent being 64bit integration of the game which is a must going forward given 32 bit is no longer being supported after September by Apple. Our free to play model is to attract players to the game and give them a taste of it, f2p have access to full equipment list at intermission and the training server. This move is to bring a greater value to our subscribers which is where we cover the overhead cost of the servers and equipment to run this game. We offer several options for content to be paid for the newest being the DLCs which will be tested via the Steam platform. The starter subscription at 7.99 a month has trucks in it. You then have the Premium Sub and for those who choose the Builder program offers added perks including a second tow account. Change is necessary for us to remain relevant attract new business. @XOOM is working to balance content (new and existing) and bug fixes with the limited resources we do have all the while trying to grow the community here which in turn supports the development of the game. So your solution is to offer everything for nothing? How is that fiscally viable? Monthly subscriptions and re-occurring revenue is necessary to continue to fund the overhead. We do not sell expansion packs etc like other games we are adding new content to this game for the first time in five years. This is directly a result in the support of our community. We each decide the value of the money we put forth, so feel it is not worth x amount per month, some do. We are trying new strategies and continue to develop this game. We have US Paratroopers coming in, new vehicles, 64bit support. The 2018 roadmap shows how our progress is, and we have added CS tanks with smoke rounds, Tank Busters, new terrain and are working on a maintenance patch to fix long standing bugs all which are being done by volunteers. Adding new infantry weapons most certainly does require creator software - you need to create the artwork, then the weapon ballistics, damage model, animation model etc the list goes on and on. This is one of the most dynamic and complex games I have ever played it is what keeps me coming back year after year. It is the most satisfying and frustrating game at the same time. It requires skill and tactics as well as teamwork to master it. The complexity also keeps your ability to maintain your proficiency at a weapon type constant.
  3. The point of this is to bring back the squads, since the F2p has been introduced and training server would be open to all equipment for them, it would serve as a way to bring back the old vets to try some new ideas and equipment.
  4. This was to be a 90 minute event for squads, with the hope they would jump into live server after this and push numbers higher.
  5. The event for this weekend will be postponed... We have not been able to get a solid commitment to run the event. I will be posting a poll to select a better date and time.
  6. Unfortunately we have not seen a solid commitment for this event from squads. We will be postponing this event if we don't get solid numbers
  7. These are being worked on. It's going to take time.
  8. The reason for this message is to re-start the training corps initiative. With the announcement of new DLCs and Free to Play returning to Steam we need to make sure we train those new players to better retain them and help grow this community. The purpose of this message is to first see if you are still interested in being a member of the training corp. Some of the duties and responsibilities expected of you will be the following: 1. Monitor Help Channel in Game 2. Expert in assigned field 3. Willing to do two scheduled live training sessions per month 4. Provide consistent support and feedback in the forums 5. Always improve and adapt their program(s) 6. Maintain a curriculum that is going to support new users best 7. Be accessible to trainees and CRS My team will also be working with you as well to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful. We are also looking into granting some recognition for this endeavor as well. The start was getting Area 51 working again in the training server. We have also been able to reset this server for any scenario as well. Free to play players will have access to ALL equipment on this server, in hopes to give them a taste of what they get when they subscribe or purchase a DLC. Please let me know if you wish to remain a part of this team by emailing me your gamename, area of expertise and suggestions. Please send the following: Game Name Unit you would like to train General Game time you play Why you want to be a trainer. Please email for more information. Thank you,
  9. Integrated comms, imagine if you heard actually chatter from everyone within earshot
  10. @XOOM
  11. There is a bomb angle for each bomber. For example the Ju 87 can be at a steep angle as it was just that a dive bomber where the he111 or db7 can not. Not sure on the exact angles but with the db7 it was less than 30 degrees
  12. Is it that supply is low in all 10 divisions? (we added a 10th division a few months ago without adjusting supply) Or is it that supply for the key areas of the map is low for the AOs you want to hit? Or is it that supply of high end equipment (SMGs and LMGs ) are low and you dont want to take some of the lower end equipment out (R35 PZ2)? Or is it the fact the RDP bombing is once again meaningful and you can effectively increase resupply from 15 hours to 30 hours. (Personally my thoughts not CRS would be to go to 12 hours max 24 hours)
  13. Which Modern MMO are you refering to? COD has a new game come out every year with window dressing for 69.99 plus DLC expansions (subscribtion based or one time fee) every quarter or so. They make 1 or 2 new maps (limited in size) and refresh old ones on a rotation. Same with Battlefield. This game has a unique game structure and mechanic. 1 time DLC downloads are to appeal to the Steam market (less expensive pricepoint) and hopefully get the to experience the "WWII OL Moment" that they decide to keep playing. My personal suggestion (which requires our billing system to be updated) would be to offer DLC content in blocks. For example: I can only play on weekends and really only like the air game so we offer an Air Pass DLC for 4.99 to grant you 24 hr access to that weapon class. Same for Infantry and Armor. Navy/ATG/AAA/Para would be the fourth. So if I play 3 weekends a month I get the same value as a sub yet on the rare occasion I can play a little more I have full access to everything. The value is in the sub. Before you jump down my throat for price point. We have overhead costs to keep the servers up and maintained. Most of the CRS staff are volunteers which means the subscription has gone thru a cost-analysis for operations breakeven point. As we venture into the current DLC proposal we need to see the reaction and influx of new players/ returning players. Is it the ideal monetization method? No probably not, but then again we are not the same cookie cutter game offered on the market year after year. The above is my personal opinion and not that of CRS.
  14. until
    The Battle for “Notre Dame de Verdun” Read more here:
  15. My proposal would only allow 1 private mission per squad at a time. The private mission would also go public when 1 or 2 things happen. 1. Mission Leader is changed 2. 30 min Timer expires.