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  1. What about jumping from a three story building and going right to prone and firing. Not sure anyone but Capt America could do that
  2. It does work. It takes time to gather evidence and make sure the accusation is correct. If you fail to .report then it does not get investigated
  3. Use .report to let gm know. Also email
  4. I have been bale to run four clients on same.pc. however the alt tab of the accounts also makes you more susceptible to the despawn box shooting to upper right corner
  5. Might want to look at the rifle sway across the personas. Very different
  7. 7th AST has between 50 - 60 active members and can have up to 30 in discord. Lancers and AEF and 4wing have quite a few too. Compared to smaller squads like ATeam and kh
  8. DB7 vs HE111 payload is much different as well. Same as the AA - your logic is flawed, Allied vs Axis equipment debate will never be even. 88 at Tier 0 vs the French 37mle or how about the optics of the axis vs the allies? Each side has historical advantages and disadvantages.
  9. So would it be beneficial for the Developers/Coders to put in a fix that will be fixed with the HE/KE Audit they are currently working on? Or live with it now (since both sides are effected) and continue to work on the much needed Audit and get that out quicker?
  10. I'm not a big fan of squad supply from the stand point of the number of squads we have in game now. According to squad tools we have 557 squads of which 87 have been active this campaign. So you want each if those squads to have supply? How do you account for the squad which has 6 members compared to those with 200? You say there is too much supply but you want squad based? What's to stop someone with several accounts to form several different squads to circumvent attrition ?
  11. Wait till the tank busters get in, then Air will definately be getting some play. Why not spawn a Flak and guard the FMS?
  12. The link there has an option for both 32 and 64 bit
  13. Here is the link to the correct files I used to solve:
  14. I just did a fresh install of Win 7 64bit Pro and am now getting the same errors. Tried to reinstall the Virtual thing and no dice, same with the scan.
  15. I would say if a Tier takes 8days you do 2 days for each season. So summer is sunny and clear with a 10% chance of rain, fall is over cast with rain 25% winter would be what we have now and spring would be sunny with 25% rain. Or something to that effect. Since each tier is a year in game.