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  1. Again this is my personal belief (not CRS) supply is being reduced which is first time since 10th division was added, so I dont see the need to reduce RDP as well at this time, I see your points on the Sweet spot, but I think if you tweek multiple items you lose your baseline and cant truly identify the effect of the adjustment. Once I get more information I will pass it along.
  2. Once again the timers are trickle in and take up to 60 min to completely move the supply which was in previous town to the new town, and yes I know it trickles in without discrimination however let's say you have 4 tigers in town A and it is moved to town b the tigers are gone off the map until they trickle into the supply at town b.
  3. @merlin51 can you see if this is an item being fixed with terraign?
  4. First thanks for keeping this civil. One issue that will be addressed in the meeting tonight is introduction of new equipment in the middle of the campaign (this was root cause of the TOE error for US this campaign) We let the community down in this respect as the new equipment was put in before the US hit the map, and unfortunately the way the US was coded in effects things we are still discovering.
  5. I thought this was fixed some time ago. @SCKING can you verify
  6. This is and always has been our top.goal. We try to attract and retain customers thru mulitple methods, new content, bug fixes, utilizing the community dynamic are all part of it. Personally, I play the game with people I have met thru this game and the relationship I have with them. I have been unable to duplicate the comradery innany other game.
  7. I am looking to get approval to make a FB post (different department) and after speaking with Ohm, next campaign Supply as a whole will be reduced (just wanted to get that information out there as well).
  8. I think there are several contributing factors for the current map status. One of many is the toe issue with US, as has been stated CRS apologizes for that snafu. We corrected when it was brought to our attention and are working to make sure it won't happen again. Credit to those who remain on to fight on both sides. For those who have stepped away, I can not blame you on that frustration, all I ask if you take a break and a deep breath and come back. I'm a player as well as a rat and I can relate, but this is a game of not only winning and losing but comradery and the greatest community that is passionate about the side they choose to play for. I ask you look to that as We here at CRS continue to fix issues that pop up, add content, and work to make this game more viable to the future. I won't bullshit you, this was a setback and I apologise for that. And commit to be a better advocate to the community.
  9. From my understanding if the main bulk of supply will be Town based. The Flags will be more inline with HQ flags currently, similar to replacements. TOEs are the supply available each tier. This will create larger battles of attrition and as you have asked for many times remove the Instant Army movements. On a side note Supply Numbers will most likely be reduced next campaign.
  10. Cap Timers are working as intended. right now I show a massive OP for Axis side, so yes it will take close to 5 min for one person to cap, but since you outnumber the theory should be you have more men to jump in and cap that CP reducing the time back to a normal amount. Hence making the population advantage less.
  11. Actually Ohm has come up with some good scenarios for next couple of intermissions.
  12. The satchel amount has changed as the HE audit adjusted the joules they produce. Which from.speakingn with devs will remain for the time being. The damage fbs take was readjusted last patch to keep the same.number of.satchels
  13. I like it but think this would be a ways off as its not on the roadmap to my knowledge for this year.
  14. And the game would die due to overhead costs. That's why COD releases a new game every year.