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  1. I think 36-48 hours is sufficient
  2. This is why when I set an fms I use an engineer to build more ppos around the fms to If it's camped use .takelead and delete the mission. Communication is key.
  3. The AOs are based on population. People complain about invisible ei and bad frame rates in large battles. Spread out the AOs and work the battles, gone are the insta caps you need to push and attrition
  4. Graphics = System Resources which mean smaller battles and maps, this is why COD can only host 64 players in a tiny box map
  5. Hard to say until we see what happens after 30 days imo. How many Steam f2p convert to subscriptions. How many welcome back soldiers resubscribe?
  6. Here is a solution: Combined Arms - I am on an ATG kick lately, and tonight for example was in Arlon E of Bridge with LOS on S Gate E AB. I had not 1 not 2 but 3 squaddies spawn infantry to protect my ATG. We were all on discord and communicating, I had my commander spot EI, and each Inf was covering a zone. I killed 8 Pzs in 35 minutes. My squaddies got several kills. I finally died to Agave sniper, who saw my infantry move to get more ammo. Want to stay allive group up and cover each other.
  7. Issue with that is when server reset so do fallbacks for air and naval
  8. Don't forget the optics on the axis tanks are much better, which makes it even harder. I know I have gotten good at judging distance with the atgs to where I can zero in within 2 shots. Remembering how to lead a targets and the time it takes for the shell to travel said distance come into play as well. Let's not forget to have the terraign come into play. When you switch positions did you keep brake engaged? That helps with the recoil for dispertion as well.
  9. 1. I can work up a few things on this. And post at a later date 2. I'm not sure why it was taken away either but imagine being a mission for a fb. You take that down and achieve your objective, we should be able to change that objective to that new town. 3. Squad missions would only be viewable to squad mates via squad tab. You would be able to see the mission on the tab but not be able to join it unless you were in that squad. Eventually I'd like to be able to link squad missions together for example 7th Ast and Lancers are hitting Prum. The 7th Ast has a mission for ATGs and Infantry to pummel AB. While Lancers have an armor column rolling to cover advance on north CP. The linked mission would share waypoints and comms however you would be able to have multiple FRUs setup. better coordination 4. Ok so the way it was from my recollection was you had no timer on the reserve for equipment when at mission screen. So let's say I want to get a armor column together, the mission leaders was able to disable spawning on that mission and the people joining that mission would be listed on the mission tab with their equipment. So if you are waiting on an AO to clear before running to town or you just want everyone to be together from start you can. Mission leaders clicks ok to spawn and it opens mission up (you can't close it once open) and now instead of 4 tanks trickling out you have the entire mission participants spawning at once and moving together as a unit. The reserve timer currently is set for less than 30 seconds (which I think causes the enter mission but with a 30 sd) and makes it harder to organize a large column.
  10. That works too. Or remove the brigade place holder as well.
  11. Something needs to be done with training areas, since THe US forces are up in Brit training and have Unused US brigades there (Future implementation) and the old Brit division no longer on the map, then US Air which never comes in. It is impossible to tell what should be on the map, so when something goes to training, you have to go thru 30 codes to see if it is the correct item to come back on map. In early tiers you can use webmap to figure out, but thier is no American movement for webmap. I propose a .rout command that will show you the units and timers to come out.
  12. I would like to see some improvements to missions as it's current form. I would like the ability to change a mission target while still in the mission. For example if I set a mission to repair a bridge or blow an fb then upon completion of that task (maybe by another unit ) we could change the objective similar to placing a waypoint or going into the mission screen on map. This would help in rewarding those who stay alive during massive spawn delay and not have to despawned just because your current mission has changed. I would also like to see ability to hide squad based missions maybe a toggle where you can open it up during the mission. Mission leaders at one time were also able to reserve equipment as well.
  13. Patience is key. Remember with every shot you expose your position. Ever wonder why snipers shoot once and move? Cover and stealth. The art of shooting, you learn to judge distance and use page up page down to set iron sights in 100m increments. Good for longer shots. Hold the aim to see where shot lands and adjust accordingly. Lead your target the further you get out. Use crawl to move and again be patient.
  14. Estimate downtime?