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  1. I think you guys are putting the cart before the horse, (see what I did there) can we get this topic back on track?
  2. I believe in the first release the Air flags will be movable (I will double check) and not available at every airfield. @XOOM might be able to shed light, but also might be a topic to start in the 1.36 Forum
  3. We did have an issue yesterday with the snipers not showing in the Spawn list for French and Axis. This has been correct.
  4. I think you will see an adjustment this campaign with numbers.
  5. Damage models for all aircraft on on the list as well. Again different resources.
  6. We are looking at this as well
  7. Interesting however what if you have a squad that is primarily defense and you ask them to go on attack. I think the tool is useful to contact those squads and coordinate with them. Which does happen in game now (not as much as it should) as last night I was working with sw1 as map OIC and leading 7th army. He asked on side chat for people to help with getting off defense as we were in logyuen and Orval. He gave us an ambitious Target and we set six fms to Ciney. As we started to pull axis off of attack it freed more defenders up to join the established fms and spawnables we had taken. We (the squad) focussed on two cps and worked as a team. We had a tank covering road with a tank watching his six behind him for sappers and then I had a infantry watching his six. Coordination when done in this game works very well.
  8. I think this is the struggle because as soon as we start a campaign we are rewriting history. It is always a balance between historical accuracy vs game balance, red vs blue or simulation, game mechanic vs real world.
  9. First, Thank you for a well thought out and rational and creative and productive response. Second, @XOOM and @HATCH would need to comment to see if this is something that is doable within our current resources.
  10. Xcas, ok since you want stats I went and dug somethings up. I went to the and did a comparison of Previous Campaigns for the British LMG, French LMG and Axis LMG and removed everything except infantry. Again not a single CRS member has said this will happen. Its a discussion. Threatening to quit and getting irrational is not productive and most likely why posts were hidden. I didnt hear you complain when the British Grenadier HEAT round was removed from the game completely. We want to know how to fix a game mechanic here, and do this in a way that alters the Rambo factor but preserves the original utilization of the LMG class.
  11. CRS continues to monitor the changes within the campaign to make sure our player base both F2P and Premium have access to gameplay. The following changes were made: 12/5 - Added 45 Rifleman to every Infantry Brigade 12/8 - Added 25 SMGs to every Infantry Brigade We are trying something different to help us gauge supply for garrisons in 1.36, we will continue to make adjustments based on Player Population and the overall supply levels. I will try to document the changes as they happen here.
  12. Requires an animation fix, which is very difficult
  13. Eagle - THe Grease gun was removed from TIer 0 this map, again in testing for 1.36 TOEs, second this change would effect the Bren as well. Third this is a discussion with the playerbase not saying this is what is going to happen. Fourth if you have not played both sides your argument of what is overpowered is irrelevant and conjecture. BOTH sides have equipment that needs fixing, plain and simple. Again this is about discussion on what can fix something that should not be happening. It happens on both sides.
  14. THis was about dialog with the player base as a whole. You have asked for transparencty and dialog with developers, this is what this post was intended to be. The fact you are twisting what has been said here to your beliefs is wrong. Xoom has stated these are changes we are discussing. We felt we wanted to discuss it with playerbase to see if there was another idea we have not thought of. THis is not an Axis or Allied change, which has not even happened or been stated will happen. The changes discussed would be for the three LMGs in Game. Would you rather us remove the LMG class as a whole like we did the British AT Grenideir? This comes down again to balancing gameplay and historical accuracy as well as utilizing game mechanics. The issue of the Rambo issue can happen on both sides period, however it is unrealistic as no one would do it in the real world as the threat of death would be there, in a game you just respawn.
  15. Absolutely Correct!