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  1. That's not what I said. These are the ones who make sure the articles of conduct along with HC senior staff is being followed
  2. These responses came from @XOOM however, I know that Senior Staff of HC work with CRS with any articles of conduct issues that come up. I believe it is Kyotee for Allies and Rotschild I believe for Axis.
  3. Stonecomet, Thank you for the clariffication. I know CRS is taking this very seriously (as they do with all changes to the game mechanics, TOE etc) I know they are monitoring this thread as well as making comments so this is good open dialog. I am sure as more is decided upon more questions will come up, and that is what I am trying to help facilitate.
  4. @stonecomet Are these suggestions or questions on how the mechanic will work. I am a bit confused, as some of these questions contradict what has been already stated.
  5. Ive been editing the original post at begining of thread
  6. Sorry for late responses but I have updated the latest round of questions with the answers from CRS.
  7. Crs is monitoring this page too.
  8. Great commentary everyone, which might be better facilitated in another post. I'm just trying to get anQ&A here.
  9. Killemal if you have questions from the answers post them here and I will work to get an answer
  10. Fix M5 ATG flipping bug, Feature Remove Seperate countries for Allied Side
  11. No Worries Vasduten. This question and answer does not pertain to the entire 1.36 patch as there may be other elements in the patch, I figured this was a good way to start and get the game mechanic questions answered.
  12. Good questions, I personally enjoy running the map and moving flags, but believe we need to adapt to current needs.
  13. Let's try and keep the questions on target as I won't be discussing new equipment or fixes like this at this time. Depending on how well this goes maybe they will let me organize other topics of discussion. This will be for the game mechanics of 1.36 pertaining to Flags, Town Based Supply and HC. BTW, I agree on truck sounds
  14. I am not sure, as I want to give everyone a chance to chime in. I will speak with CRS on what I have and try to update the original post with answer I do get.
  15. Actually the AO system is meant to spread out the fighting a bit so the 128 player visability limit and lag from server load stay managable. That's why when you have a heavily populated attack/defense on on spot on the map you get anamolies. That is why more AOs become available as population grows