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  1. Work with a team to set up a zone of control, when setting an fms build PPOs to make the current spawn point harder to see. Get some teammates to cover the fms with armor or atg. This game is about team work and the best way to counter a camp situation is to have a zone of control before moving forward.
  2. All accounts have full access thru Oct 14
  3. Routed Brigades will disapear soon...
  4. Actually you can move a trap flag into training if it's infantry is less than 50%. This was added I believe in campaign 135. To get the infantry down you just have to try a counter attack to try and free the cut.
  5. I think the point is to be civil about feedback. I think this community is the best in gaming, as over 17 years I kept coming back for the gameplay this game promotes and what it fosters within this community.
  6. until
  7. Submit a support ticket at as they can help with a trace. It could be several things suchs as something odd running in background or between your ISP and us.. I know some have mentioned anytype of Lan Card optimization program has caused this as well.
  8. New vehicles are coming, bmbm is doing a great job, but it's not just as easy as skinning the artwork.
  9. We have two new CinCs and figured a morning start was due
  11. It's on the high priority list.
  12. The next campaign will start Saturday morning 6am server time
  13. We tried the 30 sec spawn cap last year and it resulted in the shortest map in history. The spawn delay was in effect then as well. Imagine how fast it would be without. Each map would be tier 0
  14. CRS

    Nice thoughts Malvoc.
  15. Thanks for the patience and understanding