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  1. I had this happen to me once, my internet connection was crap and I was Warpiong and lost chat, was able to set the fru but was unable to interact with environment.
  2. THe thing to remember is that garrisons will have armor in them as well. What is frustrating on this end, playerbase asked for this type of supply and introduction, now after 2 maps they see that the grass is not greener. We are making slight adjustments and once garrison supply comes the town will have armor in it while the 2 divisions will be similar to current toes
  3. Choad I love it. Very clean...
  4. @OHM
  5. Integrated Voice Comms is still in development, and will be next priority after 1.36 release.
  6. Both HCs can choose where they deploy the ten divisions on the map, unfortunately this does not change very often.
  7. What would this do for gameplay? You already have server population on Webmap, or on the battleground tools and wiretap. Persona Lock when you logon is also in effect to show population.
  8. Describe this more, as this is new to me? What was the alt? What was the speed? The only time I have seen this was if the plane was at a high rate of speed where the shoot did not deploy.
  9. Timers will remain the same Factory Rebuild 48 hours Supply timer 15 hours Frontline movement 60 min Backline movement 15 min Trickle timer 60 min on 1 min intervals
  10. Again this was testing something new for 1.36 with garrisons and the movable brigades. This has also been asked for by the playerbase for a long time. So we decided to try this. It also changes things up a bit and keeps the game from being stale and boring. Again we are monitoring both sides of the equation on both sides.
  11. Try
  12. As I stated. I like the idea, and not staying it won't happen, what I am saying is it won't be before 1.36. I would like to see a squad mission that I outlined to everyone in squad rat chat in October as well as here in forums Squad only mission that after x amount of time would be visible to the public.
  13. AI Gun pits have been coded since the early days of the game, there is a difference between replicating something already there and creating something from scratch. This has nothing to do about control, as I stated I like the idea, but there needs to be some restrictions. You mention anyone can make mission and thats correct because you know how to create those mission. Now imagine a completely new player who is trying to play, as it is the learning curve is high and now you expect them to know how to create missions? How do private missions entice new players to join squads? Communication helps build squads, which is being worked on with integrated comms. Your insinuations about CRS are completely wrong and based on nothing but your limited views of what goes on behind the scenes to make things work.
  14. So your solution is to develop another class to provide to playerbase. Hmm, let me go to my money tree in the backyard and harvest it to get more coders in here. Return on Investment is how we prioritize the linited resources we have. You also mention the numbers when we launched early access on steam. These players were given premium access for a full month and when that month was up they decided to leave because they wanted everything for no fee. At that time several units were available to free to play and they still wanted more. There are many y reasons that steam numbers dropped, this game is not for everyone no game is. It has a high learning curve, it's a game of patience not run and gun it's greatest strengths are it's greatest weakness. It's a tactical and skilled game. It's hard and that's what makes it fun. Medics at best in this game would be able to stop bleeding and maybe adjust a rescue to and rtb for supply purposes. There is no way that a medic would be able to heal to full health anyone wounded. That's the difference with your reference to PlanetSide, it's not realistic. If someone shot you with a rifle in the leg or the arm after your addreneline wore off you probably pass out. You sure as hell would not move forward in battle you would retreat off the line to get treatment. 1.36 is to reduce the dependency on HC and begin to hopefully create opportunities in low pop times.
  15. All these ideas are sound but again require coding resources that have 1.36 priority one right now