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  1. We are working on this and as @XOOMsaid what for something shortly
  2. I agree with you as well Kareca and this is one reason we are testing this stuff now.
  3. Here is the issue with this, 1.36 is to take the dependency on HC away. You make the movable flags all armor, and you have no HC to move them or even they get cut off you are right back to having HC be need on 24/7
  4. 88 Commander has a range finder so that is why it hit you after one shot. I love the 88 very lethal when used correctly
  5. With 2019 here, I have been tasked to get production and development a revised top bug list and issue list. We will be doing a Maintenance Patch this year, and to be as productive as possible, and balance the New Toys vs Fixxing Issues this will be soley for wrapping up long standing bugs and other issues which may have popped up. Here is a list I currently have in no particular order. What I am asking for is anything that is not on this list. I am not looking for a debate on issues just a simple list plan and simple with brief explanation. I am not saying these all will be fixed or implemented but will help in communicating to the developers what you the player base are concerned with. If you want to debate please feel free to do so in another thread. Thank you Radar System Lag LMG Rambo Gunning Clipping Feet sticking out of Building Bofors deploy in Tent and clips up Sachels clipping in vehicles bullets falling through the floor if someone is shooting on the floor above you. Tree collider stopping bullets Lag and Connection Issues Death Lag Ping/Lag/Hit detection bugs Sliding Corpses Fire Bug / Engine Bug Get KIA and you see the death came but cant hit esc to start despawn timer, then you finally get the despawn timer and have to watch the deathcam again Point of view issues - Rendered below berm however 1st person still able to fire over berm The height of sight-line still seems too high from 1st person view. This causes issues when firing from behind berms, deploying prone at windows, and gives an overall impression of smurf houses and toy tanks. I remind someone also arguing that people were smaller than today. Similar issue when kneeling and laying down. The eyes are not at the right vertical/horizontal level M10 is an open turret tank. Yet the bloody commander has no better audio of surroundings than a traditional tank. Plus to pop the commander up takes the same time as opening a hatch sequence. Makes no sense. Any advantage of the open turret is completely removed. So it is pretty much just a liability. Tree collider stopping bullets smoke rounds are invisible or have no shell animation Random Weakpoints in Armor or Vehicles HC Disconnect Bug - Lose privileges or if you issue an AO or Move and log before it is completed it is wiped Sun Glare is too bright Green-Rise ambient light at dawn creates a green huy Deploying LMG in Window has issues FB Flip Bug - AB bounced all backline towns with no flag lose the FB Bombadier booted to training arena after DB7 missions The LMG aiming exploit, namely being able to set up their LMGs and aim down the sight WHILE running around. Tracked Tank Bounce ATG Flip Bug & ATG's flipping when being towed. Not being able to Stop directly from running Spawn in and Spawn Delay Issues Despawn Bug where the timer restarts When SD is more than 10 seconds and you reserve a unit that unit is taken you click enter world and nothing, you then have to wait full SD again INvisable CP and FBs Infantry jumping full gear from 3 story building is unrealistic Damage State Issues Damage / Jam to tank gun should be visible to 3rd person, and tank crew should have notification Game Hacks Infantry weapon changing on it's own Black ray of death Stamina drains really fast when sprinting some times, and not others. No obvious reason/constant factor. blowing the wing off a plane at 20 ft and only getting a hit. It seems about 20% of what should be AA kills don't register Flying crash bug where one plane dies and the other doesn’t when the collide Detrack Stages by lower caliber guns
  6. Actually the bombers were able to drop FBS. THe issue turned out that the inbalance in bomb damage caused huge issues. THe idea of it to just drop part of the fb is interesting. @XOOM
  7. Actually you are wrong. At Steam launch every F2P got a one month free trial of the premium sub. What happened is they created another F2P account to get another month. Similar to how a lot of the F2P forum posters here have 0 stats because they have another account and they use this as a smoke screen to promote their idea of the game should be
  8. F2p rifleman are exactly the same as premium rifleman. You have the same chance as any premium player utilizing a rifleman. Alot of our premium players prefer the rifle over the smg because of it's versatility. I understand that you have to purchase either a dlc or subscription to play other equipment within the game. This is how we pay for the overhead there is no changing that as an mmo we have one constant game world. Not instances, or 50 by 50 clusters that are housed by peer to peer.
  9. Squad missions use to have the ability to set a spawn timer where people could reserve each piece of equipment.
  10. Actually this is happening now. Every 60 seconds of the 60 min trickle in.
  11. In the near future? No. We are looking at area based capture but that wont even be on the table till 1.36 is released, as that would require coding resources that are working soley on 1.36 right now. As far as the timers for this campaign they will be the same as last map, since we just made some major adjustments to the TOE sheets and the breakdown between Armor and Infantry brigades, we want to see those results without changing other variables.
  12. Here is the thought behind the capture timers, no one like the spawn delay and when we first introduced the variable timer you also had 30 SD, we tried to remove the SD completely but found people wanted it back in some form as a means of intel for population balance, hence the 10SD max. This goes into population balance, rather than force players to spawn the Under populated side, it is a choice. We dont want the population size to dictate who wins the map, but rather gameplay (and yes we realize population does have effect on who wins the map) We want to be as close to equal side population as possible, so there are players that when they jump on use to say hell i just wont play since we cant defend being outnumbered. That was with 30SD on the other side, which made it even worse. So with this system when a side gets too unbalanced this system tries to balance it out to give the underpopulated side a chance to at least defend. As far as the point of the 6 min cap, this is true, but remember you have several more players in the actual game that can either defend CPs taken, overwhelm the defense etc. Its adjusting the gameplay based on the population.
  13. Let me correct your terminology as the system sees it: 1. Hard AO - The Defense objective has a flag in it and all CPs are spawnable 2. No Mans Land - The defensive objective has not flag in it, however the linking town does therefore you can spawn and defend the town 3. Softcap - Neither the defensive objective or the linking towns have a flag therefore nothing can spawn to defend. First night of the map is always difficult to start, as the placement of the brigades can change based on CinCs deployments. Remember HC also must move all the flags since each division is one town back from the frontline towns. Is it chaotic to say the least. Each side pushes to take advantage and react to the others deployments and press the advantage which usually means the first hour is No Mans Land fights. As for the spawns trickling in, since there is a lot of movement remember supply takes 60 min to trickle in from a town it was moved in to.
  14. We definitely have naval love coming.
  15. Have you seen the plans for 1.36? This game is about battles not softcaps. Which is why you will find 1.36 interesting
  16. Thats what i meant that OP would not go longer, just UP decreasing.
  17. I will.pose the question back, are you 100% sure there was only 1 axis capper, did you actually time the captures using .time? I have gone in and tested the timers several times this last map. I'm not staying you are wrong but sometimes in the heat of battle our perception of time can be skewed.
  18. It does depend on the bomb type and the placement. No doubt this is more difficult. We are working to get some heavier bombers for the allies, its on the list.
  19. I agree in keeping it simple, the question becomes what is considered Over Pop and Underpop. 1 player 1% of playerbase? What it is now and I need to double check is the SD and cap timers doesnt start until I think a 5% differential. Which I need to double check. Other wise you will see the timers flip flop as players in game world are killed. Lets say 20 players in a Para mission get shot down over target. Well that could be the diffrence between an OP timer and UP one. Which is why there is a sliding scale. All which can be tweeked
  20. Even pop 1 person in a CP takes 225 seconds as my post above. That is 3.75 min. That is the correct time, we encourage team game play to get more people on single CPs. We realize that it is much harder for 1 person to cap a CP than 5 and that is the very intention of the timer, you want to cap it faster get in their with your team squad or otherwise. The more people in there makes it faster and easier to hold off defenders.
  21. One other point to make, If you see charred earth around your tank target, it means you missed the target, as the bomb hit the terrain and blew up making the scorch mark. Direct hits are alot harder, and you wont see the blackscorch mark if you hit it. Once we get concussion effects in, near misses will be more effective (maybe not to kill a heavy tank, but could possible disable it)
  22. We have had discussions about reducing AB timers for Underpop side. There would be no change for Over pop. Think of similar to Capture timer. So standard time is city needs to be contested 10 min for bunker to be hot. Lets apply the same logic above from CP to the AB timer (but only for underpop) so if you are OP your timer is still 10 min. but if you are under pop it would be a max benifit of 50% so 5 min. This helps give the UP side a fighting chance to attack and not just defend. This is still just brainstorming and in discussion phase. Nothing concrete or even planned. @delems Cap timers are always being evaluated we feel they are in the sweet spot for the moment as we test other things for 1.36 (TOE supply). I have no doubt we will re-evaluate timers once 1.36 is live. I think you once said we shouldnt change too many variables at once, otherwise we skew the actual results. The 1 min cap timer is way too fast for an actual map, in the future maybe we do Intermission with those fast timers, and call it an intermission campaign. The thought behind the timers, is even with town supply population alone can dictate a win. So if one side is way OP the majority of the time, they can pocket large sections and envelop the map. Cuts can still happen in 1.36, they will be more difficult but possible. Also remember with 1.36 we are going to a min of 2 AOs at all times and will be looking at adjusting the threshholds for more AOs as the softcap will be removed.
  23. THis will be a short intermission. Remember that there are DBs that need to run scripts to preserve stats, and other information on the campaign which take time. It also gives the F2P players a chance to play with all the toys.
  24. This may help:
  25. The capture timers are working correctly. Please remember the following: Spawn Delay and Capture Timers are set by those logged into the game world not just logged into a persona and sitting at the map. Side Lock is based on those loged into the persona (ingame world and map screen) Next the Spawn Delay was capped at 10 seconds based on feed back from the community, as when we removed them eachside wanted a tool to measure strength of OP and UP. So even though the Spawn Delay was 8 seconds that means it was similar to that of a 24 second Spawn delay in prior system (80% of the 30 sec Max as 8 seconds is 80% of the Cap of 10). This means in the scenario above the Axis were major under pop. My educated guess is we were close to 40% difference which means the capture time was sped up for Axis and in turn slower for Allies. Based on the chart below you most likely saw a 40% difference in Cap timers. 20% for Axis and 20% for Allies. Adjusted Axis Adjusted Allied 1 > 225 180 270 2 > 205 164 246 3 > 180 144 172.8 4 > 160 128 192 5 > 135 108 162 6 > 120 96 144 7 > 105 8 > 90 9 > 90 10 > 75 11 > 60 12 > 60 The balancing capture timers will remain the same as listed below: Balancing Capture Timers (according to imbalance) When there is an imbalance starting at 1% (up to 50%), the following will occur: Underpopulated side receives bonus faster capture speed by X% Overpopulated side receives penalty slower capture speed by X% So for example, if there is a 25% population difference, the following will occur: Underpopulated side = 25% faster capture timers Overpopulated side = 25% slower capture timers You cannot have more than a 50% bonus or penalty. So if there is a 70% imbalance, the maximum bonus or penalty is 50% timers impacted on both sides.