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  1. Those not real graphics cards are.
  2. Actually e6600 and up has like double amount of l2 (iirc) cache memory. Its a significant booster in the tests Ive seen.
  3. My connection is really horrid all the time for quite many days now (two weeks?). I cant play the game at all. Does anyone know the ping address of ww2ol gameserver? It feels like theres a major bottleneck somwhere down the road. My computer is core2duo 6600, 2GB and 8800GTS (97.92). I have two firewalls windows one and hardware one which settings I havent changed for years. The game worked just fine say month ago. I got very nice FPS like 30-40. Now its 8-10. My internet connection is 500/700k but its on university network so I fear they have blocked somthing that is causing this. I tried the thread optimizing off and water reflections off but they had zero effect. Ping on the upperright display say its around 200-250ms. The update string below it usually has only one or two dots. 3-4 at max.
  4. After the last patch I dont hear ANY sounds at all online. Offline though the sound is all ok. As for sound settings I cant change them much because atleast third of the settings are invisible because the text in settings UI (all UIs infact) overflows weirdly.
  5. There was a trial for old playrs just recently. The messages might be from it telling that your account is inactive again.
  6. They have had stutters like this before (year or more ago one other patch) and they did fix them. Im sure theyll fix them this time too (eventually). And in anycase the game is still beta. Release is still few weeks away.
  7. I have the same problem. Account went active but cant login and my accoun name is the same as gameID. Resetting password doesnt help. Ill contact krieger.