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  1. Hey - 69th - S! I suppose I'm the noobie to the 69th, but I've been playing this game on & off since 2000! Really like it, and ALWAYS play Axis. I suck as Infantry, but play a Sapper to take out FB's once in a while. Also, I'm very lucky if I get off the ground flying!!! lol My skills are with Panzers, ATG's & AAA. And I don't mind sharing the HT-ing. I'm looking for some TS advise on how to get logged into the server. I've downloaded now (7) TS2 / TS3 onto my desktop, but can't figure out where to put our Server # & PW = blue to get access. I'd really like to play with TS - I just need some help. Please let me know - TY & S! Stendahl
  2. After being away for 4 years, I wanted to Re-Join WWIIOL. I noticed the play free offer & wanted to see how the game has progressed... So I signed on, but under a slightly different user name. I went through the tutorial, and after that - I assumed I would be driving Tanks / Flying Aircraft. Not the case, when I can only become a Riflemen. After searching, I found my original game name "Stendahl" & password, so I now play in the weapons I want to. Hence, I need to cancel my subscription as the Newbee, since I don't want to pay for both. When I sign in, it does not recognize my Newbee name or password! How can I cancel that Subscription??? Stendahl