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  1. S! to a fallen ace
  2. They're a couple of programs on History television which aired a documentry on the 761st. It was very informative. Sucks to know that German POW's were shown better treatment.
  3. I just learnt about it recently. Pretty neat weapon.
  4. At my work we had a Greek immigrant who worked with us for a while, he served in the Greek Army for 2 years. Anywho he said that the Greek army is pretty crazy, the guys are hardcore (even if the majority are conscripts) and are rough as hell on the rookies, doin stuff that probably means jail time over here in the Canadian or American militaries.
  5. That camo just sreams Sexy!
  6. Though his kill count did not match up to the best German aces in WW2, Richthofen was the father of air combat.
  7. Tegetthoff it is and yes it's the Viribus Unitis
  8. So who's interested in starting this back up, eh? It's a shame we had everything wiped but I guess you can't stop all the blows in life, eh? So, again, with Brady out of the picture and MIA, I say we do the old routine of sharing. How about it? So, let's start, shall we?
  9. Yes they were, but from '41 onwards the German had 70% (if not more) of it's total armed forces on the eastern front, so this can not only be said about Montgomery, but also Patton, Bradley, Eisenhower, ect, as they were fighting a German Force that was 1/3 it's full operational state Operation market garden -Ignored enemy streght and position. You can't just blame Montomgery on this without blaming allied intellegence in general.
  10. Ancient civilization: - Hannibal - Flavius Aëtius (defeated Atilla) - Alexander the Great - Emperor Xerxes Pre-Modern (Napoleonic Wars and the such): - Wellington - Napoleon - Issac Brock Modern: - Rommel - Manstein - Patton - Montgomery
  11. Jeeze, you did one hell of a job m8, congratz, and take a break now Glad to see the major is still is good health too
  12. Wonder how the Osorio holds up on the playing field.
  13. Modification EE-T1 EE-T2 Entered service in 1988 - Crew 4 Dimensions and weight Total weight in combat order 41 t ~ 43 t Overall length ? 10 100 mm Chassis length 7 130 mm Overall width 3 200 mm Overall height 2 370 mm Armament Main gun 105-mm rifled gun L7A3 120-mm smoothbore gun Machine guns 2 x 7.62-mm 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm Traverse range 360 degrees Combat load Main gun 45 rounds 38 rounds Machine guns 5 000 cartridges Mobility Engine power 1 040 h.p. Maximum road speed 70 km/h Autonomy on roads 500 km 550 km Maneuverability Slope 30° Vertical step 1.15 m Ditch 3 m Ford (unprepared) 1.2 m