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  1. From a die hard vet to the old and new Rats here is wishing for 16 more!!!! I have so many fond memories I don't even know where to begin. What is your favorite memory?
  2. There is no doubt that town supply adds a whole other strategic layer to the game. I too love town supply and the fact that it can be indicted while trying to resupply a besieged town. My point is that you can't have fast action AND town supply. There has to be a happy medium. We have people saying that the new people are not going to like slogging for towns. I personally like long drawn out battles. What I don't like and what town supply can bring is the changing of a towns flag several times. This is one of those issues that is pretty complex. WE want new people to invest in the game. To join the hC's and all of us want to participate in HUGE battles for towns.
  3. OHM we had a squaddie try to log on we were all in game he was unable to get in. This was around 11:39 PM
  4. I remember the domino caps insta cap bunkers, pre camps and HUGE tank columns lol! The game sure has changed, for the better!!!
  5. Woot Happy Birthday!!! Yay
  6. There is also nothing meaningful about having to drive a Matty or Char from 1 or 2 towns back because supply is getting low. You talk about wanting fast action driving supply from rear towns is the antithesis of fast action. It takes over an hour to drive some tanks in from FRONT LINE towns with no FB. No thanks.
  7. A group of volunteers in a system that has been around for dam near 16 years and a game built around it. I'm ok with that
  8. I have a lot of blood sweat and tears invested in this game both in the AHC and behind the scenes. My absence was due to deployments and family issues related to deployments. I am under no illusions that the current system is not with out fault. ToE's present certain challenges as they stand now and they need to be looked at. But your solution takes the bath water and throws it out with the baby. You can't just simply get rid of the HC's and then give the entire player base access to the tools that HC folks currently have, that would be insane. You also can't let large squads dictate the flow of the map. That is no different than what your complaining about now with the HC's. The HC's are there to provide guidance and leadership. There given tools for this objective. It was never intended for the CiNC or Chief of Staff to sit at the map for 8 or more hours and move flags around and place AO's. That's the job of Brigade CO's and XO's and Division CO's and XO's with input from brigades and squads The game has evolved a lot from when I was in the AHC, but the core purpose of the HC's should not change.
  9. With in game tools comes rules. Those tools effect a lot of players not just you or a certain squad.
  10. LOL so any large squad can simply dictate where AO's are placed by a "vote"? That's mob rule not leadership. Town supply is taking a giant step BACKWARDS. You haven't read anything Hatch has said. The HC's IMO have lost sight of what there purpose is. This is due in part to a loss of numbers. Removing them is not the answer and letting the entire player base have access to HC "tools" is a recipe for disaster.
  11. I am a product of the original idea Hatched by Hatch here. We all started in SOE and took what we had built on paper (the ORBAT) and put it into the game (ToEs). I too have a certain attachment to the original concept of the HC's. Yes it takes work, but it's a volunteer system and when it's lead well it works. Players have vested time in something bigger than simply playing the game. They play for the benefit of the community and there chosen side. It's hard to explain to people who have no experience being in the HC's. It's also very easy to dismiss the HC's and say there no longer needed or simply "there time has come". IMO this is a mistake and very misguided. This game this community would be a hollow shell with out players leading it in and out of game. IMO the HC strategic layer is what makes this game VERY unique and unlike any game currently out. To do away with it would be a huge mistake.
  12. Are you allied or Axis? I am going to assume your allied for now and move this to Ailed recruitment. Join his squad
  13. One of the core beliefs of CRS has always been to listen to the player base I don't think that has changed. I don't know of many games where you get the Vice Prez of the company sharing his thought process with a controversial subject with the player base. Not many would do that. One thing to do is to trust in the development cycle and realize that a lot is riding on a smooth and successful Steam release. My two cents, If you want WWII Online in the future then you should probably hop on board, and get behind CRS and the community.
  14. Well frankly I suck at Virtual War, I rage in CoD to the point where it's prob not good for my blood pressure. I too like the pace of this game, the combined arms the team work, it genuinely takes a bit of skill to take a town and succeed.
  15. Make sure you bring the cheese
  16. It really can't be stated how important the Steam release will be for the future of this game. It's not the end all or be all but it will be a metric for the future. It's one of the reasons why the community needs to pull together and really sell the game. This game has history it has substance and it has pretty awesome game play. With people come subs, with subs come money, with money comes development. At least IMO
  17. Come on don't start with the Axis bias lol
  18. Come on Moe be nice, to each her own.
  19. OMG that is to funny!!!
  20. This whole argument about LMG's is very philosophical. The capability of a LMG to fire while running is certainly there. No argument. I think it needs to be looked at in the context of the game and how it balances the effective use in game and what it's presently being used for. I don't think we can balance the LMG based on it's real life uses. The LMG currently in game is being used in a way it was never intended IMO and doing a very good job at it. It's a highly mobile high capacity CQB weapon that is being fired quite accurately from the hip. It was designed to be fired from the deployed position. I for one would not like to see it "nerfed" in that it CAN'T fire while running. That simply isn't accurate. Maybe a couple of suggestions here. Reducing the speed of the run while carrying the LMG to a slow jog. Take away the ability to sprint or reduce it's duration/Distance so you fatigue faster and recover slower, Reduce the LMG numbers a bit. Reduce the accuracy of running and firing. Again it's a tough argument. This game is unique in that is stimulates these kinds of debates. lol
  21. Moe your argument is intellectually flawed IMO . The DAC and Pan can be driven and fired while moving. No one is using them to clear buildings. I get your argument about not using equipment the way it was intended. But comparing the LMG as a CQB weapon (running and firing accurately) and the DAC and Pan as main battle tanks is apple and oranges.
  22. Yup fact is people are using the LMG like a SMG with a high capacity mag to run around and clear buildings and CP's. The LMG is a squad suppression weapon, it's a fire superiority weapon, it's a prone fired deployed battle field nightmare, it's NOT a CQB weapon! Period lol.
  23. I really don't thing the major issue here is the hip firing of LMG in so much as RUNNING and hip firing LMG's accurately. It's one thing to fire a LMG from the hip standing still that can be replicated some what IRL. But to run around and accurately fire a LMG from the hip is simply not accurate. Hell even Rambo stood still when he hip fired his M60 and mowed down people . I had a Axis LMG run into a CP and mow down me and the entire team (4 people) all while running around and firing from the hip. It was like a SMG with a high capacity mag. It's imbalanced and anyone with out side blinders would see that. ALL LMG's need to be looked at.
  24. No you're right it takes work to cultivate a player base and have them stick around. This game is unique in that it needs PEOPLE to be played to it's fullest potential. Otherwise it's just too big of a game and requires to much man power to be played well with low numbers.