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  1. Ah, ATG's. How i used to love spending an hour or 2 walking out from a town (or suffering the lag from running up my 2nd account in order to tow it...) only for a crazy lone rifleman to dance around me and kill me in one shot. There used to be (and by all accounts, still is) a lot wrong with the models, damage model, model interaction and the inability to defend yourself from single riflemen. Oh, can you still run people over in them? Chasing sappers in a 2-pounder used to be a giggle! Bring back the X bushes!
  2. I see the main topics of conversation haven't changed a great deal since I have been away!
  3. Thanks Jokur, looking forward to playing again!
  4. Haha, I shouldn't laugh but this brought back some memories!
  5. Memoi! Blimey, there are some old names still around! I'll be in Thursday night for a few hours I hope, not sure I'll be any good these days, my days of training people are probably way gone!
  6. Thanks buddy, not sure how much gameplay has changed, but I look forward to getting in my ATG again! Steam too, at last!
  7. It's been a while, not sure if there's still anyone i know on, but I am hoping to start playing again soon, so thought i'd pop in and say hello!
  8. I'm back! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  9. The camp is crap, but the museum is okay. It isn't so big that it'll eat into drinking time!
  10. Sign me up beotches! Cosford museum is okay, small enough to not spend too much time in and leave plenty for the pub!
  11. Finky's need lovin' too!
  12. I have a low end PC mate, running 30 FPS max, i don't get any stutters i'm afraid!
  13. I bought a CD for £4 that the guys in the PC repair place use to fix issues, 10 minutes later job done, Registry restore wizard section of it seemed to fix it...for now...
  14. I've got 4 kids, saving never happens, if i don't spend it they will Internals got cleaned this morning, i'm sat here watching it download WWIIOL yet again, 20% done, 55 minutes remaining, anyone want a brew?