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  1. I used to get that error all the time when I had Vista. I did some research into it and couldn't ever really fix it so I just upgraded to Win7 and never had another problem.
  2. Figured it out.
  3. Is he able to log in and view his inactive account? What I mean his account still active in their database?
  4. Join us. Once you do you will not wish to leave.
  5. Ok I am not seeing enough Axis representation here. I am trying to clear my schedule so I can make the drive from San Antonio. I would be hitting the road on Friday morning to get up there. Can I have a schedule for Friday so I will know where to expect everyone once I get up there if I can make it? (As in what time does the drinking start?)
  6. Speaking of BUMP, how about those BUMPED Allied Air Brigades!!!!!!
  7. Just FYI for those of you using AT&T DSL... AT&T is experiencing an 'outage' in parts of California and Texas. If you are like me, and have AT&T, then your internet connection is most likely taking a dump every 5 to 10 minutes. I just got off the phone with them and they said the outage began June 27th and is still not fixed. They will not give a timeframe for repair, only stating the outage is supposed to take 4 hours to fix, yet is not repaired after days. I told them I will not give a timeframe for me staying their customer, but they should be aware it is probably shorter than the time their techs take to fix their connectivity problems.
  8. Follow us. We will show you where the Iron Crosses grow. Prospective recruits usually want an active squad that has a good reputation. We are both. Join today!
  9. Help us do this to the Allies:
  10. I will be a convert soon as well. Saving my pennies for the right imac. Expect many questions at that time. You have been warned.
  11. If you are interested in having a blast while helping your team achieve victory, then give us a shout.
  12. Come join the family.
  13. Once again, BK gets some praise for a job well done!
  14. Join and we will show you where the Iron Crosses are buried.