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  1. Any chance of a written summary?
  2. I do. Used to use my wheel for driving armored cars and trucks. And pedals for brakes and gas. But it got in my way of everything else. So now I steer with a js and still use the pedals.
  3. Spawn a unit. IIRC it's just confusing wording. Unit=weapon in this case IIRC.
  4. That's a new one on me... Are you using onboard sound? Or a soundcard?
  5. I hope we retain the ability to NOT use steam. I have it, but I don't like it.
  6. I had alot of fun this morning. We attempted an invasion of england. Decent fight going across. Not sure why fun is tied to the server being reset or the map being at one side or the other. It was nice fighting in areas almost never seen.
  7. Hmm I have never noticed that. Not saying you are wrong by any means... Just never noticed that.
  8. I miss the REALLY old school one. It was a ring where you only saw the direction you were facing. And worked as an artificial horizon. Sadly I don't have any pics from back that far.
  9. No thanks, I already have a hard enough time understanding people. Too many people with different accents in this game to make it a good idea. I already struggle to understand our resident Scotts.
  10. There are no sites. It's a feel you get after bombing for a while.
  11. When we say get on teamspeak, we mean the CRS teamspeak server. Many squads on both sides use that as their main communications. You will learn tons from the people on there. I'll look up the addresses later for you.
  12. Agree with VasDuten. Don't waste supply unless you cannot avoid it. And welcome to the game! Kiss your real life goodbye!
  13. If it's not a defended FB, drive your friends out as an opel, with them as engineers. Then they can resupply off you to blow up the entire place. And yes, join a squad and get on teamspeak. Teamspeak makes the game 200x better.
  14. Welcome back!
  15. I'm a stuka pilot and the version we are getting is the version I've been hoping for.