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  1. Because it wasn't historically done. Yes you can find a few pics of it happening. But it was not common nor doctrine. And with a tank pulling an ATG you have noplace to carry ammo.
  2. The camp has gone on how long? The Allies were holding/taking their own for a long time. Then they lost a couple towns in primetime and gave up. It's not been an axis steamroller till the last week at most.
  3. Anyone have a pic of the big bunker type infantry spawn that was covered in netting?
  4. No. It's all above ground other than what is hidden. The ramp goes below ground in case it's on a hill, only part of it is exposed. So normally you only see a tiny fraction of it. The rest is hidden just in case.
  5. The Spit V is the competitor to the early 190s. Both were 41. The spit IX matches to the A4/A5.
  6. Also, as far as I can find with some short term searching, the ME110 C4/B should be a tier 1(possible 0) fighter bomber, not a tier 2. Even the E and F model should be tier one not a Tier 2. The 109F models (both) should be tier 1(1941), and the G1 tier 2 (1942)
  7. I've been flying the 87 for 17? years and I did not know that. Thanks zeke
  8. No it's a tier 3 aircraft. Only at the end. A-1 and 2 were produced in 41, around 500 were produced between June of 41 and April of 42 when the A3 took over. A4 started production in July of 42, and the A5 in November of 42. The F (ground attack) came out in January of 43. Several hundred were produced. The production numbers are higher than most of the TANKS ingame let alone aircraft. Just accounting for half of the production of A1 and A2, you are looking at almost double the entire production run of the B1Bis. And equivalent numbers to the S35. Not sure how many need to have been built to have qualified as enough built. The french ordered 270 DB7s, and only received 116 of them. That number is only 14 more than the production of the FW190 A1. http://acepilots.com/planes/specs.html http://fw190.hobbyvista.com/werkn.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_combat_vehicle_production_during_World_War_II
  9. I think most of us would be happy to have a damage and flight model audit done to all aircraft. The unrealistic flight models of a couple aircraft are the main issue for us. Yes, the 109 is a PITA to fly, but when certain targets can do things that are physically impossible that puts us off. Also, the FW190 should be a 1941 aircraft, 42 at the latest. And a year or so later, the F model ground attack versions should be out. So Tier 1 and 2 (2 and 3 at the latest).
  10. Negative. Trucks are not front line, and wow it would be gamey. Grab 6 guys with trucks and go cap towns in a hurry. Same with tanks. Tanks cannot hold ground, infantry does. Tanks help inf cap.
  11. Hyo stays out of the forums, but what's up toddddd? Catch us on http://forum.tacticus.org/ or discord
  12. There are coding reasons that the top MG on the stug hasn't been done. IT's the way the models are built. We all wish it was possible. The Stuh III is the the logical late war HE thrower for the german army. And do you EVER do anything but whine and complain? I have yet to see you ingame.
  13. New AA guns won't help that. I've seen multiple bofors and 20mm out at FBs and bombers still get through with few issues. Flight and damage model audits must be done. I don't fly german fighters anymore due to the damage model of the spitfire. It's hard enough to get on their 6. Then you dump a bunch of rounds into them then they are behind you before you can blink. The DB7 and Havoc are even worse. Why bother even flying.
  14. Nice try! Nothing really works as expected with this code does it?