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  1. Alot of money! Welcome to the game. yes it is confusing at first. If you can, get on Discord and join a channel for the side you are on. Talk to the other players and join a squad. The fastest way to learn it is to play with a squad and voice coms are a HUGE help. I can train someone to a functional level in the game in 15-20 min on voice coms. With text? Ummm... no comment.
  2. Any interest in a con near Kalamazoo? We have the Kalamazoo Air Zoo here. Wouldn't be till springtime now. Too many HS activities in the fall.
  3. Each map =/= one map. The map in WW2ol is HUGE. Back in the earlier days of the game when there were about half the cities there are now I walked as infantry from one side to the other. Took me something like 3/4 DAYS. With no respawn. Instead of saying you don't get the differences, get ingame for a week or so. It will take you a few days to figure out what is going on, it is complicated. But get on Discord with the side you play, and that will greatly help you get into it. It is a great game.
  4. I was definitely not advocating the pirouette of doom. Just disagreeing with removing all non-bipod fire. I also had an advantage when shooting weapons. I was 260 and benched 300 at the time. But the skinnier guys could handed them as well.
  5. Thanks for the report. I know you guys do stuff, but it's one of those things you never see. You only get to see the offender get away with it but not the follow up.
  6. Recoil issues? Lol. Maybe if you weigh 100 pounds and have no muscle. The BAR weighed 13 pounds. There is little felt recoil. The biggest problem shoulder firing it is that it's heavy to hold up. From the hip no issues at all. Same with the Bren. The M34, limited traverse from the hip while firing(you aren't going to spin around with it) but up and down is not even an issue at all. The M1919 if you don't have a belt box underneath would definitely be a deploy only weapon. We should be able to deploy them on our comrades shoulders to use in an emergency AA role, or at least be able to use higher rests. To deploy the BAR and Bren in a window, you don't really need a bipod. Just rest the forstock on the window sill. That may be the case for the MG34 and 1919 as well(haven't actually done that one) BTW I'm not for the rambo style of charging in with an MG. But requiring deployment isn't the right way to go either. Somewhere on the forum I've posted pics of me firing some of them. It's been a while though.
  7. I've shot a M1919A4, along with a Bren(japanese version) and a BAR from the hip. While the BAR and Bren are MUCH easier due to being magazine fed, none were that hard to do it with. The 1919 was with no stock. Just the pistol grip. I could hit fairly close to my target first shot then easily walked fire on target. And I've shot all the Brit/german/US SMGs that are ingame. All of them are quite accurate to 50 yards. Even 100 yards you can get ok groups(24 in circle) offhand. The 1928 Thompson and MP40 were the most accurate at range by far. The Sten and M3 were good at 50. OOPS, haven't fired the MP34.
  8. Correct, regular infantry only get the old fighting position. Engineers get 5-6 choices.
  9. And you are doing fine. I'm not the best trainer ingame due to having done it so long and it all being second nature(and I get tunnel vision on what I'm doing). And don't worry about dieing and long as you don't keep going into a camped fru or FB you are fine. I die ALOT. Still. After 15 years...
  10. Usually you see killer n/a if the other person hasn't despawned yet. (I assume you mean in the stats page) it keeps people from getting too much info. Yes, M (map) then the keymap tab. I check it every now adn then for a function I don't use often.
  11. We do whatever is needed.
  12. Any chance of a written summary?
  13. I do. Used to use my wheel for driving armored cars and trucks. And pedals for brakes and gas. But it got in my way of everything else. So now I steer with a js and still use the pedals.
  14. Spawn a unit. IIRC it's just confusing wording. Unit=weapon in this case IIRC.