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  1. Nice try! Nothing really works as expected with this code does it?
  2. Yes, get farfa back. he was a good player. (not that the others aren't I just remember farfa. He was everywhere)
  3. Agreed. That's the biggest complaint about people who switch sides. Nothing like setting up an attack, and having someone spawn on your fru. Then 15 later he's attacking your fru. If you are in a squad, check to see what the squad says.
  4. I've killed a couple shermans with the pak36 at over 1k a couple camps ago. But I was firing HE and I believe I hit the commander with the hatch open. I assume that fragments hit the ammo or something. Pretty much pure dumb luck on my part.
  5. Many see it that way. Personally I'm glad to get 3-5 towns either way from that damn river. I am sick of fighting from chimay to the river. Been over those towns so many times. Love it both on the east and west sides of the map. The newest build towns are more interesting than the originals.
  6. And they could have recovered. But they didn't even try. Not sure if they didn't have HC on or not at that time.
  7. I didn't have the map, but I was on for some of it. Allies pushed WAY into the south with no support. We moved to cut and they didn't pull back at all. No pullback till it was beyond to late. Couldn't even move the units to get to where we cut. It had to have been evening because I was working during the day. If allied MOIC had been paying attention, they could have pulled back and stopped the cut. Still would have lost the southeast(would have been back to the usual riverline), but nothing like what happened.
  8. Same doctrine for both. M10 was a stopgap as the 76mm hadn't been designed yet. TD branch wasn't happy with the M10 but it was the best they could get at the time. Nicolas Moran AKA The Chieftain has some good lectures on the subject on youtube.
  9. Exactly, it took me 14 years to be able to drive a destroyer. If I lose that, I would be pretty annoyed. Heck, after 17 years, I'm still not an officer in the Luft, and I fly quite a bit.
  10. And here's a real question. With the 64bit rollout allow multi-threading on PCs?
  11. Carry is different from towing. And with a totally different mount, weighs much less.
  12. You aren't taking into account the weight of the added armor. Just a quick lookup of the 251 shows it weighed 8.5 tons, and the Sdkfz 11 was 5.6 tons. If the 11 was designed to tow 7000 pounds, add 4000 worth of armor leave 3000 for towing. Barely enough for the Pak 40. With the added ground pressure and strain on the transmission, only for emergencies.
  13. I've run up to 5 before the last couple patches. It's less stable for me now. Now it's two for the most part. It was nice being able to tow an 88, bring a AA gun and an engineer to build protection around it all without help.
  14. Wrong, unless you have enough to cover 2-3 towns in depth, you HAVE to worry about where they route to. If you don't, the opposing side WILL find a way to exploit it. But even without that, more brigades means more work planning moves and moving them. Until I see you actually ingame and in HC I'm done responding.