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  1. I just looked. I don't think you can.
  2. I wish I could help you on the PTT button, I have had my keymaps changed since 01, so I have NO idea what is the original setup. If you can program a mouse button that works well.
  3. Easiest way to learn is to do the bootcamp training, then look at the keymapper. Keymapper will tell you EVERYTHING.
  4. ryman8989
  5. Nice kill! It happens. WAY back in the day, we used SMGs for AA work. Heck I even killed one or two with a pistol. Although those were almost always fighters down low.
  6. So launch an attack on a FB. You don't have to ninja them.
  7. The secondary SMG is the same as the primary. One is not weaker than the other. Armor, Scout cars no, At least the allied is too good of a tank killer. PzII and Vickers and R35? Sure. Sounds like a good taste. LMG? Lol. No. Those are worked for by paying players. And if FTP players get them, why ever bother paying. Suggestion? Buy a starter subscription.
  8. Download the full install. Sometimes the patch can fail and cause problems.
  9. Shoot for center of mass. Always. Too easy to miss a headshot.
  10. You shouldn't have the advantage to know the model of aircraft. Just what type. And the allied Noob rides are WAY more deadly than the 109e1.
  11. Yup, gotta have something else open. I keep discord open so I have something to alt tab to.
  12. I haven't tested it, but if you go to the overlay menu, right shift + F8 said it unlocks the overlay. That may do it. Someone on channel said they moved it last night but I didn't have time to find out how.
  13. Alot of money! Welcome to the game. yes it is confusing at first. If you can, get on Discord and join a channel for the side you are on. Talk to the other players and join a squad. The fastest way to learn it is to play with a squad and voice coms are a HUGE help. I can train someone to a functional level in the game in 15-20 min on voice coms. With text? Ummm... no comment.
  14. Any interest in a con near Kalamazoo? We have the Kalamazoo Air Zoo here. Wouldn't be till springtime now. Too many HS activities in the fall.
  15. Each map =/= one map. The map in WW2ol is HUGE. Back in the earlier days of the game when there were about half the cities there are now I walked as infantry from one side to the other. Took me something like 3/4 DAYS. With no respawn. Instead of saying you don't get the differences, get ingame for a week or so. It will take you a few days to figure out what is going on, it is complicated. But get on Discord with the side you play, and that will greatly help you get into it. It is a great game.