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  1. Good tip, i got a pc with that. Thx!
  2. Hi Folks, I am trying to update one PC that has a problem downloading the latest patch (the one after the full download). Could the links to patches be taken up on the patch page perhaps ? It always done this on this pc and has to do with a visual-studio library but can be avoided by installing from the .exe itself rather then from the launcher. In this case i cannot find the link to the latest link.. the site got a tad bigger :)) Nice job on that btw. THanks in advance, Genxs
  3. Hi Folks, I am having a hard time reading this forum theme on sunny days. But i cant find where to change it. Are there other themes for this forum ? Anything black on white would work for me Genxs
  4. Luving it propa ! Very nice !
  5. I would like to permanently remove my account/character. How can i accomplish this ? S! Genxs
  6. My thoughts are with you Buck. Share the good and num the bad. Strength for you and your familie. *huggs*
  7. The thing is if we had more lasting firefights more would stay for longer only leading to recovery of the number problem and end of the restrictive condition. And yes we sure do need more Eur/Aus TZ players. S! Genxs
  8. I dont get it why they dont just download more RAM !
  9. Bunker block is not to solve the problem its to minimize the damage.
  10. So Kev.. you are playing the prime timezone having good combat simulation but you do not like that the captured town is undone so 'easy' ? Your combat and kill fun is not undone though. I find this a strange decision angle. I feel the same though but i joined in (as OIC and Logistics) to make the combat more fun and lasting even if it is with 5 players on. I do wish i could force a change but cant so hanging in there like the rest enjoying what we can. Unsubbing won't help the problem and unless your a cap-man simulator kinda guy i think you can see the value of your combat fun to match the pricetag even though the strategic fun is less then expected. Note: This is temporary as WE will resolve this problem.. this decade.. or after...sometime... soonish S! Genxs
  11. It is not extreme to say that our sides are down to a handfull of players in TZ3. I have mentioned this for a long time, offering headcounts, stats and alternative defense tactics for it. All because in all those years there still is no rule to avoid the total campdown while rushing radios. Especially in a sim that offers little to no cover when moving across the AB square to the bunker hehe. Here is what i regularly find when i log on in TZ3.. a DO down to the AB with a handfull of players while there are no other missions up nowhere else on the map; I can see how that can happen here and there but i cannot understand why CRS lets it go on giving new players a different meaning to lag-hell-camps. I say when it gets this bad then block bunker timer. Let defenders snipe from the barracks or drive a flank FRU rather then HAVE to run out into the fire within minutes or else no game. S! Genxs !Note: I made no snaps or reference of AOs with only a handfull of defenders but they occur at the same odd appearance and duration. The 'popdrop' effect is game wide not side wide.
  12. I agree a bit there Cos. SD has a counter effect on overpop but that counter effect is easily fixed by beeing more efficient. With overpop you can use more cutters and cutters live in average longer then a capper/rusher. So the 30 second SD on a team is not that bad if they are more carefull and sustain cuts longer. Once down to the AB (not that hard if your overpop) cutting becomes more effective and even more SD is vaporised. Example: Spawn an smg to rush the bunker 5 times. Dead 5 times in 3 minutes not succeeding in the task. Spawn one lmg to cut the bunker. Live 6 minutes succeeding in the task. So imo if you want SD to be effective in real overpop (on higher populations not 10 players per side) then it has to be even higher. 30 seconds is nothing, its actually a blessing so that some players get to drink and eat something hehe. I would take away the 'need' to capture by actually disabling it. Maybe hang a flag above the bunker showing capture ability (on/off). It will definitly lead to some more combat as both sides do not have to worry about rushing the bunker at that time (bunker is NOT hot). And to avoid it going flipflop we can make it sticky. Make each state last long enough for a single player and capture. S! Genxs ps. not beeing an ass about this topic for so long, i just think that rushing a bunker for the radio while dying on lag, bugs, fps and dirty mouses so much is kinda wack hehe. Heck i wanna be able to say 'my gun jams' and have time to clean it and do combat rather then having to 'safe' a radio like its a olympics sim.
  13. The specific implementation is a matter of going through it, conditioning each part. Having a rule to implement sounded like the best start Having no rule means no solution/alternative for so long now. This problem can easily be addressed imo. The details are not that hard to fill in.
  14. Think deeper. * We will not drop below 5 (active) players so perhaps always allow to capture a spawnable. At least there will be combat focus. * If you logoff to help your side then the AB will only get camped more, the flag will bleed faster and before you know it the flag is drained of its strong units. Then when population growns the enemy can wals into the bunker. * AB combat will occur more as there is less need to rush to the bunker flag. At least i think so. S! Genxs