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  1. Got that as well. Running Windows 7.
  2. And what's your opinion of a group of enterprising Allied's doing the same thing when your side has overpop. It should be the same. It sucks, I understand that, but it happens.
  3. Have killed a few EA with inf over the years. 4 or 5 fighters with SMG, A C47 with a sniper, a Hurri with a Pz 4D, and many years ago a Stuka with a S35. Is gratifying on the few occasions it happens.
  4. Intermission started, Campaign starts Friday.
  5. Noticed same thing with MP34, not included in my SMG stats, worth a look at least
  6. Have noticed this on Opels too. Usually on FB busts. Happens about 1k from town or about 1k from target.
  7. Personally, can do without the Damned air raid siren. The rest would be helpful, particularly shortening the did you know screen delay.
  8. Player Sorties are not loading as they should for me the last 2 or 3 days in CS&R. Some of them will load in other spots, some (mostly the newer weapons) will not. Seems to be a recurring thing at the end of each campaign. Needs to be looked at, at any rate. I do like to see who I got a kill on.
  9. FYI, caps still not showing up, 24th, early AM.
  10. They will load, but is verrrry slow about doing so. Quickest is to do as moe said.
  11. Had a mission at Bad Soberhiem not show up in my sorties in CSR. Had 1 kill & a death on that sortie show up, but not the sortie itself, needs to be checked.
  12. Been there, done that, Agh. Good list.
  13. Onboard graphics are not supported for this game, need a dedicated graphics card.
  14. Have also had this happen 2 or 3 times.
  15. With the new semi-auto rifles added, on my top SMG stat (under performance) it is not showing all my kills & deaths. The difference appears to be the Fr semi-auto (assault) are not being counted. They are there in the sortie page but not the performance top smg page. Difference is equal in numbers to number of kills on & deaths to Fr semi-auto's (assault) showing in sorties page. Needs to be checked at any rate.