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  1. G41 stats not showing up either in this, at least not for me. I have a good bit over the 50 mission minimum.
  2. Got that as well. Running Windows 7.
  3. And what's your opinion of a group of enterprising Allied's doing the same thing when your side has overpop. It should be the same. It sucks, I understand that, but it happens.
  4. Have killed a few EA with inf over the years. 4 or 5 fighters with SMG, A C47 with a sniper, a Hurri with a Pz 4D, and many years ago a Stuka with a S35. Is gratifying on the few occasions it happens.
  5. Intermission started, Campaign starts Friday.
  6. Personally, can do without the Damned air raid siren. The rest would be helpful, particularly shortening the did you know screen delay.
  7. FYI, caps still not showing up, 24th, early AM.
  8. Been there, done that, Agh. Good list.
  9. Onboard graphics are not supported for this game, need a dedicated graphics card.
  10. Battleground Europe folder in Documents folder in Start Menu, I think.
  11. I don't fly much ingame, but. CPU should be good enough, as should the video card. 8 G is plenty of RAM for this game at present. Power supply could give you a problem if its output isn't enough for what the video card wants. You will need to check the specs on both.
  12. It "could" be your power supply not being able to handle the stress/demands from the game. I have had that be a problem in past.
  13. Another option you might consider, if you have a good storage place, and aren't afraid to assemble the thing yourself, is to buy a new rig a piece or two at a time. You can spread the cost out that way and get a pretty good PC out of the deal. You will just need to have an idea going in what you want in your PC, and what your willing to spend at a time over a period of months. Thats how I bought my new PC, took me 6 or 7 months to get all the parts.
  14. My CPU is a AMD 965 @ 3.4, Video card is GTX 470, with 8 gb 1333 RAM. I get 30 to 35 fps in big cities/large battles, 50+ in small towns & low pop. or out in the boonies. My settings are maxed except post render filter is turned off ( I despise that), radial clutter is set to minumums on both range and density, and I have Inf LOD set at about 50%. This game is pretty CPU intensive is my understanding, but uses only a bit over 1 core. SLI or Crossfire the game does not use.
  15. If you have a LCD monitor, it should have somthing in it's paperwork that says what it's native resolution is. That is the resolution setting that it runs best at, ei the recommended resolution for that monitor. My 19" LCD monitor has a native resolution of 1920x1024.
  16. If you have a LCD monitor, you want to set the resolution to the native resolution for the monitor.