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  1. After doing some more checking, probably is the Viribus Unitis.
  2. One of the 4 BB's of the Austro-Hungarian Viribus Unitis class. Those being: Viribus Unitis, Tegetthoff, Prinz Eugen, Svent Istvan. Which one specificly it is, I don't know, .
  3. Info that I have, such as it is, says that the mortar tubes could be pre-loaded for simultanious firing. Does not say anything about aim on them.
  4. m SPW S307(f) mit Reihenwerfer multiple mortars. It is a German conversion of the French Somua MCG halftrack with an armored body and mounting 16 French 81mm mortars in 2 rows on the rear.
  5. Patch also worked for me to get past the hang at authentication-handshake timeout. However I end up losing connection after about 10 min or so in game, along with bad fps and major lag just before it happens.
  6. Still cannot log into the game. 1.19.1 patch didn't help me. Tryed the training server, but no luck there either. Downloaded and ran the checknet, everything says OK. Tryed turning off my firewall (Zonealarm), didn't help. Wasn't having problems getting into the game with 1.18.5
  7. Also hanging at the load screen, when it bothers to go that far..... I have got to the brigade selection screen once, only to get dumped out of game due to ISP (dial-up) throwing me offline. Since then, no luck at all. Which stinks bigtime.