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  1. Personally, I had no problem with the old waypoint system. Current system with every one of them showing in headsup is annoying at best and could be a real pain in the butt, especially if it starts to get me killed if they hide something or someone that I otherwise would have seen in time enough to avoid that ET or EI, or maybe kill them first. I agree with Krazydog, needs to be a way to turn them on & off when spawned into the game, if they are to stay.
  2. Had 2 mission's this evening that names of those I killed did not show up (1 on 1 mission, 2 on other). All showed as Hurricane Mk 1 in AAR. Also had 3 killers a few days ago that are still saying Killer N/A. Needs a check again. Thanks in advance.
  3. CSR stats have needed to be updated/reworked to bring in the newer equipment for years. It's a known item I think, but that doesn't make it any less necesary. As an example, I have well over 50 Mission's with G41 Semi-auto but none ever showed up in top semi-auto page, just 1 aspect that needs updated. Some of your sniper stats are probably in the same boat.
  4. Had the same thing happen Sunday night while defending Aarschot-Diest cp after it was capped axis. Killed 3 ei, AAR showed 3 Hurricane Mk 1. CSR however gave correct units & the player names.
  5. Maybe something related to the event earlier today????
  6. It is. Thanks.
  7. Noticed last evening when checking stats that some of the names of people I have killed are not showing up. Get credit for the total number of kills (if a multi-kill mission), but the names don't all show up on some of them when checking the mission. Have gad it happen on a couple of single kill missions as well. I assume it's a reporting bug or error of some sort, just thought would give the Rats a heads up there is an anomaly going on.
  8. Thanks. Didn't notice anything really obvious wrong atm.
  9. Stats page is up, but didn't record anything from my missions this evening. Assume it still needs to be synced with the game servers in some fashion? I know its not the highest priority ATM, but like to see who I killed, as I don't always remember to check mission AAR.
  10. Thanks for the update.
  11. Had a mission out of Esloo AB tonight, G41 semi-auto, got 5 ei kills (credit for those) recapped e cp there, got no credit for that, nor any points at all for the mission. Mission time was 03:22 to 03:46.
  12. Waffen SS used camo smocks/jackets in the late war period, so not totally out of line. Read years ago that the American Army also issued some camo jackets for a short time, but withdrew them from Europe because they were too similar to what the Germans were using to prevent friendly fire incidents.
  13. Started game, figured to download patch, noticed it was downloading whole game. Stopped download, uninstalled game. Downloaded from website and installed. Works fine. Annoying to have to do it that way, but it works. Would have been nice to have a heads up that that is what I might/would have to do.
  14. Was at Ashford NE factory, got killed, Axis Army, backed out of mission, got immediate WW2 Online client has stopped working message. Heer CTD back. Tried reloading game twice after, did same thing each time in Axis army when click on join brigade goes to mission screen & get that message immediately. Can Join Air Force & Navy with no problem, But get that message when tried to .j a squadie. Twice. Needs looked at & Server reset or whatever. Windows 7.
  15. For me it happens primarily in AB Bunker defense. In Depot flags from time to time as well, sometimes there EI is just plain damn sneaky. In the AB Bunker however Ei will come running into radio room with no footstep sounds at all on the stairs. Sometimes happens with French & Brit Inf, but I notice it most when the American Infantry comes in.
  16. Yeah, the updates seem to be slow or just screwy at times. Get the same feeling at times versus you.
  17. 303 on stanky versus 332 from him. Gotta work on that.
  18. It's not just the 109. Some of the Allied rides appear to take a lot of damage and keep right on flying as if nothing wrong.
  19. Have had this happen twice now in last week and a half. 2nd time was last night. Never before that time period. 1st one cost me a easy kill as the ei was running away from me at close range, no idea I was behind him. I was royally ticked at that. Will have to try to remember what was doing when it happens again
  20. Yes, thanks to Nick & the other Rats for their Time, hard work & dedication. But it still won't take a terribly long time for the dedicated bombers (OldZeke, Rebel357 for example) to take down those parts of an FB that they can. Especially if no one shows up to try & defend with AAA that may get dead as soon as it spawns, or shortly after.
  21. A nice thought for the Air players, but kinda defeats the purpose of increasing the number of charges needed to take down a FB. Also may want to consider increasing the number of AAA pieces available given that the aircraft damage models that need fixed haven't been yet, else you risk pissing off a lot of players that can't get away from the fb due to being bombed. That can be hard enough as it is now.
  22. What Catfive said. I get it periodically on all Panzers (not sure of 3N or 3L yet) & 232. Only cure seems to be either I despawn/ respawn or the panzer despawns or gets killed. Get it on allied tanks as well, but seems to be less often.
  23. Axis semi-auto's as well. G41 not being added to G43 in most cases. Think this is a known issue too.
  24. That is my problem with doing that. The French (if not defeated/out of the war) would not just go away because American units/forces became available. The French/British forces should remain at the same levels and the Americans should be added, Balanced by the same number of Axis divisions.