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  1. Did a full install and auto updated and it works now. TY good jorb!
  2. Here let me help you These aren't the droids your looking for. It's not our fault, the check is in the mail, we ran out of gas. How about a refund? If you had any service you paid for you wouldn't accept this as an answer would you? Also you said that 9.12 works from your testing. I am just saying some thing doesn't add up. As I have stated many times I meet all your posted specs. You need to change the ATI cards that can be used with this game. But hey if your answer helps you sleep at night, then more power to you.
  3. Yeah thats what I have set. And I just tested it again and only could play in game for 10 minutes before CTD. But thanks for the try, like I said it is more the CRS has tried to do.
  4. All ATI settings are back at default. I have tried playing around with them, and setting them to let app choose. I have also played around with settingi n game. From every thing low to every thing high, my res is the native 1680x 1050. In game my FPS never fall below 50(which seems low since my 8800 I could hit over 100). So let me know what you have set and I will play with them again. Also I reinstalled my driver as I have seen posted here. I removed every thing went to safemode used driver cleaner. rebooted used ccleaner to clean reg of any thing I missed and just installed the 9.12 driver, so I dont know what I can set now. I have spent much time trying to get this to run smooth. But what another few hours trying to get the game I love to play. And thanks for trying to help me, it's more then CRS has done. Oh if you want my dxdiag info I can post that too
  5. You are prob right with your issue. If I CTD I get two things, 1) I can go and reload the game and I get in. After it crashes the last sound effect from the game is in a loop, and even if every thing is closed out the sound is still there. So I have to reboot and I can join again. I never get locked out. I just CTD after various amounts of time. But usually as I am in a fight with some one.
  6. Well then its that isnt a ATI issue for sure
  7. I did have some thing new last night as I CTD. It went to the persona page and then CTD. I dont know if that means any thing, but it was a new twist. I have seen bloo reply to other threads in this section, just wonder why he doesn't show us love, or Doc or any of the other rats. I have heard rumors that it works fine with 1.31, but I also heard that it works fine with 1.30. So why do we get the cold shoulder of the rats?
  8. 9.10 worked for one night for me. 9.12 will play for a bit then CTD. I uninstalled the old, went to safe mode, driver cleaned, rebooted installed 9.12. And still crashes every time I play. Just a matter of time before it does. I wish it would work but it dont. Oh well.
  9. Cool maybe I can get a 4860 one day, but I still have my 5850 now. I cant afford another card, so I am stuck with what I have.
  10. I would just like to know who else feels cheated about this ATI card issue? I haven't been able to play with any stability for 3 months now. All I get is one month credit for this. The requirements say ATI Radeon X1600 series or better. A 5850 is better and can not work with this game. They still haven't put any thing up about issues with this card on that page and I feel this is miss leading. All the extra month credit I got is to allow me to QQ on the forums about a lack of info about any thing they might be trying to bring resolution to this issue. So I sit here with my 5850, my trackir, UD5P MB, DDR3 RAM, and 965 BE I bought to upgrade so I could enjoy a better game experience. I cant go back to my 8800GTS because I sold it to help pay for my up grades. I guess it was stupid of me to spend several hundred dollars on a system upgrade for this game. But I really just wanted to enjoy the game more, and I cant even play with any consistency. Maybe that will help explain to some of you why I am so irked by this situation.
  11. Yep I got system lock ups too. Also when it crashes the sound from game goes into a loop. Wish a rat would came say some thing any thing. After Bloos testing which had no issues I wonder why some of us still are. Guess we don't count since they got our money already. I wouldn't be so bitter if CRS would say anything. Nothing in twitter about it, no replies in this post. But as I sais before this issue will still any thunder 1.31 will bring. I had a few friend who saw the preview but they have 5xxx cards and are unwilling to give the game a try, wonder why?
  12. I have tried many setting combo's, but it all ends the same. But there is hope. Check out Wings of Prey if your into air combat. I bet it will be out and will run properly before we hear from the glorious RAT GODS, who can not speak to us. For if we heard their voices or read their words we may be driven mad. I will also bet that a mod will remove my comments or ban me forums access before a rats replies, or a true believer of the faith come to the rats defense.