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  1. Part of my forum experience is in another language. My in box and out box are labeled in a language I can not read. I tried to report it but got no feed back. Any one else seen this?
  2. I believe there was a post while back where I think Doc explained it. I wish they could take all the old posts about game issues like these with the rats explaining them and sticky them. Would be nice to reference them from time to time. I had to change my MB and I also upgraded my OS to a 64 bit. And now I have white map. I mean the whole map is white and zooming in or out doesnt help. Some times if I leave the map open for several minutes the white starts to replace it's self with the map.
  3. Bump 1st time for every thing. How about it or a fix to performance issues after patch?
  4. I run vista it says I have 4 gb of ram, but can only use 3.25 depending on what you read. If I go where you did, click performance, the advanced tools, veiw advance system details. It shows I have 4 gbs in there, 3gbs tot, 1.95 avail, 6gb of virtual mem blah blah blah. So I am glad this worked for you and hope it works for others, but for me I still stutter
  5. I offered to send my PC to CRS so they could use my compy to find and fix these issues. I really don't mind. I just want them to fix it.
  6. I dont know about others but I am tired of stuttering out every 2 minutes. If I have more than one person next to me I stutter out. I have changed all my setting and lowered every thing like I never had to do before. I get EA warping all around me and other players on my mission can see them doing the same thing I can. I shot and I stutter out. I fly over empty towns and I stutter out. I exceed all the system requirements that are posted so wht gives? I have put in tickets and get no reply for days. I have to turn to community support for help. I and many I have talked to have the same issues. I dont think it is all our PC's, it have to be the software or the server. So I feel this is a bug that needs to be addressed.
  7. I will be honest I miss 1.29. I could play on the ground or in the air with no issues unless it was a MASSIVE battle. Now when I have friendlies(one or more) around I stutter. I hope this helps fix the issues causing this. I love playing the game but I stutter out way too much.
  8. I had the same thing since the patch so I turned off the messages. I would start to stutter and the CTD. Also at times if there is a lot going on in chat it stutters. My page is set to let the let windows control it. But turning it off helps. I dont stutter as much from that just other things. Good luck