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  1. Well again, my sounds were A: Fine until 1.33 was introduced & B: My sounds are fine with any other game (and i play alot of em, mostly shooters) so you tell me??? Wonder if i uninstall the G35's software & try to set the headset up to run off my soundblaster audigy 4???
  2. Well i'm now going to give this "creative alchemy" a whirl (for a 2nd time) & see if it helps my sounds/sound blaster audigy 4.
  3. OK, i'm desperate to properly fix & get my overall TOTAL sounds working again. Now i have spent the last cpl hrs using the search feature & reading up on the sound problems & "reported fixes" (since 1.33's inception) & have tried EVERYONE OF THEM to no avail. Now heres the problem, i have sound out of my logitech G35 headset but i have been suffering (JUST LIKE ALOT OF OTHER PEOPLE) to the point where i'm hearing sounds "but not all of them". Now 1st & foremost, my surround sound headset works FLAWLESSLY WITH ANY OTHER GAME "except ww2online". Examples: no ei footsteps when there right next to you, no sap charge audio when charges are placed, when driving a tank outta a AB it's extremely load & full of bass (very distorsted) This has all been going on since 1.33 when they changed the audio engine. Now another question, i did try this creative alchemy program once before (as you can prob tell from my previous post) & it didn't seem to work for me? Now my question is, do you not only place your install/game path directory to "Use Game Path" BUT do you also have to tick on the box to "Install Into Subfolder" ALSO??? Maybe i did something wrong the first time???
  4. After installing these yesterday i didnt notice any problems initially at all. But something strange happened to me & a fellow squaddie last night while playing the game, towards tail end of the night my buddie said that after he was killed once he came back to menu (as far as selection of equipment) & he's saying "What the heck is going on" "I've never seen this before" etc, etc. Here he said his menus were all showing but that the background was completely black??? He says im gonna reboot, next thing you know i die & come back to menu/equipment selection screen, AND THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENS TO ME ALSO!!! Menus all clearly visible, border is visible but the background is completely black??? Weird I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT HAPPEN IN MY ALMOST 5-6 yrs OF PLAYING WW2Online???
  6. Hmmm dl'ed the "full version to reinstall" last night b4 i wen't to bed figured i'd uninstall/reinstall this morning & be rdy for tonights squadnite. But after reading some of the posts here i may hold off? seems that the uninstall/reinstall trick isn't working for everybody. CRS needs to listen to the peeps & maybe address this.
  7. This has been a problem since 1.33's inception for alot of people & unfortunately, doesn't "seem" to be a fix either unfortunately. I suffer from the same thing & have tried several of the so-called remedies to no avail.
  8. Would not doubt it, would not doubt it even for a min!!!:D
  9. Hell, a cpl nights back a friend of mine (and fellow squaddie) were bustin fb's, we had the inf down & i stayed & covered the inf tent while he ran back to resupply. Well b4 ya know it, here he comes & he runs in front of the inf tent & i'm thinking "wadda doing"!!! Next sec the message pops up that the fb was down, i never even heard the charges being placed, the veh tent being blown or his footsteps as he approached the vehicle tent. And the veh tent was right next to the inf tent pretty much. Pretty scary!!! And i have my sounds completely cranked up, and as stated previously, although a cpl yrs old a soundblaster audigy-4 sound card is still not a bad sound card (definately better than onboard). And it works fine with all my other games as well, so you tell me CRS???
  10. Well i know my old creative soundblaster audigy-4 was still working great with ww2online "up until 1.33" & not to say for the most part it still isnt. But since 1.33 there is definately some distortion here & there occasionally. And it's definately ww2online as i still have no problems whatsoever with any other game & beings a hardcore gamer, i have plenty on my puter right now. And they all work fine.
  11. This is what happened to me once i installed Creative Alchemy:
  12. I did this, and initially it worked "somewhat", although i was still getting some distortion when spawning in at AB with a panzer or atg (but then after a min or two it would subside). Game worked initially after installing the correct version for my soundblaster audigy 4, but when i booted up puter later in the evening to play ww2online i got a runtime error (something about CRT-could not inialize) my game wouldn't load. So after doing some reading up & researching about this come to realize that to fix this was not gonna seemingly be an easy task. So long story short, i uninstalled alchemy & all was well once again.
  13. Just upgraded my rig to be 3d ready & have been testing it out on all the games that i play, just wondering if you can get ww2online BE to play in 3d or even "simulated" 3d??? Do remember seeing posts concerning this matter on here in the past, but everytime i try to do a search of the forums "for anything 3d related" it comes up stating that the word/words or terms (3d) is too short, i've even tried searching for 3dgame, etc & still can't get past the forum search bug feature but i know there are posts concerning 3d on here, how can i find any info using search to get around the search feature??? I know in "all likelyhood" that the game probably isn't going to be 3d capable (although if you bring up the settings in your nvidia control panel under 3d it shows that it has "some" 3d compatability which is strange) i would just like to find any available information concerning the game & 3d.