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  1. I have New head set and my other head set did the same
  2. No when the plane engine start it sounds
  3. Any one else have this Problem or know hoe to fix it ?
  4. Does any 1 play the game with 1 does wwii suport it ,I cant get it to work in game but testing works fine any Info will be appri.
  5. So far So good dude thank you.
  6. This is the video card in my new computer, For some reason its picking up the smog in game its almost blinding when im flying in that cloud layer at 3k, and any wich I turn in game Ive tried the gamma and other settings but nothing helps, I saw a few guys talking about it on chat, What would i need to do to correct my problem ?
  7. My grandfathers brother was in the battle of the bulge.
  8. That is Awesome, If possible Ask him how was the luft support for him Thanks.
  9. Has any one else been having problems with connections to the game, in the last few days I've been losing connection to host then getting reconected all of a sudden, and the same with TS too.
  10. Good Job.
  11. I sent you the BILL for the flight out if not recieved in thirty days it will go on your CREDIT. Thank you Donzi INC.