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  1. Things like this should be addressed before new items are brought into the game.
  2. US production[edit] М1 production Year 1942 1943 1944 1945 Total Number produced 3,877 5,856 3,902 2,002 15,637 The idea of manufacturing the 6 pounder in the US was expressed by the US Army Ordnance in February 1941. At that time, the US Army still favoured the 37mm Gun M3 and production was planned solely for lend lease. The US version, classified as substitute standard under the designation 57 mm Gun M1, was based on the 6 pounder Mark II, two units of which were received from the UK. However, since there was sufficient lathe capacity, the longer barrel could be produced from the start.[3] Production started early in 1942 and continued until 1945. The M1A1 variant used US "Combat" tyres and wheels. The M1A2 introduced the British practice of free traverse, meaning that the gun could be traversed by the crew pushing and pulling on the breech, instead of solely geared traverse, from September 1942. The M1 was made standard issue in the Spring of 1943. A more stable carriage was developed but not introduced. Once the 57mm entered US service, a modified towing point design was introduced (the M1A3), but only for US use. Tractors for the M1 included the Dodge WC-63 11⁄2-Ton 6x6 and the White Half-Track. Two-thirds of American production (10,000 guns) went to US Army Divisions in Europe. About one-third of production (over 4,200 guns) was delivered to the UK and 400 guns were sent to Russia through Lend Lease. When the United States re-armed and re-equipped Free French forces for the Normandy landings, their Anti-Tank units received American-made M1s. Like the British Army, the US Army also experimented with a squeeze bore adaptor (57/40 mm T10), but the program was abandoned. American shell designs and production lagged behind the introduction of the gun once it was accepted for service and so, at first, only AP shot was available. The HE shell was not available until after the Normandy landings and UK stocks were procured to cover its absence. Its use by regular US Army front-line units was discontinued in the 1950s.
  3. Sorry OHM, but starting back at Tier 2, I started looking at the numbers Brit/French vs the Axis. Kept hearing people [censored] about "how do they still have supply? We are spent." Well numbers do not lie. This is why people are calling Axis bias. I have always stated when the US shows up, we (allies) are handicapped. I took a US division vs an Axis division and I was completely shocked at what I found. Well, other than I was right. US Inf- 1408Axis Inf- 1657US Armor - 170Axis Armor - 193US ATG - 215Axis ATG - 229 The US ATG honestly needs to be dropped by 76. With the F76 not able to be towed without flipping over, it is not used other than in town. 6 plus months the Allies have been told the flipping would be corrected. Well, while new ideas have been brought into the game, the F76 is still broken. Very simple fix. The US should not be using French equipment period. Guessing no one knows or knew that US used the Brit 6 pounder between the US 37 and 76. Why give the US have French supply and half British? Make no sense and the reason I keep hearing is BS. Bolt Action Rifles.US - 480Axis includes Italian - 484Semi Auto RiflesUS - 265Axis - 405 SMGUS - 320Axis including Italian - 356LMGUS - 105Axis - 90 Those are just a few of the number. This is just the US. I have the numbers for the French and British, as well. Semi automatic rifles - These numbers should be completely reversed. Main stay of the US Army in Europe was M1 G. The only 1903 were the A4 Sniper rifles. and early Grenadiers. The 1903 was in the Pacific with the Marines, who slowly transitioned to the M1 G. How many old pictures do you see from WW2 Europe, where the US is carrying a 1903??Axis main stay for the whole war, was the 98K not the 41 or 43. The 41 was a POS, which is why the 43 came out.
  4. Axis: Stug H Will be Tier 3 Allied: Crusader 3 CS will be Tier 2 and Churchill V CS will also be Tier 2 WT bloody F! A few CS tanks, compared to a 105 gun. You have got to be kidding me! I cannot and will not praise the additions, because just stupid. Allied are already overloaded with CS tank already, that no one uses. So, let's add more worthless crap. US is still playing with French crap. How about addressing this?